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Miki KaoruMiki KaoruMiki Kaoru (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
About 13 yearsAbout 13 years
About 5'5"About 165 cm
About 150 lbs.About 68 kg
Student Council MemberStudent Council Member
"My shining thing""My Shining thing"
Jimmy ZoppiAya Hisakawa
Revolutionary Girl UtenaShojo Kakumei Utena

Character Description: Miki Kaoru

Miki played the piano ever since he was a kid. Miki and his sister wrote 'The Sunlit Garden'. He likes music so much that he fought Utena to protect Anthy's piano playing. He thinks the way Anthy plays is like his twin sister. I'm not sure wheter he likes Anthy as a sister, as a friend, or as something else.

Miki is very smart. So smart, in fact, that he's studying at a college level. He also fences at a national level, and is almost as good as Juri.

Character Description: Miki Kaoru

Miki Kaoru is the youngest member of the Student Council. He is in seventh grade, which is the same grade as Touga's sister, Nanami. Miki is an extremely talented pianist and fencer, almost as good as Juri is. Miki is also something of a genius. His classes include college courses, even though he's only in junior high.

Miki looks a lot different from most of the males in the series, probably because he is younger and his large eyes are supposed to illustrate his innocence. Miki is probably the only one of the Student Council who became real friends with Utena. He helps her and Anthy with their homework a lot, since he's such a genius.

At the beginning, he had quite a crush on Anthy, because she reminded him of his twin sister. Miki's sister is a whole other story entirely. When he was little, he and his sister would play the piano together in a garden near their house. Miki loved his sister's playing so much that he became really dependent on it. One time, he persuaded her to perform in a concert with him, but he became sick and she had to go on alone. It turned out that she really had no talent for the piano and it was just that Miki was so good that he could carry her. She was so embarrassed that she never got over it, and vowed to stop playing the piano forever. She and Miki never were very close for a long time after that.

Anyway, Anthy reminded Miki of his sister, and even more so after he heard her play the song that he and his sister had written, "The Sunlit Garden." He believed that Anthy possessed this "shining thing" that he had lost when his sister stopped playing the piano with him. This was why he challenged Utena to a duel in the first place. He was afraid that because Anthy was "owned" by Utena, she would have to obey if Utena told her to stop playing the piano. Not that Utena ever had any intention of doing that, but... Miki dueled her, with the goal of "protecting Anthy's music", and, like everyone else, lost. After he lost, he sort of got over his temporary insanity (it was more like misjudgment, since Miki is probably the sanest of the Seitokai). After that, he isn't around very much until the end. He does get a sword taken out of his chest during the Black Rose Saga, but so does all of the Student Council members.

There are some interesting things about Miki that I forgot to mention before. The first is his relationship with Touga, which wasn't very deeply delved into, but it was still kind of funny. Touga obviously knew about Miki's problems with his sister and his search for his "shining thing." He just seemed to be always there wherever Miki happened to be. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Touga was getting it on with Miki's sister. Well, anyway, Touga apparently really likes to freak Miki out, because he often makes it quite clear that he knows everything about the seventh grader. He also likes to tell Miki how pretty he is.

Miki's other curious trait is his famous stopwatch habit. He appears to be timing everything, and he is obviously the Student Council scribe, using his stopwatch to record the minutes. He also likes to click it before something dramatic is said. I've also heard that he uses the stopwatch to time how long Touga can keep his libido under control.

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