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Wolf's RainWolf's Rain (ウルフズ・レイン)Wolf's Rain
26 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes26 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes
Bandai Ent./Animaze, Inc.BONES/Asatsu DK/Bandai Visual
Keiko Nobumoto
Tensai Okamura
Sci-Fi, Drama, ActionSci-Fi, Drama, Action
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Cher DegreCher Degre
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Wolf's Rain

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Blue Blue Kiba Kiba
Cher Degre Cher Degre Lady Jagara Lady Jagara
Cheza Cheza Quent Yaiden Quent Yaiden
Darcia Darcia Toboe Toboe
Harmona Harmona Tsume Tsume
Hige Hige Hasu ⊕ Hasu ⊕
Hubb Lebowski Hubb Lebowski Neige ⊕ Neige ⊕

Description: Wolf's Rain

Intelligent, adaptable, always looking for a way to survive. That's a wolf: kind of human-like in its survival instincts. In the distant future, humanity had thought the wolves had disappeared forever some 200 years back. But instead, the wolves adapted, remade themselves, and survived...by taking on human form.

These modern wolves think and act like humans. And like humans, they have a dream: a paradise on Earth just for wolves. For them, the path to paradise lays in the scent of the Lunar Flower. For young Kiba, his search for the Lunar Flower and the way to Paradise will take him down a long and twisted journey, where he will meet a mysterious girl as well as come together with three other wolves to form a pack. Together, they hunt, they survive, and they seek the path to paradise.

Description: Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain has been one of the most highly anticipated shows since it is from the creators of the ever popular Cowboy Beebop.

Kiba, a white wolf, is searching for paradise relentlessly. As in the "The Book of the Moon" Wolves are the only ones that can find such a place.

Kiba rounds up three other wolves, Hige, Tsume, and Toboe. Following his instinct, Kiba leads them to find the Flower Maiden, Cheza. With her help they'll find this paradise.

Sounds easy? Well there's a catch. A lot of other people want Cheza too. Cher Degre wants Cheza for scientific purposes, Darcia wats her to heal his love from a curse, all those other nobles, and of course, Quent Yaiden suspects the wolves. With a shotgun in hand Quent hunts down to kill the wolves. Not so easy now is it?

So Kiba, Hige, Tsume, and Toboe have to fight their way through all these obstacles and then some to find the legendary Paradise. Just like in the book of the moon...

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