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Yurika DoujimaYurika DoujimaYurika Doujima (Witch Hunter Robin)
Seed (Witch with no awakened powers)Seed (Witch with no awakened powers)
18 years old18 years old
About 5'8"About 173 cm
About 120 lbs.About 54.4 kg
STNJ D-class hunterSTNJ D-class hunter
"I'm heading out to do some shopping. See you later!""I'm heading out to do some shopping. See you later!"
Michelle RuffKyoko Hikami
Witch Hunter RobinWitch Hunter Robin

Character Description: Yurika Doujima

Yurika is "special". How, you ask? Well, for one thing, she has parents in very high places. Yurika often comes to work half asleep and late. When she actually decides to come to work, she usually stays at the office, lounging around and reading fashion magazines. Chief Kosaka gets angry and yells at her, but her job always stays intact.

The only time we really see her actually do something useful is after the attack on the STNJ. This is probably due to the temporary absence of Robin and Amon. Yurika really is a sweet girl, even if she's lazy and spoiled rotten.

Character Description: Yurika Doujima

Dojima is one of the hunters who works at the STN-J, tracking down witches that abuse their powers by harming humans. She is the daughter of a very rich family, and as such, she gets away with things that would get any of the other team members fired (showing up late for work constantly, leaving when she feels like it, and constantly annoying the chief).

Dojima is quite perky, and frequently partners up with either Sakaki or Karasuma. She is also very friendly with Robin. Dojima frequently sits near Michael while he is working at his computer, and can usually be found dozing off, or reading a fashion magazine.

Late in the series, Robin saves her from some Solomon agents that were trying to capture her, and at the series end, Dojima believes that Robin and Amon were killed in the factory's collapse, while Michael does not.

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