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Zoid Mech: Liger Zero

Bit Cloud was once a junk dealer, until he met the Liger Zero. Now he pilots it. Liger was once a zoid that Mr. Impulse Shopper Toros just had to have, but when someone tried to pilot it, it would go crazy. It sat in the back of the Toros Base, until the Liger freed Bit and went on a short trip.

Liger's original weapon was a Strike Laser Claw, but Bit put on a cannon for his first fight with Naomi. After he had fought the Backdraft, he fixed up an old shot cannon he stripped from a Sabre Tiger and put it below the Liger. The Organoid System is not like the ones seen in Zoids Chaotic Century. The system is built in, it doen't fuse and unfuse with the zoid.

Zoid Mech: Liger Zero Jager

The first transformation part used is the Jager unit. Built for high speed, the Jager is better for close combat and for dodging missiles. Bit has a hard time adjusting to this change of speed. The Jager can match Jack Sisco'sLightning Saix.

With the Strike Laser Claw, the Jager unit has Vulcan guns on the sides of its head. The Jager has its own ion boosters to make it go faster and to bring out the speed.

Zoid Mech: Liger Zero Schneider

The Schneider is the second component of 3 for the Liger. The new weapons make Bit feel much safer. The Schneider is based on the Blade Liger with its blades and shield. The Buster Slash is where 3 blades extend off the front and make a direct strike on the enemy. The 7 Blade Attack is where the boosters extend out with 1 blade each and the Buster Slash's 3 blades and 2 other blades between those to slice the opponent to ribbons

Zoid Mech: Liger Zero Panzer

The final component, the Panzer, is a heavily armed and armored unit. Because of this, the Liger's lighter shafts and important pieces can't bear the strain and they overheat easily. If they don't move, the strain will be less and will take longer to overheat. The Panzer's 2 Hybrid Cannons on its shoulders are very powerful, and can pierce the Elephander's shields. The other guns and missiles are good for taking out multiple targets at once in the Burning Bigbang attack.

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