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SyaoranSyaoran (小狼)Syaoran (Tsubasa Chronicle)
14 years old14 years old
Brown (blind in his right eye)Brown (blind in his right eye)
Jason LiebrechtMiyu Irino
Episode 1Episode 1
Tsubasa ChronicleTsubasa Chronicle
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Syaoran (from Card Captors)Syaoran (from Card Captor Sakura)

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Character Description: Syaoran

This Syaoran is the son of Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor (revealed in chapter 189). He is kinder than Syaoran Li and he is openly sweet to Sakura.

When he was younger he was adopted by Fujitaka and later befriends Princess Sakura. When Sakura loses her memories, he is sent to Yuuko the space-time witch by Yukito. Yuuko requires that in order for her to grant his wish of being able to travel through the different dimensions for Sakura's feathers, which will restore her memories, he must give up Sakura's memories of him. Even though Sakura will no longer remember or love him, he agrees and travels with her through the different worlds, helping Sakura find her feathers. He gives up his relationship with Sakura to get back her memories, so Sakura will never remember him.

When he goes to the Hanshin republic he has a Kudan named Rayearth, who appears in a dream, and asks if Syaoran wants power. In return Syaoran answered "Yes!". Rayearth asked, "What do you want the power for?". Syaoran answered, "To protect the one I care about! Sakura!"

In episode 17 (and volume 5, page 138 of the manga), it is learned that Syaoran is blind in his right eye. But you'll never believe why....

Another Syaoran exists. He is first seen as a figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong Reed's lair, and at first appears to be controlling the Syaoran who is travelling with the group. After arriving in a world where the city of Tokyo has been decimated by acid rain, it is discovered that the Syaoran travelling with the group is a duplicate of that figure who is being held captive by Fei Wong. After that Syaoran broke free, the cloned Syaoran's right eye seal, which was placed by the real Syaoran, along with a piece of the real Syaoran's heart and his left eye into the clone, breaks, and his true nature is revealed.

He injures Fai and devours Fai's left eye, turning his right eye blue and giving him Fai's magic ability, and he also causes injury to Kurogane. The real Syaoran appears too late to stop the clone, and the two engage in battle, with the clone only winning after Syaoran hesitates due to Sakura's pleas for Syaoran not to kill the clone. The clone stabs the real Syaoran in the leg, passes the feather he had acquired back to Sakura, and leaves, stating he is to find the feathers, no matter what. After that, Syaoran explains that he was kidnapped by the one who killed Kurogane's parents.

Syaoran is saddened by the fact Sakura loves his clone, but resolves to help her regardless, even knowing her secret. After arriving in Kurogane's home world, Syaoran and Seishiro engage in battle for the feather Seishiro took in Outo country. Syaoran wins the feather and uses it to enter the Dream World to rescue Sakura's soul (which had been separated from her body after Fai stabbed her), but once again was confronted by the clone. Both Syaorans battled again, with the clone appearing to gain the upper hand. Sakura tries to reason with the clone but her pleas fall on deaf ears as Fei Wong orders the clone to kill Sakura.

The clone finds he is unable to, so attempts to kill the real Syaoran instead, but Sakura intercept's the clone's blade, impaling herself. As she dies, she informs the real Syaoran that she too is a clone, and she falls into the clone's arms, finally confessing her love to him as she dissolves into sakura petals. The clone silently screams, realising what he has done.

The real Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane re-enter Clow Country, into a cut-off time, to find the real Sakura. There is a connection between Syaoran and Kimihiro Watanuki. Syaoran has on multiple occasions told Watanuki not to disappear.

When Syaoran enters the Ruins in Clow Country, he briefly remembers the time he went to Yuuko Ichihara when he was seven years old. In the flashback he gives his name as 'Li Syaoran' but Yuuko picks up immediately that the name "Is your father's name, but it is not your true name". Yuuko goes further to explain that he knows the mother of Syaoran - Sakura Kinomoto. Syaoran explains his mother had a vision in which he met someone. Yuuko asks what Syaoran's wish is, which is to go to the place where this person is. Yuuko states the price has already been given (Sakura's Star Wand) and sends Syaoran to Clow Country, where he meets a seven-year-old Princess Sakura. The fact that the Syaoran travelling with the group is the son of Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto explains how Syaoran uses the same sword, Shourai spells, and rashinban glyph as his father.

Character Description: Syaoran

Syaoran, a character originally from CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura anime, plays another large role in Tsubasa Chronicles. Syaoran is a young archaeologist from the kingdom of Clow who has a relationship with Princess Sakura.

Syaoran was a little boy found by the archaeologist Fujitaka. He had no memories, and did not remember anything prior to when he was adopted. He met Princess Sakura when he and Fujitaka visited the castle, and from then on, they were very close friends. Sakura doesn't like it when Syaoran refers to her so respectively since they're friends.

Syaoran's peaceful life changes when an accident happens and Sakura loses her memories that fly away in the forms of feathers. Syaoran goes to the Dimensional Witch, Yuuko, who says that he must travel to different worlds to get the feathers back. However, Yuuko says that in order to travel, he must give up the thing he holds most dear; his relationship with Sakura.

Syaoran isn't shaken by what Yuuko says, and agrees to give up his relationship with her to get Sakura's memories back. Syaoran is accompanied by two other men with different goals: Kurogane and Fye D. Flowright. They are currently traveling to different worlds and times searching for the memory feathers using Mokona, a small creature provided by Yuuko.

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