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Super ShadowSuper ShadowSuper Shadow (Sonic X)
Hyper Shadow (commonly mistaken name)
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Silver and redSilver and red
3'3"99 cm
Chaos Powered HedgehogChaos Powered Hedgehog
Sonic XSonic X

Character Description: Super Shadow

Like Sonic, this hedgehog has the power to control the 7 chaos emeralds. After the battle between Sonic and Shadow, when Shadow hears Dr. Gerald Robotnik's plans for the space colony Ark colliding into Earth, he runs off somewhere then appears in the main room of the Ark with Chris and Amy. Chris tries to convince Shadow to listen to him, and he does when Shadow is reminded of what Maria REALLY said.

Then Shadow rushes off to the chamber of the Chaos Emeralds in the center of the Ark and battles the prototype of himself, which is odd since he is a hedgehog and the prototype is a bio-enhanced Lizard. He defeats the Lizard and uses Chaos Control from the power rings in his gloves up to the metal shrine of the Chaos Emeralds.

When the Chaos Emeralds are disabled, the prototype of Shadow does Chaos Control and becomes part of Space Colony Ark. Sonic looks to Shadow, then Shadow realizes what he must do. So he becomes Super Shadow, and after defeating Prototype Shadow, he and Sonic try to stop the Space Colony.

Shadow is reminded of Maria once more, and then shoots off the two power rings from his gloves and uses his own life force to add on to the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Then he and Sonic use Chaos Control to teleport the Colony higher so it won't fall to Earth. But sadly, Shadow used to much of his life force, and he falls down to Earth.

After his fall at the Ark, Dr. Eggman finds and saves Shadow. Dr. Eggman then locked Shadow up and built mechanical versions of him. Rouge later awoke Shadow, though he had lost his memory. Dr. Eggman then lied about Shadow being an android, but later confessed.

Character Description: The Name Controversy

There has been a lot of debate as to whether this form of Shadow is called Super Shadow or Hyper Shadow, so I will do my best to clear this up. First off, for most of the Sonic X characters, the transformation caused by the Chaos Emeralds is called the Super form, and the transformation caused by the Super Emeralds is called the Hyper form. The exception to this seems to be Tails, who can't go to Super form with just the Chaos Emeralds, but can transform with the Super Emeralds. Now, whether Tails is called Super Tails or Hyper Tails in this form is also a debate I've seen (most seem to call him Super Tails), but for our purposes it doesn't matter because with this logic, even factoring in this exception, it's logical to conclude that this form of Shadow would be called Super Shadow and not Hyper Shadow.

The next evidence that his name is actually Super Shadow comes right from his own mouth. One such instance is when he said "Sonic, I don't have enough energy to change into my super form!". If he was called Hyper Shadow, is seems like he would have said "hyper form" and not "super form". And it's not likely that this was just a one-time slip-up, as he mentions the word "super" in relation to his charged up form in more than one occasion.

Super Shadow (Sonic X) Even more evidence comes from the name of the texture files in the video games which some people (with too much time on their hands) decided to extract. They clearly indicate that at least internally they were calling this form Super Shadow, unless you can somehow otherwise interpret the filename "supershdw" as "Hyper Shadow". If you can, then stop wasting your time arguing about this stupid topic and go put those skills to use, because you have some major talent!

So with all this evidence supporting the name "Super Shadow", where in the world did "Hyper Shadow" ever come from? Well, apparently he was called "Hyper Shadow" in some video strategy guides, and I believe that's the most common reason why this debate is still going on. Now I work in the video game business, and I've not only seen a lot of strategy guides, but been a part of some as well, and I have to say that although it's unfortunate, it is absolutely true that occasionally the people who make the guides just get some details wrong. And I do believe this is one of those times.

Of course, I didn't investigate or take into consideration the comics. I don't know what they call him in there, but the anime is based off of the games and the universe of the games, so I doubt it matters.

Then, I was told by someone else that he was called "Super Shadow" in the game Shadow the Hedgehog (where he turns a gold-like color).

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