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Hubb LebowskiHubb Lebowski (Wolf's Rain)
Late 20's to early 30'sLate 20's to early 30's
Dirty BlondDirty Blond
Privet Investigator, Cher's ex-husbandPrivet Investigator, Cher's ex-husband
"I'm looking for this woman. Have you seen her?"
Robert BucholzMitsuru Miyamoto
Wolf's RainWolf's Rain

Character Description: Hubb Lebowski

Hubb Lebowski is a simple, strong willed, and determined special investigator looking for his missing ex-wife.

Hubb was a police inspector when he married Cher, and for a while they where the perfect couple. But after Lord Orcrum stole Cheza from Darcia, Cher was assigned to study Cheza along with all the other scientists in that city. Cher became so personally invested in finding out everything about Cheza that she grew too distant from Hubb and they got divorced. Since then Hubb has been attempting to get Cher interested in him, at least until she left with the search team after Cheza.

Hubb usually wears an investigator's trench coat and a brown fedora hat. He is usually a little up tight about things and sometimes a little bit joking with others, but for the most part he is one of the most normal characters in the entire series. As he searches for Cher, he stumbles across Cher's copy of 'The Book of the Moon', reading the book and learning of the understanding that wolves may still exist. He also runs into Quent, whom he follows in order to find the wolves, who are following Cheza, who is followed by Cher. During his travels, he encounters more and more obstacles that most would never be able to deal with, but each time he comes out on top, but at what cost?

Side notes: Hubb seems to want to make a connection with Quent, seeing him as a lonely old man who could use a friend, and who is needlessly drinking his life away. After Orcrum falls pray to Jagaura's attack, Hubb finds out that the papers concerning his divorce with Cher have been destroyed, so technically they are still married, and Hubb sees this as a second chance with his wife. Towards the end, Hubb is willing to do anything to help Cheza and the wolves, just as Cher is.

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