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Sakura AvalonSakura KinomotoSakura Avalon
10 years old (born April 1)10 years old (born April 1)
Type AType A
Card CaptorCard Captor
Carly McKillip, Kari Wahlgren (Cardcaptor Sakura: The Enchanted Card)Sakura Tange
Card CaptorsCard Captor Sakura
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Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations 3Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations 3

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Sakura Avalon

It all started when Sakura stumbled upon a book by Clow Reed. When she opened it, she discovered a card inside. Curious, she took it out. Unknown to her, when she spoke the name of the card she pulled out (the elemental card Windy) she unwittingly invoked it, creating a maelstrom that sent all but one of the Clow Cards flying all over Tomoeda! Now, Sakura has to seek out and re-seal every last one of the Clow Cards before they fly completely out of control and trash the city.

Fortunately, she will not confront the magical Clow Cards without help. First, Kereberos, the Guardian of the Seal of the Clow, is at her side (though in a rather diminutive form). She now also has possession of the Key of Clow. Only Sakura can re-seal a Clow Card by using the Key. Once sealed, Sakura can also use the Key of Clow to summon the power of a card.

In time, Sakura will locate and re-seal the cards, but now must prove her worthiness by battling Yue, the Judge. By defeating the Judge, she becomes master of the Clow Cards and in turn can help them by realigning and honing their powers...which couldn't have come at a better time, because she isn't the only one out there who could be their master.

Sakura Kinomoto makes a one-shot appearance in Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations 3. After Princess Sakura is severely injured, and as she attempts to find her way back to the group, Sakura Kinomoto, dressed in a Tomoeda Elementary uniform, appears and directs Princess Sakura back to the group. Princess Sakura is unable to identify her helper, but wonders as she leaves Tokyo whether Sakura Kinomoto was an illusion or something else.

Character Description: Sakura Avalon

Sakura Kinomoto was an ordinary girl that lived with her brother and father. One day, she went down to her basement and heard a mysterious noise. She found a book named "The Clow." She opened the book and found cards, to her surprise. The very first card she saw was named "Windy." As soon as she said "Windy," a symbol, similar to the cover of the book, appeared at her feet. A great big gust of wind surrounded the basement, blowing the cards away, and flying out of house. The only card Sakura had was "Windy." The cover of the book lit up, and a strange orange "thing" appeared. His name was Kero. Sakura thought he must be a stuffed animal, because of size. Kero then told her, since she had the power to break the seal, she would have to capture all the cards, or else, chaos would plague the world!

So Sakura starts off as a complete rookie, completely ignorant of what to do, unless Kero is there to help guide her. Later on, she becomes a pro at catching the cards.

After Sakura sealed the "Silent Card" with Tomoyo, Shaoran was watching from the museum, observing the new person. The next day at school, Shaolan (Shaoran) showed up at school as a transfer student from Hong Kong. He used his Lasin Board (a Chinese instrument that "knows all") and found that Sakura had the Clow Cards. Sakura was completely befuddled. Shaoran then assaulted Sakura, and Touya saved Sakura. Once Yukito appeared, Shaoran blushed and ran off. Once other Clow Cards appeared, Shaoran would appear at the scene, trying to the get the card for himself. Sakura really didn't like Shaoran, but over time, she began to like him, and eventually, she fell in love.

Anyways, Shaoran's cousin, Meilin Li, from Hong Kong arrived and acted like his future wife. Shaoran was completely embarrassed. Meilin then stole Shaoran's Lasin Board and tried to find out who was the cardcaptor. Meilin tried to show off that she could stop "The Fight Card", but failed since the young teenage fighter was extremely powerful.

Meilin then became Sakura's rival. Sakura tried to be pleasant, but Meilin kept showing off. Eventually, Meilin's rivalry began to turn into a friendship.

As time went by, Sakura kept catching more Clow Cards, and then, on her Christmas Break, she won a prize to go to Hong Kong. She didn't win the trip because of mere luck, she was destined to go to Hong Kong, since there was some evil still lurking around the city. When Sakura got to Hong Kong, she found Shaoran and Meilin in the same location that Sakura, Tomoyo, Yukito, and Touya were in. Shaoran took them to his house, where Sakura met Shaoran's sisters (they're so cute!) and his mother, Li Yelan. Li Yelan took a liking to Sakura, since she sensed that Sakura had the Clow Cards. The next day, she had a battle between Madoushi, Clow Reed's opponent, and Sakura set Madoushi free. So she goes back to Tokyo and continues her destiny for capturing the cards.

As time went by, Meilin had to go back to Hong Kong since her grandmother was sick. Sakura said that they'd see each other again sometime in the near future. Finally, the last card appeared and Sakura captured it. Then, Yukito turned into Yue. Yue declared the "Final Judgement" and first fought Shaolan. Shaolan lost the battle, and he lost his cards that he captured. Sakura was up next. Her first attempt failed, but Kaho Mizuki used an ancient bell that freed Sakura from Yue's imprisonment, and Sakura captured Yue. Sakura then became the new master, and everything was okay. At that point, Kaho left and Sakura and her friends never heard from her since then.

One day, a new transfer student, Eriol, came to the city. Sakura became friends with him, but Shaoran noticed that Eriol was not what he seemed. Weird things began occurring since Eriol came. Sakura then had to change the "Clow Cards" to "Sakura Cards" to keep their magic.

Eriol eventually tested her and Sakura won. Eriol invited Sakura over to his house and explained why he had to "pressure" Sakura to changing the Clow Cards. Eriol then revealed his teacher, Kaho Mizuki. Sakura was shocked.

After all that was settled, a new danger appeared, the Final Card "The Empty". In the end, Sakura sealed "Empty" and saved Shaoran from "Empty's" attack. Shaoran and Sakura and now together, forever.

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