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Bridget VerdantLettuce Midorikawa (れたす 碧川)Bridget Verdant (Mew Mew Power)
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Retasu Midorikawa (romanization)
Mew LettuceMew Lettuce
15 years old (born April 29)13 years old (born April 29)
Dark Green (normally), Light Green (when transformed)Dark Green (normally), Light Green (when transformed)
Blue (normaly), Green (when transformed)Blue (normaly), Green (when transformed)
About 5'7" (English height based on Zoey's English height from 4KidsTV website, which doesn't match Japanese height!)152 cm
92.6 lbs42 kg
Type AType A
Mew MewMew Mew
"Uh, do you really think we should do this?"
Bella HudsonSakuma Kumi
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

Character Description: Bridget Verdant

Being that she was the third Mew Mew to be found, Bridget really doesn't get as excited as her friends do. She does not want to get into any confrontation and mostly wants to talk things out. Being the shy girl that she is, Bridget is always ready to take on anything that would harm her friends. She works at cafe Mew Mew along with Zoey, Corina, KiKi, and Renee, and she also likes Elliot.

She was fused with the DNA of a Finless Porpoise, a cousin of the dolphin, even though she cannot swim. Once, due to a close encounter with a drop of Mew Aqua, Mew Lettuce changed her lower half into a mermaid. Now, it appears she can only do it when said form is truly required. She did so once to save the life of Ryou, who she has a crush on.

She wears glasses and seems to be the smartest out of all of the girls. Her outfit is a funny designed green top, with a green body suit underneath, and she has green boots and her hair changes from dark to light.

Mew Lettuce was introduced to the group when Zoey and Corina went to investigate a ghost at a junior high school. Terrfied by her Mew form and fearing that she would never have friends because of it, Mew Lettuce attacked Mew Mint and Mew Ichigo. Mew Ichigo used a special form of her attack, "Ribbon Strawberry Jail", and told Mew Lettuce that she had sealed away Mew Lettuce's inability to make friends. Then Mew Ichigo accidentally pushed Mew Lettuce into the pool. After that, Lettuce began to work at Cafe Mew Mew.

She becomes very good friends with Ichigo, as well as the other Mew Mews. When they hire her to work at the cafe, you find that she is very, very clumsy.

She has a younger brother named Umi and lives at home with her parents, who are both teachers.

Character Description: Bridget Verdant

Lettuce was a girl who was bossed around by some snobs. She was rescued by Ichigo, who told them to lay off. Then she was trapped in the same room as Ichigo, Mint, Zakuro, and Pudding when the ray hit them. She became Mew Lettuce, and helps Ichigo with fighing the aleins.

Lettuce is quiet, shy, and unsure of herself. The Lettuce Castanets are her weapons. Her main attack is Ribbon Lettuce Rush. She can also transform into a mermaid in the presence of 'Mew Aqua'. She is actually merged with Finless Porpoise (Sunameri) DNA. Interestingly enough, she can't swim.

Lettuce, along with the others, are waitresses at Cafe Mew Mew.

Character Description: Bridget Verdant

Retasu comes from a very positive family. She doesn't believe in fighting, as she rather talk than fight. Her DNA was fused together with the finless porpoises. An embarrassing secret of her's was that she couldn't swim (which was pretty embarrassing especially since she was fused with the DNA of an animal from the sea).

She starts to gradually like Ryo, and gets all red when Pudding makes fun of Ryo, or her and Ryo together. She works quite hard at the cafe and alway keeps her spirits up.

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