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Shayla-ShaylaShayla-ShaylaShayla-Shayla (El-Hazard)
19 years19 years
"Get ready...to die!!!"
Mimi WoodsTomo Sakurai

Character Description: OVA series

She is one of the priestesses of Mt. Muldoon. Shayla Shayla, like her other two sisters (Miz Mishtal and Afura Mann), is very powerful with her special ability to manipulate the element of fire. Like fire, she is hot headed and impulsive. The element of fire suits her just fine in this respect. I also think she is the most powerful of the three priestesses mainly because of her personality. Because of her intense powers and her hot headed personality, things usually explode, and we're talking big explosions. For example, when Shayla Shayla found out Makoto was really a male dressed in drag, she completely "blew her top" and almost completely destroyed the Springs of Arliman.

As intense as she is, she has a very soft spot for Makoto. Early in the series, she was quite hostile towards Makoto. This changed when Makoto & Co. and the Priestesses journeyed to the Forbidden Island to stop Jinnai from awakening Ifurita. Through out their journey to the Forbidden Island, she still was hostile towards Makoto. Her hostility towards Makoto changed to love when Ifurita was awakened and defeated her, with ease. Ifurita was on the verge of transforming Shayla Shayla to ashes, but Makotoleaped in front of Ifurita's Power Key Staff and stopped the energy blast with his body. Makoto flew and hit the wall, and the only words that came out of Shayla Shayla's mouth before passing out was, "Oh, Makoto." At that very moment, Cupid shot a huge arrow right into Shayla Shayla's heart. Since then, her affection for Makoto runs very deep. She constantly wants to be close to him, spying on him around corners, and constantly fighting with Nanami for Makoto's attention. Yes, she does have competition and her competition (Nanami) is also quite determined to be with Makoto also.

The competition between her and Nanami changed when they suspected Makoto had a "thing" for Ifurita. When she realized Makoto was in love with Ifurita, she cried and drank alcohol like water. She's under age, but that doesn't stop a priestess with "guy troubles" from drinking.

Her "power up" to manipulate the element of fire is really cool. She unsheathes her Lamp of Fire from a pouch, straps it on her right forearm, pulls the power cord to activate the mechanism, and all of sudden you see streams of fire surrounding her body. The entire "power up" process is a joy to watch. I'm telling you this babe can kick some Bugrom butt!

She is also known for her bravery. When Makoto & Co. invaded the Bugrom palace to rescue Princess Fatora, Shayla Shayla volunteered to attack the Bugrom palace head on as to create a distraction, so Makoto, Fujisawa, and Miz can easily infiltrate the palace.

Finally, she is quite forgiving. She forgave Makoto for dressing in drag and seeing her butt naked, Ifurita, and Nanami for competing for Makoto. All in all, Shayla Shayla is one of my favorite anime characters.

Character Description: TV series

Basically the same character as in the OAVs, except now she gambles, and I'm not sure if she drinks. She still has the violent temper, except NOW she can really, really kick butt, I think even more than the OVA.

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