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Renee RobertsZakuro Fujiwara (ざくろ θ—€εŽŸ)Renee Roberts (Mew Mew Power)
Mew ZakuroMew Zakuro
17 years old (born December 3rd) (source: episode 11)15 years old (born September 6th)
Dark purple-ish brown (normal), blue (mew-mode)Dark purple-ish brown (normal), blue (mew-mode)
6'1" (source: stated in episode 9)172 cm (about 5'8")
130 lbs (source: stated in episode 9)49 kg (about 108 lbs)
"Sorry girls but I'm not joining anything"
Mollie WeaverJunko Noda
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

Character Description: Renee Roberts

Fujiwara Zakuro is the fifth Mew Mew, infused with the D.N.A. of the grey wolf. She is the most solitary of the group and declines their invitation to join when they first meet her. Thanks to Kisshu's mischievous interventions, though, Mew Ichigo saves Zakuro and calls her a friend. After that, even though she "doesn't like friends", Zakuro joins the group.

Zakuro is definitely the older sister of the group, offering advice when required and often appearing to save the younger girls just in the nick of time. She forces Mint to realize that she has something to protect at one point. However, Zakuro is not perfect. At one point, when it was rumored that she was leaving Japan, Zakuro grew angry with the others for believing the rumor and acted as if she were leaving. She and Mew Mint ended up getting into a fight over it, but it came to a halt when Mew Ichigo scolded Mew Zakuro for taking the ruse too far.

At the cafe, her mannerisms start out cold, but she slowly warms up to the job. In her normal life, Zakuro is a famous model. She can speak many languages and is idolized by many young girls, including Mint. Zakuro was left alone a lot as a child, and she lost someone very close to her at a young age. She visits the church at times when she is confused or anxious.

Character Description: Renee Roberts

Zakuro is a famous model who is fused with a gray wolf. She is solitary and "doesn't join groups". To Mint she is an idol. Ichigo thinks that she stands out at parties and acts calm and cool in dire situations. To Pudding, she's just normal and doesn't stand out in the crowd.

Zakuro wears the color purple, and that is the color of her Mew Mew Fuku. She is fit and pale. She knows how to speak many languages and has traveled to many places.

Character Description: Renee Roberts

Like Bridget, Renee is very quiet and doesn't talk to the Mew's much, but when they are in trouble she is there to help. Corina looks up to her and sees her as a sister. She is a model and is the oldest of the Mew's.

Her transformation scene is very nice, fit with the best animation and the greatest music. Her outfit is the most skimpiest. She only has a very high cut tank top, tight shorts, and thigh high heel boots. Her special weapon is a wand that blasts huge rays.

When she is introduced she doesn't accept that she is a Mew, but when she sees the girls in trouble her sign (two wolf heads facing each other) appears under her belly button and she transforms. She is now the newest Mew and the last Mew. Her work at the cafe is normal, she doesn't act like Corina.

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