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Japanese Info
Goku JrSon Goku JrGoku Jr (Dragon Ball GT)
12 years12 years
Black (Gold as Super Saiyan)Black (Gold as Super Saiyan)
Black/Blue (Green as Super Saiyan)Black/Blue (Green as Super Saiyan)
Kakarotto's Great Great Great Great Grandson (Read below for more info)Kakarotto's Great Great Great Great Grandson (Read below for more info)
Stephanie NadolnyMasako Nozawa
Episode 64Episode 64
Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball GT

Character Description: Goku Jr

Goku Jr is Pan's Great Great Grandson, and he was named "Goku" by Pan to honor his "Grandpa" Kakarotto. He wears a bandanna (similar to his "Grandpa" Bardock) and can go Super Saiyan. In the TV Special, his "grandma" was ill and he goes to search for the Dragon Balls to restore hear. When nothing works (he has ONE Dragon Ball), his grandpa Kakarotto appeared and told him that he needs 7 Dragon Balls to make a wish. Kakarotto gives him the four star Dragon Ball (something like Grandpa Gohan did to Kakarotto when he was a boy).

Later in episode 64 he fights Vegeta Jr, who was Vegeta's "grandson" , however it is unknown who won since the series ends.

A lot of fans are confused as to whether Goku Jr. is Pan's Grandson or Great Great Grandson, because he calls her "Grandma". However, taking into account Pan's age in the last episode of Dragon Ball GT (which is about 113-114), it's obvious that he is her Great Great Grandson. (Also, Kakarotto has problems in the TV special when counting on his fingers how many "Great"'s he gets.)

And now here is Goku Jr's Family tree:

  • Grandpa Gohan (Adopted Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
  • Bardock (Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
  • Ox King (Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
  • Kakarotto/Goku (Great Great Great Great Grandfather)
  • Chi Chi (Great Great Great Great Grandmother)
  • Gohan (Great Great Great Grandfather)
  • Videl (Great Great Great Grandmother)
  • Pan (Great Great Grandmother)

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