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Character Profile: Vivian Wong

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vivian Wong Vivian Wong Vivian Wong (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Vivian Wong (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
· · ·
  Vivi-chan(by Sugoroku)
Human Human
Female Female
Appears about 16 - 20 years old Appears about 16 - 20 years old
Black Black
Asia's Duel Queen Asia's Duel Queen
  "Yuugi, are you here to cheer me on? Then, I'm bound to defeat that shortie!"
  Rei Tanaka
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Vivian Wong

At first, we encounter a tall girl that bumps into Rebecca, who then tells Rebecca to watch where she is going. Anzu comes over, and then the girl gets all excited when she sees Yuugi Mutou. She goes over to Yuugi and introduces herself as Vivian. They both may be rivals, but in private, let it be a great time with them both, she says as she hugs (Yuugi blushes and is embarrassed). Rebecca and Anzu then get all jealous that Vivian is taking their love. Then she sees Seto Kaiba, and runs over to greet him.

Vivian has to compete with Rebecca in the KC Tournament. When it was announced, Sugoroku got all excited and he had a crush on that "pretty girl." Vivian tells Rebecca that she seems so sad. If her opponent is Yuugi or Kaiba, she's gonna have a blast. She imagines herself with Yuugi or Kaiba, dueling together as a team. Rebecca says that won't happen. They then duel. When the gang comes, Vivian gets all excited, wondering if Yuugi is there to cheer her on. Yuugi then gets embarrassed, and chuckles nervously. Anzu glares at Vivian, then shouts to get rid of Vivian. Rebecca, all fired up now, is determined to win to be with her love. In the end, Vivian looses, and Rebecca teases Vivian. Vivian is outraged!

After Sugoroku "broke" his back, Vivian went to see him in the emergency room, where she practically seduced Sugoroku (um...eww!). Vivian asked very innocently and kindly if she cured Sugoroku's back, Sugoroku would get Yuugi to duel her. Sugoroku said yes. Vivian then used her Chinese martial arts and jammed her finger against the bone that out of place on Sugoroku's back, which created pain, and then healed his back.

After the gang discovered that Sugoroku had "turned up" in a Chinese restaurant, Vivian demanded that she and Yuugi duel. Even Sugoroku pleaded, but Yuugi said "no." At that point, Vivian "broke" Sugoroku's back. Yami really didn't want to duel, but had no choice. Vivian made a request that if she won, Yuugi/Yami Yuugi would have to be her "slave of love" (that's what the subtitles say... that would be really interesting!). Anzu then is furious and asks what the hell is all this about, being a "slave of love."

Of Course Yami isn't worried, since he'll win in the end. In the end, he did win! Vivian cried and had to cure Yuugi's grandfathers' back.

Overall, Vivian seems to be quite a girl with a lot of potential and desire (especially when comes to having Yuugi Mutou as a boyfriend).

We see her after Yami Yuugi stood victorious after defeating Leon Harry.

The last time we see her is when she's eating her meal, looking up into the sky, thinking of Yuugi Mutou/Yami Yuugi.

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