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Character Profile: Lyman Banner

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lyman Banner Daitokuji(大徳寺) Lyman Banner (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Amnael Amunaeru
Human/Homunculus Human/Homunculus
Male Male
Black Black
Red Red
Supervisor of Slifer Dorms, History Teacher Supervisor of Osiris Dorms, History Teacher
"Oh come on, Pharoh! Just because it has the word 'cat' in it, doesn't mean it appies to you!"  
Wayne Grayson Kappei Yamaguchi
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX

Character Description: Lyman Banner

Lyman is the history teacher and supervisor of the Slifer Dorms. Though unknown to our heros, Lyman is actually Amnael, the seventh assassin.

Basically, he is the opposite of Dr. Crowler, even down to the part about cats! Mr. Banner likes cats... no, not likes, LOVES! He has a fat orange-ish brown cat named Pharaoh who he takes around practically EVERYWHERE.

Lyman's deck is based off of Alchemy. Also, what is shocking is that he is in reality a homunculus of his original self!

In the dub, Lyman has a German accent. There is still much to be learned about him. He usually is quite cheerful and is good at telling scary stories.

Character Description: Lyman Banner

Lyman Banner, or Daitokuji in Japanese, is the Slifer Dorm Supervisor, a history teacher... and a homunculus! You see, his body was actually made into his own image, when he came down with a horrible illness. In order to save his life, he made a homunculus in his image and transferred his soul into it. But when the homunculus began to fall apart, he went in search for the Sacred Beasts to make a Philosopher's Stone.

Thus, he became a shadow rider. When he loses to Jaden, he gives him a shadow item, and a card: The Philosopher's Stone - Sabatier. Then, both Banner's original body and the homunculus turn into dust, and Banner's soul rests in his cat, Pharaoh.

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