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Character Profile: Kurodo Akabane

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kurodo Akabane Kuroudo Akabane(赤屍 蔵人) Kurodo Akabane (Get Backers)
Dr. Jackal Dr. Jackal
Human Human
Male Male
(born November 23) (born November 23)
Black Black
Violet Violet
6'1" 186 cm
189.6 lbs 86 kg
Type AB Type AB
Shannon McCormick Nobuo Tobita
Get Backers Get Backers

Character Description: Kurodo Akabane

Akabane Kurodo made his first appearance on Get Backers as a Deliverer/Transporter with Himiko. His weapons are scalpels, 108 to be precise, which come out from his body and has something to do with the scars around his body. He wears a long black coat and a large black hat.

Akabane is a very polite guy on the outside, but often shows his tendency to be an unwavering killer. His codename in the Transport world is Dr. Jackal. His most noticeable trademarks are the wide brimmed hat he wears on his head and the J found carved into every one of his victims. His main weapons are the 108 scalpels hidden inside his body. He has several special attacks, among which is Bloody Rain, an attack where he shoots his scalpels into the air and lets them rain down upon his enemy, almost literally tearing them to shreds. This was seen in the episode where he first fought Ginji. He also has Bloody Hurricane, Bloody Stream, Bloody Sword, and Bloody Cross.

He is a ruthless killer, and in the show (up until the end of the Forbidden Fortress Ark) has only been seen to fail to kill his victims twice. The first being when he lost to Ginji Amano and the second when he did not slay the people being controlled by the Wire Doll system created by MakubeX (oh yeah, and he also failed to kill Kyoji when they battled).

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