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Character Profile: Metarex

USA Info
Japanese Info
Metarex Metallix Metarex (Sonic X)
Robots Robots
Varies Varies
None None
Varies Varies
Varies Varies
Varies Varies
Bio Robots Bio Robots
"Proceeding with Planet Egg removal."  
Varies Varies
Sonic X Sonic X

Character Description: Metarex

The Metarex are bio robots with origins and motives so mysterious that even Dr. Eggman doesn't know where they came from. They are lead by five kings; Red Pine, Pale Bay Leaf, Yellow Zelkova, Black Narcissus, and of course, the head of these five kings, the all-powerful Dark Oak.

The Metarex have traveled all over the universe, attacking, leveling, and enslaving civilizations everywhere they go. Not only do they want to harness the power of all of the Planet Eggs, which give each and every planet life, but they also want to steal all seven Chaos Emeralds so that they can take over the whole galaxy! Among the planets they have invaded is Cosmo's home world, where they leveled the entire Seedlian civilization except for Cosmo herself. They also implanted a hidden sensor onto her, thus turning her into an unwilling spy even though she doesn't even know it.

Just like all of Nightmare's monsters (including but not limited to the Nightmare Battalion) in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and all of the Predasites in Mew Mew Power, each of the Metarex comes in all shapes and sizes. They all look different from each other, but they all share the same thing in common and they are all evil. Metarex also appear in every environment and habitat. The only ones who can stop the Metarex are Sonic and his friends, and luckily for Sonic and the gang, they have all the power-ups they need to defeat the Metarex and save the universe.

Character Description: Metarex

The Metarex are an evil species bent on ruling the galaxy. Their rule started by taking every Planet Egg in the galaxy. The leader, Dark Oak, tried to defeat Sonic in Episode 53: "A Messenger from the Meteoric Shower" only for Sonic to send all of the Chaos Emeralds away.

Ever since, Dark Oak has sent his very best Metarex to track down Sonic and his friends and destroy them. They're also tracking Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge).

The Metarex attacked Cosmo's clan and she's been trying to get revenge on them ever since.

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