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Character Profile: An Tachibana

USA Info
Japanese Info
An Tachibana An Tachibana(橘杏) An Tachibana (Prince of Tennis)
Human Human
Female Female
13 years old(born June 28) 13 years old(born June 28)
Light brown Light brown
Blue Blue
5'1" 155 cm
81.6 lbs(estimated) 37 kg(estimated)
"My brother would be here if it weren't for YOU!"(to Kirihara)  
Prince of Tennis Tennis no Ojisama

Character Description: An Tachibana

An's a regular in the girl's Tennis club in Fudoumine and is very knowledgeable in Tennis, as well as players (as long as it concerns her brother's team's opponents). She hates being belittled by sexists just because she was a girl and had a tendency to stand up for her rights and this gets her in trouble with her aggressive-turned violent attitude in some cases.

She stands up for Sakuno who got in trouble with a Tennis player as she accidentally stepped on his new shoes. Momoshiro comes to the rescue as he points out he can wash his shoes anyway and being an idiot anyway for it after one good punch. The two became close friends since then and she helps him recover from his depression when he got kicked out of the regulars. She also gets in depression when in the match against Rikkaidai, Kirihara worsened her brother's injury by making him move in ways to put pressure on his injured ankle and gets sent to the hospital. She developed a violent hatred at Rikkaidai's ace for this and tells Seigaku about this, as well as how good they are, resulting in them planning a one-week training camp when their game got delayed by a week due to the rain.

In the senbatsu, she and Kirihara got into a fight, and when meaning to just slap him, he backed off, resulting in him falling down the stairs, seen by the freshmen trio who mistook the culprit for Kamio who is also at odds with him. Due to this, he was accused and became a literal suspect as the incident happened and at that time, Kamio was REALLY running laps to vent his anger and was clueless about the incident until everyone began blaming him. An finds out and tries to find Kirihara to apologize to him alone but gets confronted by Ryoma who discovers she was the REAL culprit after finding her hair clip under a vending machine by the stairs. And she got cornered by Kamio, Kajimoto, Oishi and Sengoku who overheard the two and she tells the truth. She also apologizes to Kirihara.

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