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AnubisAnubis (アヌビス)Anubis (Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light)
Egyptian GodEgyptian God
Over 5,000 years oldOver 5,000 years old
Blonde (human), Dark blue sales (monster)Blonde (human), Dark blue sales (monster)
Red (human), Yellow with red pupils (monster)Red (human), Yellow with red pupils (monster)
The Egyptian Lord of the DeadThe Egyptian Lord of the Dead
"It's no longer time to duel... it's time to die!"
Scottie Ray
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of LightYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Pyramid of Light

Character Description: Anubis

Anubis is an evil Egyptian sorcerer who tried to destroy the world 5 millennia ago using the power of the Pyramid of Light. His mission was going perfectly until a brave and powerful pharaoh, namely Pharaoh Atem, the same pharaoh who possessed Yugi Muto's Millennium Puzzle, destroyed him using the mystical Dagger of Fate. Anubis was buried away and the magic of the Shadow Games was finally locked away for eternity.

But even eternity doesn't last forever, because Anubis vowed that he would one day return from the dead. When Yugi finally solved the Millennium Puzzle, not only did he release the spirits trapped inside each of the seven Millennium Items, including his own alter ego, Yami Yugi, a.k.a. Pharaoh Atem, he also released the spirit of Anubis without even knowing it. Until the museum got a recent display of the Pyramid of Light, everyone thought that there were only seven Millennium Items, but now, an eighth one exists, and it is none other than the Pyramid of Light, held by the evil Anubis!

Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba figured that he needed to find a way to beat Yugi's Egyptian God Cards: Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra, so he paid Maximillion Pegasus (who had already lost his Millennium Eye before then after he was beaten by Yugi) a visit, challenged him to a duel, and beat him so that he could get a card powerful enough to beat Yugi's God Cards. Not long after, Kaiba sent for Mokuba to find Yugi and bring him to Kaiba Corp's duel dome, and said that it was real important that Yugi bring his Duel Disk with him.

As Yugi and Kaiba met on the dueling platform on the top floor, Yugi gained the upper hand, especially with his Egyptian God Cards, until Kaiba played a card with the same name as the Millennium Item in posession of Anubis: The Pyramid of Light! Once activated, the Pyramid successfully removed all three of Yugi's Egyptian God Monsters from play. And that's when Seto Kaiba started to continue the torture and gained the upper hand on Yugi with his Deck Destruction Virus, Mystical Space Typhoon, Paladin of White Dragon, Card of Demise, three Peten the Dark Clowns, and, of course, his familiar Blue-Eyes White Dragons and his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! Kaiba even had an even more powerful monster, compliments of Pegasus, a shiny new dragon, the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon! Yugi, of course, knew that he wasn't going to lose, so he countered with his Magician's Valkyria, Dark Magician Girl, Sage's Stone, Dark Magician, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Big Shield Gardna, Pot of Greed, Watapon, and Celtic Guardian. And it seemed that every time Yugi and Kaiba lost their life points, they were getting weaker and weaker, and Anubis was feeding on Yugi's life energy to get stronger every minute!

Meanwhile, Yugi's other alter ego and his friends, Tristan and Joey, were trapped inside the Millennium Puzzle, and the only way to get out was if Yugi figured out the prophecy, which read like this: "The eye that sees what's yet to come, it's vision shall be fulfilled, unless blinded by events predetermined. Thus, light and shadows won't be killed." Not long later, Téa came to her three friends' aid, and soon was trapped in the Puzzle too.

After Kaiba tried and failed to destroy the Pyramid of Light Card with his Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, Anubis appeared and threw Kaiba aside, and transformed into his full human form, and thus, the prophecy was fulfilled! Anubis is a great sorcerer who commands an army of mummies as well as two sphinx monsters, Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia, as well as Theinen the Great Sphinx, a gargantuan monster that is a combination of Sphinx Teleia and Andro Sphinx. After both sphinx monsters ripped the Watapon and the Celtic Guardian to shreds before Yugi's eyes, Yugi had only 100 life points left! Luckily, Yugi's other alter ego finally figured out the prophecy, and that meant that the eye, which was Anubis' source of power, could be blinded by fate! So Yugi found the Dagger of Fate in Anubis' sarcophagus, and threw it at the eye. Even though the blade didn't stick into the eye, it was still hit, and cracked, allowing Yami Yugi to sense a weakness in the power of the Pyramid of Light Card. So he exchanged for Kaiba's Monster Reborn card and brought back the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, who was finally able to destroy the card, thus also destroying Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia in the process.

