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Character Profile: Andrew Graham

USA Info
Japanese Info
Andrew Graham   Andrew Graham (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Human Human
Male Male
Dark Brown Dark Brown
Blue Blue
6'8" 203 cm
250 lbs. 113.4 kg
Gundam fighter for Neo-Canada(pilots Grizzly Gundam) Gundam fighter for Neo-Canada(pilots Lumber Gundam)
  Sugawara Masashi
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Kidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Andrew Graham

A former space police officer, he and his wife were finishing their job in a space station close to Saturn. Before they had the chance to return to Earth, a pirate ship rammed into and destroyed their station. Andrew survived the disaster, but his wife did not. After finding out that the ship belonged to Argo Gulskii, he swore to take revenge for his wife.

Andrew Graham is a very serious and determined man. He became a Gundam fighter for the sole reason of fighting Argo. Fighting for Neo-Canada, he takes every opportunity to challenge Argo in the hope of destroying him. Later on in the tournament during a tag team match, they are paired on the same team (in a twist set up by Wong). In an earlier match, he had been told that Argo had actually tried to save his wife during the crash years before, but he didn't believe it until he saw Argo's intense showdown with Domon. At this point, Allenby went berserk again, and he throws himself in front of Argo, shielding him from Allenby's fierce attack. Severely hurt and his Gundam destroyed, Andrew would never be able to fight again.

Andrew pilots the Grizzly Gundam of Neo-Canada. This Gundam is built for sheer power and endurance. Armed with two machine guns and two lumber axes, his favorite weapons are his bare hands.

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