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Character Profile: Tokagero

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tokagero Tokagero(トカゲロウ) Tokagero (Shaman King)
The Lizard  
Ghost(was human) Ghost(was human)
Male Male
35 years old(at time of death)(born November 14, 1374) 35 years old(at time of death)(born November 14, 1374)
Ghost Ghost
"I've waited 600 years for this day..."  
Volume 3: The Lizard Man(manga) Volume 3: The Lizard Man(manga)
Shaman King Shaman King

Character Description: Tokagero

Born on November 14, 1374 Tokagero lived about the same time as Amidamaru. As a ghost he said that when he was alive that he lived through hell. He also said, "I had to live off my parents-- quite literally-- to survive." One of Rio's men says that his grandma told him the whole story. He says:

An Ancient Brigade! He stole everying--money, food, lives! He led a horde of bandits who terrorized the area 600 years ago!

There was a hill Tokagero and his group used as a hideout, but one day Amidamaru killed him and his group.

B-Boy, the superstitious one of Rio's group, tells the guys about the legend of Tokagero.

Rio gets possessed by Tokagero, and he asks Rio's gang to steal Harusame, Amidamaru's sword (Harusame translates as spring rain). He uses Manta as bait... and his shield. When he gets to where Yoh is staying, he asks to fight Amidamaru, although Amidamaru couldn't remember him. He does a technique called tokage kenpo (lizard style) sword fight with Harusame. Also Harusame gets broken by Amidamaru.

His revenge failed, and he was going to kill Rio, but as Yoh put it "His body couldn't take it anymore." He does possess Yoh to kill him, but he couldn't because of love and security he felt when he was with his mother.

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