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TsumeTsumeTsume (Wolf's Rain)
Grey Wolf (can appear human)Grey Wolf (can appear human)
Appears about 18-25 years oldAppears about 18-25 years old
Ex RobberEx Robber
"I am so sick of hearing that word!"
Crispin FreemanKenta Miyake
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Tsume

Tsume is a gray wolf. He is very cold at times and is not very friendly at the beginning of the show. He is a very loyal person and if one of his partners is in danger, human or wolf, he will try to help them. He does not believe that Paradise is real.

We first meet him as a leader of a gang of human robbers. This is when he meets Kiba, a white wolf, and the two begin to fight after Kiba says Tsume has no pride as a wolf. That is when Kiba is shot by Quent Yaiden and taken to the police station.

Later Kiba and Tsume team up along with Hige, a light brown wolf, and Toboe, a brown wolf, to find Paradise.

He is close to Toboe, though he does not show it very much. He first didn't like him since Toboe was raised as a dog ever since he was a puppy.

As the show goes deeper into the plot, Tsume becomes a little more friendly to the other wolves he is traveling with, and starts to like Toboe a lot more. But still, he does not show it that much, but it's a little more then before.

Tsume's name means "claw" in Japanese.

Character Description: Tsume

Tsume, or "Claw", is a common black/grey wolf. He appears to be human at times, but really it's just a cover up to fool humans. He is constantly running from scientists and other people trying to prove that real wolves are extinct. But of course Tsume and his three or so friends are just several of the percentage of the wolves left in the advanced world of their time.

In my opinion, Tsume's clothing that he wears looks sort of "girl-ish"; he wears black slim pants that rest on his hips with a belt in place. On his upper torso he wears an Oxford "Tank top" and a black vest. An old scar/gash on his chest area can be seen above his shirt's line.

When I first saw Wolf's Rain I disliked Tsume because of his jagged personality. I thought him as rotten. But as you progress through the episodes you begin to realize he's actually an okay sort of guy. Hopefully, Tsume will get better in the...near future.

Character Description: Tsume

Tsume appears in the first episode, when his gang hijacks a train. A bunch of the city residents, including Tsume and a young boy, find Kiba under a tree, in wolf form. One person touched Kiba, waking him up, and Kiba attacked. The white wolf killed the man, then jumped onto the boy, the youngest of Tsume's gang of hijackers. But Tsume rescued the boy by distracting Kiba, and ran off, with Kiba chasing him. He ends up fighting Kiba, but then the boy chases Kiba off.

In the second episode, he hears Toboe's howls, after the poor boy kills a bird. He takes Toboe away, scolding him for revealing his true form. Then he learns of Toboe's past. Tsume seemed to be fond and protective Toboe, even though he doesn't show it.

Tsume (Wolf's Rain) Tsume (Wolf's Rain)

Character Description: Tsume

The leader of a rebellious human gang, this gray wolf is at odds with Kiba from the beginning. Gruff, callous and sometime cruel, he's not as tough as the others would think. He unsure of what he wants from life and finds himself jealous of Kiba's driving purpose. Toboe hangs out with him, while he doesn't really care...most of the time anyway.

Tsume is a wolf that lived with humans in the city. When Kiba found this out, Kiba went on a lecture of Tsume losing his pride as a wolf. They got into this big fight until someone showed up. About episode 5 or 6, Tsume, Hige, Kiba, and Toboe left the city and went of to search for Paradise together.

Tsume (Wolf's Rain) Tsume (Wolf's Rain)

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