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Character Profile: Fleda Claes Johansson

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fleda Claes Johansson Fleda Claes Johansson Fleda Claes Johansson (Gunslinger Girl)
Claes Claes
Cyborg Cyborg
Female Female
About 12 years old About 12 years old
Black Black
Blue Blue
Former assassin, now test subject Former assassin, now test subject
Alese Watson Ami Koshimizu(Gunslinger Girl)
· · ·
  Risa Mizuno(Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino)
Episode 1: "Fratello" Episode 1: "Fratello"
Gunslinger Girl Gunslinger Girl
· · ·
Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino-

Character Description: Fleda Claes Johansson

Not much is known about the past of the girl known as Claes. What is known is that she was paired by a fratello (meaning sibling in Italian, though here it's used to mean "handler") known as Rabello, a former military policeman recruited by Jean. The two had formed a bond together. Sometimes, Rabello would take the girl fishing, and he would try to impart some of his philosophy on her.

However, Rabello began to question the methods the Social Welfare Agency was using and took time off. In fact, he was going to tell the press about the S.W.A. and its activities. Not long afterward, Jean had coldly told Claes that Rabello was killed in a hit-and-run accident (but there may have been darker motives that caused his death). Claes didn't take the news well.

Since Claes was without a fratello, she can no longer take part in missions with the other girls. Instead, she has a new purpose: a test subject for refining the process of operations and conditioning. She can never leave the compound where the other girls live, but it doesn't stop her from taking up other means to stay active between tests. Claes like to read, and is often reading the many books Rabello had left on the compound. She also cooks and tends a vegetable garden.

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