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PredasitesChimera AnimalsPredasites (Mew Mew Power)Predasites (Mew Mew Power)
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Kirema Anima
All kinds of things turned into monstersAll kinds of things turned into monsters
Created by the CyniclonsCreated by the Cyniclons
Mew Mew PowerTokyo Mew Mew

Character Description: Predasites

Predasites are monsters created by the Cyniclons (a race of aliens). Each of the Predasites is unique and can do a lot of damage.

Predasites can be created by having a jellyfish-like parasite called an Infuser possess them, or taking human spirits and merging them with Infusers. Keep in mind that these first thirteen Predasites, eight of which I currently have pictures of on this profile are good examples of Predasites, and there are many more Predasites in the anime similar to these eight. Try to find them all!

Anyway, first, there is a rat that gets defused easily by Zoey in the first episode. Much later, Corina's dog, Mickey, is turned into a Predasite by Dren, and Zoey and Corina work together to defuse it.

Much later, while Dren causes all of the animals to go on a rampage, he turns a lion cub into a Predasite, after which Bridget stuns it with her Deep Sea Surge Attack, allowing Zoey to defuse it.

While Zoey is competing with her teammates in a big Gymnastics competition, Dren creates a Predasite from a seal, and Zoey, Corina, and Bridget work together to defuse it.

This particular Cheetah is the very first Predasite that is created from merging a human spirit with an Infuser. She is armed with a deadly piano keyboard and is created from Maria Rivera's spirit. After Elliot gets her to play the previous song that Maria played before, Zoey is able to defuse her.

Next, there's some sort of samba lizard Predasite created from the spirit of a samba-loving girl. The only word she says is "Samba". She is armed with deadly maracas and has a bow ribbon on the end of her tail. She is defused by Zoey after Kikki uses her Tambourine Quake attack on her.

Following that is a Predasite that is like a mix between a crocodile and an otter which, in Japan, is a mystical creature called a Kappa. He is created from the spirit of Marco, who looks like Mark and believes that the ancient god, Ishioshi, is real. He attacks with his tail as well as a poisonous fart. After being trapped by Kikki's Tambourine Quake attack, Zoey is able to defuse him.

Next is a Predasite that looks like a black swan/ballerina. Dren created it from the spirit of a ballerina. Her dancing moves are very deadly, plus she also flings multiple feathers at her enemies to attack. Zoey, Corina, Bridget, and Kikki defuse it together.

But wait! There's more!

There's two Predasites created from a fish and a bat, and both are easily defused by none other than the famous model, Renee Roberts.

Not long afterwards, the Mew Mews fight a Predasite created from a crow that is also the very first Predasite to be given a name. The crow Predasite's name is Great Crow. Luckily for the Mew Mews, the fifth one, Renee, easily defuses Great Crow, but afterwards at first refuses to join the team because she is not interested, although she's one of the team.

Not long later, Dren takes Annie's spirit and merges it with an Infuser to make a large snake Predasite called Annie Conda. At first, Zoey is about to think that Annie Conda is about to bring doomsday to her, but then thankfully, all five of the Mew Mews defuse the Predasite together, after which Renee finally agrees to join the team.

After the incident where the Mew Mews have to destroy five of the trees that were poisoning the atmosphere, Dren decides to try and kill Mark with his latest Predasite, a giant slime monster (probably created from an amoeba) that could easily be the strongest Predasite created by the Cyniclons. Luckily, Zoey defuses the Predasite to keep Mark safe.

Predasites can also be created from plants, which is Tarb's specialty. He creates a plant snail, a bunch of Radishes (as described in the dub), a cactus, and a tree containing Blue Aqua.

And the Predasite army will keep being defused by Team Mew Mew until the final four episodes, which involve Deep Blue. In the first of those exciting final four episodes, Tarb and Dren will release all of the Predasites they created in all of the episodes before those final four ones into Tokyo to keep Kikki, Corina, Bridget, Renee, and Zoey busy so they can find and steal the spirit of the Blue Knight.

There was one more Predacyte that came after the recreated Predacytes unleashed by Dren. This Predacyte was a woman-like monster with light blue skin, webbed hands, a red serpent-like tail with yellow fish fins with a long horse-like tail below it's lower back, small wyvern-like feet on the serpent-like tail, flowing purple hair, black eagle-like wings, ears resembling the aliens' ears, and a bent unicorn-like horn on its forehead. It was recreated by Sardon.

On a side note, the Saint Rose Crusaders took over the remaining Predacytes in the Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode manga.

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