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ToboeToboeToboe (Wolf's Rain)
Red Wolf (can appear human)Red Wolf (can appear human)
Appears about 14 years oldAppears about 14 years old
"Oh...Tsume...but, Tsume!"
Mona MarshallHiroki Shimowada
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Toboe

Toboe is a sweet and innocent wolf in Wolf's Rain. He's the youngest of the four (soon to be five) wolves. He is easily spooked or startled. He hates to be alone and looks for friends constantly. Toboe doesn't like fighting either, whether you're a wolf or human, so he tries to keep peace within the pack. Also, he can't STAND to see someone cry. It makes him really sad. He always tries to cheer someone up even if he's not able to. He's also overly sensitive about hurting or killing someone.

Toboe was raised by an old woman. She gave him the four silver rings around his right wrist. After the old woman died, Toboe was forced to live alone on the streets. This was very difficult for him because he was raised as a house dog or pet.

Toboe is very attached to Tsume. This is most likely because he was the first wolf he met out of the pack. But Tsume, doesn't seem to like him at all. He tends to call Toboe a runt, brat, kid, or pup.

Toboe's name means "Howling" in Japanese.

Character Description: Toboe

Toboe is the most "tame" of the characters in Wolf's Rain. I think he's the only one of the main four wolves that ever had a "master." His owner died and he misses her, but he still warms up to people fairly easily. He's eager to please, and obviously doesn't like to be alone and wants to have friends.

The youngest and most naive of the four wolves, Toboe was raised by an old human woman in the city. Treated like a dog most of his life, he lacks the street smarts and survival skills that the others posses.

After his owner died, Tsume takes care of him. Then they meet Hige and Kiba and they basically become a pack. He really cares about his new friends (Tsume, Hige, and Kiba), but he is especially attached to Tsume.

Toboe's name means "howl" in Japanese.

Character Description: Toboe

Toboe was raised by an old woman, who gave him the silver bracelet on his arm. He lived his life out on the street and couldn't survive since he was raised as a house dog. One day, he is looking for food, a girl offers him food, and he becomes determined to be her friend.

When the girl lets her bird go, Toboe turns into his wolf form and kills the bird without meaning to. He was trying to injure it, then he becomes really upset about it. Tsume comes out of nowhere and grabs hims, taking him away from the girl.

Toboe is really naive and overly sensitive about killing or possibly hurting someone. He's a lonely street wolf that lived on the street. Although he is sweet, he really tries to make friends. But one simple mistake could make him cry or howl.

He really seemed to trust Tsume a lot.

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