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Character Profile: Mokona Modoki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mokona Modoki Mokona Modoki(モコナモドキ) Mokona Modoki (Tsubasa Chronicle)
Soel Soel(ソエル)
· · ·
Larg Larg(ラーグ)
Magic Rabbits Magic Rabbits
Male Male
White(Soel), Black(Larg) White(Soel), Black(Larg)
Blue(when he goes "Mekyo!") Blue(when he goes "Mekyo!")
Transporter; Translator Transporter; Translator
"Puu!!" "KA-Puuuu!"
Carrie Savage Kaeko Sakamoto
Episode 2, The Power to Fight Episode 2, The Power to Fight
Tsubasa Chronicle Tsubasa Chronicle
· · ·
xxxHOLiC xxxHOLiC
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Mokona(from Magic Knight Rayearth)  

Character Description: Mokona Modoki

Mokona in Tsubasa Chronicle has a bigger vocabulary now, even though he still says "Pu!" all the time. Mokona was given to Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane by Yuuko when they met the qualifications, and he transports them to different worlds after they get one of Sakura's feathers. He can also sense the feathers' wavelengths, and when he senses one, his eyes pop wide open and he goes "Mekyo!"

Also, Mokona acts as a translator for the trio. They figure that out when Mokona gets kidnapped, since Syaoran can't understand a single word the others are saying. Mokona also has "108 secret techniques", which is really cute. He also is Fye's partner in crime when it comes to teasing Kurogane.

Character Description: Mokona Modoki

Mokona Modoki - or Soel and Larg - are two little rabbit like animals who are in the worlds of xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa Chronicle. The Black Mokona name is Larg; he is the more boyish of the two; the blue earring on his right ear has the power to seal magic. This Mokona can see spirits and stays in the country of Japan with Kimihiro and Yuuko. Soel, the white Mokona, stays with Syaoran and his group. The earring on his ear has the power to boost magic. This Mokona has the power to travel between worlds, but can not see spirits. The Mokonas can contact each other, this is so Syaoran and his group can stay in contact.

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