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Zoey HansonIchigo Momomiya (いちご 桃宮)Zoey Hanson (Mew Mew Power)
Mew IchigoMew Ichigo
16 years old (born March 15)13 years old (born March 15)
Red (normally), sugar pink (when transformed)Red (normally), sugar pink (when transformed)
Brown (normally), Pink (when transformed)Brown (normally), Pink (when transformed)
5'6" (source: 4Kids TV website)152 cm (5'0")
About 140lbs42 kg
11th grade studentStudent
"Noooo! That's my memory of our precious date!"
· · ·
"Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power in your face."
Amanda BrownSaki Nakajima
Episode 1Episode 1
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

Character Description: Zoey Hanson

Ichigo was just your average everyday 13 year old girl (16 in the English version) until one day her DNA was merged with an Iriomite wildcat. Now she is the leader of the band of girls who's DNA was also merged with other animals called Tokyo Mew Mew. When she is excited or nervous, she grows cat ears and a tail.

Later, as the story progresses, her cat DNA overtakes her human DNA. So when she's nervous or excited, she her cat ears and tail pops out, and when she gets kissed, she gets turned into a black kitten. The kitten has pinkish red eyes, has the same necklace Ichigo always wears as a collar, and the same bow as Mew Ichigo on her tail. Luckily, Ryou saves her a lot of times. She also has a boyfriend named Masaya, whom she was dating when her DNA fused with the cats.

Ryou is the one who hit the girls with a beam that infused them each with animal DNA. He was purposely aiming for Ichigo when he shot off the beam, and had always intended to form the Mew group. When Ryou was younger, his father was the one who was working on "Mew Project", as it was titled. When his father was killed, Ryou continued it. This is why Ryou can turn into a cat - he tried out the cat D.N.A. on himself to make sure it was safe, even though he didn't have the right kind of D.N.A. to bond with it.

When Ichigo went to the Red Data Animal Exhibit with Masaya, she was scanned as she went in by Ryou and Keiichirou. Realizing she had the right kind of D.N.A., Ryou shot her with the beam, infusing her with the D.N.A. of an Iromote Wildcat

Eventually, Ichigo found her companions - Aizawa Mint, Midorikawa Lettuce, Fong Pudding, and Fujiawara Zakuro. They all work at the Mew Mew Cafe, which is also their home base.

Kirema Animas (also known as Chimera Animas) are the creatures that the three aliens, Kisshu, Taruto, and Pai, use. When the jellyfish-like creatures called infusors are put into normal creatures, they form monsters called Kirema Anima (Predasites) which Mew Ichigo can return to normal. Later in the show, they also bond the spirits of humans with Kirema Anima, creating a stronger monster.

Also, in Mew Mew Power, her transformed name is technically Mew Zoey, but they often do away with the "Mew" part of the name completely, so she's normally gets called just Zoey. The same goes for all of them.

Editor's Note: I've been told by several people that the 4Kids TV Mew Mew Power website listed Zoey's height as being 5'6", but I can't seem to verify that as their character profiles don't seem to want to load properly in any of my web browsers. So if you can confirm or refute this, please contact me (and a screenshot would be awesome!).

Character Description: Zoey Hanson

Ichigo is on a date with her crush at the endangered species exhibit when she is infused with the DNA of a near-extinct Iriomite wildcat. She and her new found friends Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro, who are also fused with endangered species, are now a part of the Mew Project. They have to save the world from the aliens Kish, Pie, and Tart.

Ichigo is generally a happy, cheery person, who can be ditzy at times. She is a good friend and has a crush on the most popular boy in her class.

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