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Kyusaku NatsumeKyuusaku NatsumeKyusaku Natsume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
35 years35 years
Dark brownDark brown
Unknown (never seen)Unknown (never seen)
School Teacher/InventorSchool Teacher/Inventor
"Haven't you finished peeing yet son?"
Andrew Klimko
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuBannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Kyusaku Natsume

Sometimes being a mad scientist can be a good anything, though mostly it ends up biting you in the ass later on. Kyuusaku Natsume, however, as cooky as he may seem, is in fact a genius when it comes to robotics. Married to the president of Mishima Industries, Lady Akiko, Kyuusaku worked as a full time inventor at her company. He designed robots, weapons, computers, and other high tech devices.

But eventually he discovered that his latest creation, the MK android, was about to be used for destructive uses, and he quit. Kyuusaku bailed out on the company and his wife, and took their only child, Ryunosuke, plus the android with him. On Christmas Eve, Kyuusaku was still trying escape from Kyouko and Arisa in Poison 1. During the car crash in which they finally escaped, Ryunosuke's pet cat was fatally wounded. So Kyuusaku gave him the best present of all.

Nuku Nuku. Kyuusaku uploaded the cat's brain into his MK android body and shaped it's appearance to be a beautiful high school girl. Kyuusaku considers himself a good father even though he's a bit crazy. He gets insomnia time to time, and goes overboard whenever his hands are working on a nifty new toy for Nuku Nuku to play with. Personally, Kyuusaku is a very laid back and careless man.

He's not overly serious but he's by no means a hippie. Ryunosuke means a lot to him and he trusts Nuku Nuku to protect him, having pride in both her love for her family and in his own work. Akiko's over bitchiness is what drove Kyuusaku to split, but deep down he still enjoys being with her. No way in hell he'd wanna share beds or rooms for that matter with her ever again, but still.

Nuku Nuku has been supplied with a plentiful supply of useful inventions to aid her battles against Akiko's strike force. And while he may continue to just be a laid back, crazy old guy who can't sleep or stop smoking to save his life, Kyuusaku is just a fun guy who can't help but spread the excitement all around.

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