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Character Profile: Anthy Himemiya

USA Info
Japanese Info
Anthy Himemiya Anshii Himemiya Anthy Himemiya (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
The Rose Bride  
Human Human
Female Female
14 years(born February 29) 14 years(born February 29)
Violet Violet
Green Green
5'2" 157 cm
90 lbs 41 kg
Type AB Type AB
Her alias says it all...but what does it mean?  
Sharon Becker Yuriko Fuchizaki
Revolutionary Girl Utena Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Character Description: Anthy Himemiya

This strange girl is as mysterious as her origins. Anthy appears to be almost a complete passive, resigned to the will of whoever has claim to her. She is very quiet, rarely speaking, and usually very reluctant to be around other people. It's only when she's alone tending to flowers or animals that she seems to show any signs of life. Outside the Rose Arena, Anthy tends to the academy's flower garden. It's where you can most frequently find her.

She first enters Utena's life while she was engaged to Saionji, head of the kendo club and second on the student council. She was hit and generally mistreated, and it made Utena furious. Little did Utena know that when she defeated Saionji in her first duel in the Rose Arena...Anthy became her prize. Now they were engaged. While engaged to Utena, Anthy seems to sense Utena's desire for her to become a normal girl. But what will happen if the two are ever seperated?

There must be something about Anthy's life that makes her so passive, as if she's hiding terrible secrets, such as the exact reason she is called the Rose Bride. There are many things about her that she just cannot recall. Everything around her seems to indicate that she's bound to something: something having to do with her being the Rose Bride. Just what kinds of things does that entail? A mysterious power dwells within her, and we only learn of her secrets bit by bit, such as the fact that she keeps the Sword of Dios magically hidden within her until the one who is engaged to her draws it.

But as you look at her, there is one distinct question that one has to ask: Is her lack of emotion concerning her destiny a sign of calm acceptance or silent resentment?

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