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Mitsuko KomyojiMitsuko KomyojiMitsuko
Human (android?)Human (android?)
About 16-18 yearsAbout 16-18 years
Dr. Komyoji's daughterDr. Komyoji's daughter
"I was right! You're nothing but a mad machine!"
Lia Sargent
Android Kikaider: The AnimationJinzo Ningen Kikaider: The Animation

Character Description: Mitsuko Komyoji

Mitsuko Komyoji is the daughter of Dr. Komyoji and older sister of Masaru Komyoji. She despises all robots since they caused her much suffering yet she develops feelings for Jiro or Kikaider. She is usually sad and smiles rarely, and cares for Jiro a lot. Mitsuko is caring, and only wishes for the best interests of others, even the robot named Jiro.

Character Description: Mitsuko Komyoji

Mitsuko has had a rough life. Her mother married Dr. Komyoji (the scientist who created Kikaider) in order to spy on him for Dr. Gill, with whom she was in love. So Mitsuko's mother had Mitsuko and Masatu in order to "do her duty" and pretend that they were a real family. Well, shortly after Masatu (Mitsuko's younger brother) was born, Mrs. Komyoji walked out and left them. Mitsuko took care of her brother while Dr. Komyoji worked in his lab.

Mitsuko is a kind and caring girl. She loves her brother dearly. She also has some sort of romantic feelings for Jiro, or the Android Kikaider, and he seems to return them. She is very confused about her feelings for him, her family, and the meaning behind all of it. She vows to find her father and thwart the evil Dr. Gill's plans.

Character Description: Mitsuko Komyoji

Mitsuko is an average teenage girl who thinks she lives an average life. She later finds out that she was wrong when she finds a sort of disk which reveals what exactly her father was doing before the explosion in his laboratory. She learns that her father was making a humanoid which has the appearance of a cute teenage boy.

At first she hates Jiro for everything; for the so called death of her father, and for causing her so much pain, but later she begins to have feelings for Jiro, as he helps her uncover much of her parents' past. She really starts to care a lot for Jiro, and it's a very sweet love, but there is always something that keeps them apart (like Dr. Gill and his robots). At the end, he makes her a promise that he will come back for her, but for some reason he doesn't.

Mitsuko has a younger brother, Masaru. She had to act like a mother to him, and she couldn't help but spoil him. Her mother left the family after Masaru was born, and Mitsuko later finds out her mother was a spy for Dr. Gill and it was her job to marry and have children with Dr. Komyoji.

It is a very sad story of love between Jiro and Mitsuko. I know what your thinking. Mitsuko is aware that Jiro is a humanoid, but her love for him is so strong that that doesn't seem to be a problem. The bond between them is strong and not even Dr. Gill can't interfere. Mitsuko is always used by Gill or his robots to make Jiro do things, like fight.

Character Description: Mitsuko Komyoji

Misuko Komyoji is the daughter of Dr. Komyoji, the scientist who created Jiro/Kikaider. With her father supposedly dead and no mother, she has the responsibility of taking care of Masaru, her youger brother.

In the beginning episodes, one of Misuko's jobs is to track a lost and confused Jiro all over town, with the help of a detective and his assistant. When she finally finds Jiro, she cannot convince him to come home with her, so, worring about Jiro, she ends up traveling with him.

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