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Character Profile: William Nelson

USA Info
Japanese Info
William Nelson Uiriamu Neruson(ウィリアム・ネルソン) William Nelson (Jormungand)
Wiley Nelson Wairi Neruson(ワイリ)
· · ·
Wiley Coyote Wairi Koyote(ワイリー コヨーテ)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid to late 30's Mid to late 30's
Black Black
Brown Brown
Bodyguard to Koko Hekmaytar, former U.S. Army engineer, former architect Bodyguard to Koko Hekmaytar, former U.S. Army engineer, former architect
Akron Watson Kenji Nomura(乃村健次)
Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road" Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road"
Jormungand Jormungand

Character Description: William Nelson

William Nelson, a.k.a. "Wiley", is an original member of Koko's squad, along with Lehm, Valmet and Echo. A veteran of "Operation Desert Storm", Wiley had first met Lehm and Echo when he accompanied the Delta Force squad they were assigned to on a mission to destroy an Iraqi chemical weapons facility, which they had 40 hours to do it. The squad's duty was to protect Wiley as he set the explosives. The problem – the amount of the explosives they brought with them were not enough to do the job. However, Wiley was able to improvise and wired together the 250 lb chemical bombs stored there to accomplish the task. The only casualty of the mission was Wiley – whose right temple was grazed by an Iraqi soldier who shot at him while he was setting the explosives (Wiley never flinched, though). Although the wound healed, no hair would grow where he was grazed, so Wiley would shave a matching groove on his left temple.

Because of his poise under fire, Wiley was recommended for Delta Force duty by Lehm and Echo. When they reunited years later at Fort Bragg, Wiley discovered that Lehm had been promoted to captain and retired from the Army.

Wiley had came from a family of architects, which helps in calculating how much explosives he needs for a job. To him, the power of explosives excites him, so he's always coming-up with novel way to impress his teammates. He also has a knack of sensing ambushes and booby traps, so Wiley usually takes the point whenever Koko's squad is on a mission. He is often paired with Lutz as a spotter. He's also tutoring Jonah in math.

A word of note – Wiley's nickname came from the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies character Wile E. Coyote.

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