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Kikki BenjaminPudding Fong (黄歩鈴) (プディングフォング)Kikki Benjamin (Mew Mew Power)
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Purin Fong (romanization)
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Mew PuddingMew Pudding
Monkey Brained Brat
Human/Golden Lion Tamarin (monkey)Human/Golden Lion Tamarin (monkey)
14 years old (born August 7)8 years old (born August 7)
4'6"138 cm
70.5 lbs32 kg
"Yay, lets have fun!""Na no da"
Kether DonahueHisayo Mochizuki
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

Character Description: Kikki Benjamin

Pudding Fong is a cute little girl whom Ichigo met in the park one day while relaxing after grocery shopping. Pudding was performing for Ichigo and the crowd when Pudding startled Ichigo and caused Ichigo's cat ears and tail to appear. Pudding begged Ichigo to show her how to grow cat ears. Of course, Ichigo couldn't. Before long, however, Pudding got ears of her own - only they were monkey ears.

Pudding is infused with the D.N.A. of a golden lion tamarin, a sort of monkey. She has a lot of characteristics of the creatures - she is mischievous and impish, with a performer's heart and a love for applause. Pudding is the youngest of the girls, so her sense of fun and enjoyment makes her seem very childish at times. Even though some might not call her the brightest one, Pudding was the first to reach out to an alien - she became friends with Taruto.

Because her mother died when she was very young, Pudding has to care for her numerous brothers and sisters. Pudding misses her mother a great deal and longs to have her back. Her father is a ninja and she doesn't see him that often. Pudding refers to all of the Mews as "onee-chan", signifying that she sees them as her older sisters.

Character Description: Kikki Benjamin

Kiki is the fourth Mew Mew to be found and is the youngest. Being that she is the youngest she is also the most naive and can come off as annoying. She sees all the Mew Mew's as her friends and feels very comfortable with them.

Kiki is fused with Monkey DNA which gives her what some might say the most unique abilities of all the girls. When she transforms, she receives monkey ears (you can't really see them because they're so small) and a monkey tail. She is also a street performer and does her job at Cafe Mew Mew better than the other girls. She juggles her plates and turns everything into a show. She lost her mother when very young and takes care of her siblings alone. She also lives in a shelter. Next to Renee's outfit, which is the most revealing, Kiki's is not. Kiki's outfit is more covering, an orange body suit, with orange leggings and Chinese slippers. Kiki is supposed to be Chinese. Her transformation scene is more childish than the others.

When Kiki was first introduced, Zoey was coming back from the Market and she noticed a crowd in the park. She went over and saw Kiki doing performances. Kiki pulled Zoey into her routine and Zoey became so nervous she sprouted ears and a tail. Kiki became so obsessed with Zoey's ears and tail that she followed her everywhere. Finally, Zoey yelled at her and Kiki went away.

Kiki wanted to give back the handkerchief that Zoey gave her which was given to Zoey by Corina. Zoey went to find Kiki and apologize to her. She found a lizard monster that was about to attack Zoey. Kiki appeared and try to stand up to the lizard monster. Zoey took her and ran. Corina and Bridget appeared and tried to take on the monster. They were no match for it. Zoey transformed, but she wasn't of any good use either. Kiki's sign (a monkey's head) then appeared on her forehead. Mini Mew gave her a pendant and she transformed. Kiki called upon her special weapon (monkey tambourine) and used it on the monster. They combined their attacks and destroyed the monster. Kiki then became the fourth Mew Mew and began working at Cafe Mew Mew.

Character Description: Kikki Benjamin

Pudding is a little kid who joins Ichigo, Mint, and Lettuce. She likes doing performances for money, and she likes playing. She is too dumb to take anything to heart.

She acts like a monkey, so being fused with monkey genes is right for her. She was very interested when Kish kissed Ichigo. I call her "space cadet".

Pudding lost her mother, and she has to take care of her five siblings (four brothers and one little sister). Her father seems to be some crazy ninja guy, and is never home. Oh, and Pudding is actually Chinese.

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