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Japanese Info
EckhartEkkato (エッカート)Eckhart (Jormungand)
EchoEko (エコー)
Human (deceased)Human (deceased)
Late 30's (at time of death)Late 30's (at time of death)
Bodyguard for Koko Hekmatyar, former Delta Force memberBodyguard for Koko Hekmatyar, former Delta Force member
Josh GrelleKenji Hamada (浜田 賢二)
Episode 14, "Dance with Undershaft, Phase 1"Episode 14, "Dance with Undershaft, Phase 1"

Character Description: Eckhart

Eckhart, or 'Echo' as he was commonly known, was part of the same Delta Force unit that Lehm was a leader of, and the same one that guarded Wiley when he was assigned to blow-up an Iraqi chemical weapons plant during 'Operation Desert Storm'. During the mission, Echo was fascinated by the fact that, after Wiley's right temple was grazed by an Iraqi soldier's bullet, Wiley was able to stay on-task. Years later, when Wiley found Echo having a drink with a lady near Fort Bragg, Echo had told Wiley that Lehm had been promoted, then retired from the U.S. Army. It was sometime after that when both Wiley and Echo joined Lehm as bodyguards for Koko, along with Valmet.

Two years later, during a mission in eastern Europe, Koko and her group were being pursued by Hex and her Cutthroat operatives. It was during this battle when Koko, then still a young girl, panicked and had to be brought to her senses by Valmet. But she panicked again after seeing Echo getting wounded. But this time, it was Echo who calmed her, and told her she shouldn't panic... but instead smile, as a boss should. He then stayed behind to run interference while Koko and the others escaped. However, Echo wasn't as lucky, and became the first of Koko's group to be killed in action. Ever since then, both Koko and Hex would have problems sleeping on nights of the full moon, as that fatal evening was.

Echo's position in Koko's group was later filled by R, who later turned out to be a plant for 'Operation Undershaft', the same operation Hex belonged to. Like Echo, R would be later killed by Hex. Hex would later commit suicide when her unit was trapped and bombed by surplus B-52 Stratofortresses hired by Koko.

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