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DarciaDarcia (Wolf's Rain)
Wolf (can appear human)Wolf (can appear human)
Dark BlueDark Blue
One blue, one yellowOne blue, one yellow
Noble LordNoble Lord
"You must discard everything that is precious to you before you may enter Paradise."
Steven Jay BlumTakaya Kuroda
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Darcia

Darcia is very cold, and seldom every shows his emotions. He was the heir to a very powerful noble family line. It was when his grandfather attempted to force open the wolves' Paradise using a machine and a relic called a moon stone, that his family line was cursed with 'paradise sickness'. He himself attempted to not dwell on his ancestor's mistakes and became madly in love with a female noble, Harmona. Unfortunately, the curse of paradise sickness is limited to his house, not his blood line, and as the two become almost inseparably in love with each other, Harmona fell ill to paradise sickness and was rendered in a sleeping state.

He created Cheza in order to open Paradise and free his love's soul, but his family lost some of their power after that, and then where nearly wiped out by Lord Orcrum, who stole away Cheza simply to show off his power to the other nobles. Jagara would later finish the job, destroying the life-support that kept her sister alive and tearing down Darcia's Keep. Darcia is not a simple noble, he is very fast and strong, able to dash fast enough to even make the wolves struggle to keep up. He is also a master at swordplay, using a very large and heavy noble's sword. When Jagara attempts to force open Paradise herself, using the same machine that Darcia's grandfather used, Darcia attempts to strike her down in order to take revenge for his lost love.

Darcia has two basic outfits. He has his formal attire, which comprised of a long flowing cape, a large multi-plumed head dress, and a white mask which depicts a warped smile. His other attire is more form fitting, a casual noble body suit which allows him more freedom of movement. His hair is left long and flowing and he always, when possible, keeps a small black bar over his left eye. The reason for this is that his family curse has left him with a wolf's eye where his left eye should be. When he exposes his wolf eye, it has the ability to render weak willed individuals unconscious.

By the finale, Darcia is revealed to be the real killer of Quent's family. The reason was the Darcia's line were the descendants of wolves who integrated with humans. The Paradise sickness somewhat restore Darcia's latent ability to assume a wolf form, becoming a black wolf with a human's eye where his right eye should be. Taking Cheza with him and, he begin to kill off many of the wolves until Kiba remained to fight him. But though he overpowered Kiba, Darcia fell victim to Cheza's toxins while biting into her. Dying, he walked to Paradise, only to be obliterated. Only his wolf's eye remained

Side notes: Darcia appears to be very emotionally unstable, attempting to keep himself cold and distant. Paradise sickness is apparently when your soul leaves for Paradise but your body stays behind, leaving you in a coma-like state where your body will age and eventually die off. Darcia's eye was originally thought to affect everyone, but signs show that it only effects weak willed people (for example, Cher is effected by the eye early on in the series, but later when she is more determined and strong willed, the eye no longer renders her unconscious).

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