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Character Profile: Corina Bucksworth

USA Info
Japanese Info
Corina BucksworthMinto Aizawa (みんと 藍沢)Corina Bucksworth (Mew Mew Power)
Mew MintMew Mint
16 years old (born October 3)13 years old (11 in the manga) (born October 3)
Black (normally), Blue (when transformed)Black (normally), Blue (when transformed)
Brown (normally), Blue (when transformed)Brown (normally), Blue (when transformed)
About 5'2"145 cm
83.8 lbs38 kg
Type BType B
"I already have a pastry cook."
Andi WhaleyYumi Kakazu
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

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Character Description: Corina Bucksworth

Aizawa Mint is a young ballet dancer who, although rich, doesn't have many friends. Her parents are away from home a lot and her brother is very occupied with his studies, leaving Mint alone quite a bit. When Mint first met Ichigo, she rejected Ichigo's friendship. However, a bit later on, when Mew Ichigo saves Mint's puppy Miki, Mint accepts Ichigo's friendship on the inside, even if she outwardly rejects it.

Mint absolutely idolizes Fujiwara Zakuro, and she was the one who realized that Zakuro was the fifth companion. Mint was thrilled when Zakuro joined the group. At one point when Mint tried to leave the group, Zakuro forced her to admit that she had something to protect when a Kirema Anima attacked Miki.

By the end of the series, Mint is quite different from the start. She is no longer just a spoiled, lonely rich girl. She has come to value her friends, as shown in one episode when Mint forces a girl who is like the way Mint was at the start of the show to admit that she is lonely. Mint grows up a lot during the course of the show, although she continues to enjoy teasing Ichigo.

Character Description: Corina Bucksworth

Corina is a rich girl that really thinks everything is about her. She and Zoey don't get along much, mainly because Zoey thinks she is a snob. Although she and Zoey fight much of the time she has most respect for her. Corina is second in command of the Mew Mew's and does her job at Cafe Mew Mew the worst. She bosses everyone around and does not one bit of work.

She is trained as a ballet dancer and her transformation scene is with dancing. Her Mew outfit is a tight blue dress with blue gloves and little boots. She also wears a choker and has bird wings and a tail. She admires Renee and thinks of her as a big sister. She is infused with the DNA of a Tahiti ultramarine lorikeet.

The day Corina was introduced, her dog ran up to Zoey and licked her face. She then appeared and gave Zoey a handkerchief to wipe her face. When Zoey gave it back to her she didn't want it back because she soiled it already. Corina then took her dog and entered a limo. Zoey then didn't like her, but wanted to give back her handkerchief. She went to her mansion and the same dog ran out and licked her face. Corina appeared and started to yell at Zoey for being at her house. Then her dog transformed into a giant monster and attacked them both.

Zoey transformed and Corina saw that she was a Mew Mew. Zoey was no match for the monster and got knocked out. Corina went over to see if she was okay and the monster hit her, ripping the back of her dress open, showing her symbol (two wings). Mini Mew then gave her a power pendant and she transformed. She called upon her special weapon (heart arrow) and used it against the monster. Zoey then used strawberry bounce and the monster was reverted back into a dog. Corina was the second Mew Mew and began working at the cafe.

Character Description: Corina Bucksworth

Mint is a rich girl who Ichigo thinks is a snob, at least at first... but sometimes later on as well. She is also known as Mew Mint. At Cafe Mew Mew, she slacks off on the job and drinks tea a lot. She looks up to Zakuro a lot and is convinced Zakuro is a Mew Mew.

One time when Ichigo, Lettuce, and Pudding visit her house, Pudding pushes the fire alarm and she realizes how valuable her friendship really is with them.

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