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Character Profile: Koral Q

USA Info
Japanese Info
Koral Q Kōraru Q(コーラルQ) Koral Q (Zatch Bell)
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Coral Q(alternate spelling)  
Mamodo Mamodo
None None
Black Black
Grubb's mamodo Grubb's mamodo
"That was Piymaro Takamine"  
Episodd 105(anime), Volume 19, Level 163: An Uncomfortable Stare(manga) Episodd 105(anime), Volume 19, Level 163: An Uncomfortable Stare(manga)
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Koral Q

This mamodo has a lot of information. He first traps Kiyo and Zatch by having a flying yellowtail. Also, the way this mamodo talks reminds me of a Whose Line is it Anyway game where a word that starts with a letter is substituted for a different one. For example, when Koral Q says Kiyo, he actually says Piyo. If Koral Q would of defeated Zatch he would have gone after Ponygon and Tia.

Koral Q also knows all seven of Zatch's spells. The spells that Zatch knows are Zaker, Rashield, Jikerdor, Zakerga, Rauzaruk, Zagurzem, and the most powerful spell that Zatch knows is BaoZakeruga. Koral also did research on every single mamodo including the mamodos from a thousand years ago. When Zatch asks why you didn't try to help, Koral's response was "There was no chance of winning that battle why would I bother helping?"

Koral Q was defeated by Zatch's fourth and seventh spells. His data said that he would of been able to defeat Zatch, Tia, Kanchome, and Ponygon... and also that the remaining mamodos are all incredibly strong, super tough, and won't be defeated easily. Before Koral Q went back to the mamodo world he says:

I'll give you a reward for defeating a strong, amazing enemy like me. Some valuable information. My mamodo radar has been receiving a strange signal for a few day now. It's packing SOMETHING THAT FEELS LIKE A MAMODO BUT CAN'T BE A MOMODO. Be careful, Piyo. I have a really bad feeling, Piyo.

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