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HigeHigeHige (Wolf's Rain)
Mexican Wolf (can appear human)Mexican Wolf (can appear human)
Appears about 18-24 years oldAppears about 18-24 years old
Light brownLight brown
"Aw, c'mon...she was cute!"
Joshua SethAkio Suyama
Episode 1Episode 1
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Hige

Hige is the most "charming" of the four main wolves. He met Kiba in the experimental lab where Cheza is held. Kiba had been caught and Hige helps him escape.

Hige begins to show Kiba the humans way of life and how to be like them in order to get by without a fuss. He for the most part likes to think things through and not just jump into things.

Hige's name means "beard" or "whiskers" in Japanese.

Character Description: Hige

A happy-go-lucky wolf with an amazing sense of smell, Hige meets Kiba in the city. Hige goes along with the plan to search for Paradise, but he doesn't really seem to care one way or the other, preoccupied with food most of the time. He likes to tease other wolves, especially Toboe. He is hated by Tsume for being friends with Kiba.

Hige is the sensible one of the group. He'd rather strategize than run right into battle like Kiba or Tsume. Hige likes food... and babes. He wears an over-sized collar that seems to have some sort of connection with Lady Jagara... but what is it, exactly?

Later in the series, there's a bit of a connection between him and Blue, if you get what I mean..

Character Description: Hige

Hige helps to rescue the injured Kiba from the scientists that have Cheza. After rescuing Kiba, he joins the white wolf on his journey to find Paradise, even though he doesn't care about it. He helps Kiba survive in the city.

Hige really loves food, he is pretty careless, and he's kind of tricky. He can take food without anyone knowing. Later on, the two meet Toboe, a young wolf, that was raised by an old woman, who died. One night while captured with Kiba, Cheza (the flower maiden) gets kidnapped. Hige tries to help Kiba and the others rescue her.

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