Yugi's friends' spirits were reunited with their bodies, and Yugi was reunited with his alter ego. Of course, Anubis wasn't ready to give up, so he summoned Theinen the Great Sphinx, but afterwards, Yugi played his face-down card, Reverse of Reverse, which allowed him to play the last card played by Seto Kaiba, which was Return from the Different Dimension, a card that allowed its player to bring back any monsters that were removed from play. And Yugi remembered correctly: "When Kaiba spoke of dealing me the perfect defeat, he meant wiping me out with my own Egyptian Gods!" And thus, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and the Winged Dragon of Ra were back! They combined together as Yugi ordered them, for infinite power, and using their Taken Firestorm attack, they destroyed Theinen the Great Sphinx, and knocked Anubis out. But just when Yugi thought he had defeated Anubis, the evil Lord of the Dead wasn't finished yet, so with the last remaining power of the Pyramid of Light, he ultimately transformed into a huge and ultra-powerful monster which was also a monster for real!

And so, Anubis began to destroy everything, until Yugi summoned the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, which in turn used its Shining Nova attack to destroy Anubis forever. And thus, this time, Anubis was finally never to come back ever again.

Character Description: Anubis

Three-thousand years ago (five-thousand in the English movie), the Lord of the Dead, Anubis, with his Army of the Living Dead, tried to destroy the world, but he was stopped by Pharaoh Yugi. His body was mummified and his soul was trapped inside the Pyramid of Light.

Present day... Yugi Mutou put the Millennium Puzzle together, unleashing the Pharaoh, but at the same time, re-activating the Pyramid of Light inside the Lost Tomb of Anubis. Anubis's body was transferred to the museum, as well as the Pyramid of Light.

After the Battle City Tournament, Seto Kaiba attempts to find a way to defeat the Egyptian God Cards. Later that night, an invisible soul places a mystery card in Pegasus's deck. Kaiba duels Pegasus for an "All-powerful, God-smiting card", as Pegasus puts it. Kaiba defeats Pegasus and collects two cards from his deck. At the same time, Yugi, Téa Gardner, and Solomon Moto are in the museum, looking at Anubis and the Pyramid of Light. Yugi has a vision in which the God Cards are destroyed and Kaiba is thrown by a jackal-headed man. When Yugi wakes up, he realizes that Anubis and the Pyramid of Light are missing. As Yugi heads out of the Museum, Mokuba Kaiba arrives and tells him that Kaiba wants to duel.

The duel begins, and shortly, Yugi has summoned Slifer the Sky Dragon. But Kaiba plays Obligatory Summoning, forcing Yugi to play Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra. Kaiba then springs his trap: The Pyramid of Light trap card (destroy all Egyptian God Cards in play).

Yugi, Joey, and Tristan are sucked into the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi discovers a room in which an ancient tomb is hidden. The tomb belongs to Anubis and his army of the Living Dead. While Yami Yugi duels Kaiba outside the Puzzle, losing energy with every life point lost, Yugi fights alongside Joey and Tristan to defeat Anubis. Finally, Kaiba plays his most devastating new card - Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.

Kaiba attempts to destroy the Pyramid of Light (his strategy being that he has to defeat Yugi using his own God Cards), but this attempt is thrown back somehow, and a mysterious voice cries "I cannot allow this. Foolish Mortal, I have been whispering in your ear since the start of this duel." A shadow appears behind Kaiba and a huge "person" stands behind Kaiba, grabs him by the head, and throws him to the side like a rag-doll. The "man's" transformation is complete, revealing Anubis. Anubis plays two monsters - Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia.

Inside the Puzzle, Téa, Joey, and Tristan provide a distraction while Yugi searches for the Dagger of Truth. He throws it at the Millennium Symbol on the wall, but the handle hits it. It crumbles into pieces and outside the Puzzle. Yami Yugi activates a face down card reviving Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. Yami Yugi orders Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon to complete its last move by destroying the Pyramid of Light. The card is destroyed along with the two sphinxes, but Anubis summons the Great Sphinx (combination of the two sphinxes) and feeds it with souls of the dead, raising its attack to 32000. Yugi activates Kaiba's last face-down card - Return from the Different Dimension - and revives the Egyptian God Cards. Obelisk destroys the Great Sphinx, but it is far from over.

Anubis becomes a huge dragon. Yugi summons Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon to destroy Anubis. Anubis is truly dead.

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