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Akira KamioAkira Kamio (神尾明)Akira Kamio (Prince of Tennis)
13 years old (born August 28)13 years old (born August 28)
Reddish MaroonReddish Maroon
114.6 lbs52kg
Type OType O
"No! ABSOLUTELY no! I'll let An-chan date anyone but YOU!"(to Momoshiro)
Prince of TennisTennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Akira Kamio

Kamio is vice-captain next to Tachibana as he was the second strongest on his team and specializes in following rhythms as in doing so, improves his performance. He is also very quick and agile but his weakness is stamina so he sometimes had to do quick matches. Despite this, he ABSOLUTELY refuses to lose. He also managed to defeat Sengoku, a known All-Japan Player in singles at Kantou Quarter-finals.

In the past, he and his friends who were freshmen at that time in the Tennis club, under a lazy set of senior regulars and an unreasonable coach, they get abused and the seniors get away with it. In this timeline, Tachibana transfers due to his parents' change of jobs with his younger sister An who also becomes a regular in the girl's club. He learns of the maltreatment and defends them, resulting in Fudoumine having to forfeit under violence acts and the coach quit. So Tachibana single-handedly trained the boys and as their captain, now leads them to the tournaments, and this was the cause of Kamio's, as well as his friend's unbreakable trust in him and is VERY loyal.

He and his friends also took on the job of taking care of An, and probably lets her train with them (as she was VERY knowledgeable about tennis and has her own skills, though not yet shown), as well as being overprotective of her. Due to that, he takes note of every boy she talks to and grew to dislike Momoshiro after taking off with his bike to chase a snatcher... and dropped it down the hill and never forgave Momo for this.

He is also blamed by everyone in the senbatsu after a little misunderstanding that he pushed Kirihara down the stairs and works to find the real culprit and clear his name. He, Oishi, Kajimoto and Sengoku later overhear Ryoma and An talking in a room concerning the truth about the incident and thus, his name was cleared after some apologies.

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