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Character Profile: King Yemma

USA Info
Japanese Info
King Yemma Enma Daiou("Great King Enma") King Yemma (Dragon Ball Z)
King Yemma (Dragon Ball Z)
King Yemma (Dragon Ball Z)
· · ·
King Yamma(alternate spelling) Emma Daiou(alternate spelling)
· · ·
King Yama(alternate spelling)  
  Enma-Chan(Kakarotto calling him that in later episodes)
Demon Demon
Male Male
Over 1000 years old Over 1000 years old
Black Black
Black Black
Pretty Tall  
  Gouri Daisuke
Episode 4 Episode 6
Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z
· · ·
Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT
· · ·
Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn (Movie 12) Dragon Ball Z- Fusion Reborn (Movie 12)

Character Description: King Yemma

King Enma is the person in the Dragon Ball world who sends you either to Heaven or Hell if you die. When Kakarotto first met him, King Enma let him travel to Kaio Sama's planet to train. King Enma is a tall red-skinned demon with a black beard, and he wears a helmet with horns. He is shocked when Kaio Sama dies when Cell blew himself up. In the Buu Saga, he gives Vegeta a body to help Kakarotto fight Buu.

In the movie 12, Lord Enma is trapped by first form Janemba (which is Janempa in the dub). Kakarotto and Paikuhan arrive to stop Janemba and free Enma. Kakarotto then tells Paikuhan to free him but it was a tough work for Paikuhan. Enma is freed when Gogeta defeats Janemba and restore peace in the otherworld.

In Dragon Ball GT, Kakarotto asks if King Enma can bring him back to the living world (since he was tricked by Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero to fight Cell and Frieza). Piccolo Jr ask if he can send him to Hell, but his request is denied. Piccolo Jr then acted like his dad and destroys Heaven (with a demonic laugh no less!). Enma gets REALLY mad and sends him to Hell.

Note: Apparently, Enma (or Emma) is the name that the Japanese gave for Yama, the ruler of the underworld in Buddhist mythology.

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