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Character Profile: Meia Gisborn

USA Info
Japanese Info
Meia Gisborn Meia Gisborn Meia Gisborn (Vandread)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years old(born June 10) 18 years old(born June 10)
Green Green
5'7" 169 cm
112.4 lbs 51 kg
Type B Type B
Dread Team Leader/Pilot Dread Team Leader/Pilot
Julie Ann Taylor(credited as Julie Pickering) Fumiko Orikasa(折笠 富美子)
Vandread Vandread
· · ·
Vandread: The Second Stage Vandread: The Second Stage

Character Description: Meia Gisborn

Meia Gisborn is a somewhat cold-hearted girl, the opposite of Dita. A trauma from her past caused her to be more of a loner and closed to the world and to the people around her. An independent and strong leader.

She used to be friendly and out-going until an awful event happened that turned her life upside-down. Her Mom died when a big explosion destroyed some parts of their planet. She was then forced to live her life alone. She became boy-ish; she was forced to do things she didn't want to do. She hated her life and herself so much that she often wished that someone would just shoot her and die. Her view in life changed when she met Magno Vivan, the boss of Nirvana. She joined their crew and learned that she had the potential to handle mechas and various kinds of weapons. That was when she started to train herself to become stronger, thus earning her the title of the Dread fighting team leader.

Cold-hearted and closed to the world, she is often seen making plans/tactics all by herself. Her goal is to be strong, so strong that no one or nothing could ever hurt or harm her.

She RARELY smiles. Really. Though, when Hibiki came into the picture, her life changed a bit. She has 'somewhat' taken a liking in Hibiki, though, of course, she'd rather resign from her post than admit it.

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