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Slicer DicerRyouriger ZSlicer Dicer (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Robot MonsterRobot Monster
9 feet9 feet
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterHoly Nightmare Corporation Monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Slicer Dicer

Slicer Dicer is just a robotic monster that's operated by controls on the inside. Escargoon and Dedede control it. It's only weapon against Kirby is Kirby's appetite. It literally 'cooks' up trouble for Kirby. That means it prepares gourmet meals and allows Kirby to eat them. While Kirby was distracted by the food, it attacked him. It found the only way to Kirby's finish is through his stomach.

This robot actually started out as separate giant food processors. The idea of this came from the thought of the Cappy Men taking up cooking after Sir Ebrum impressed his family with his own cooking. Dedede decided to sell this robot to them by parts and use the money to pay back Nightmare Enterprises. He sold a processor to Samo, Chief Bookem, Mayor Blustergas, Curio, Dr. Yabui, Melman, Gus, Gengu, Tuggle, and Kirby and Tokkori. Even Sword Knight and Blade Knight bought one.

Moments later, Dedede decided to hold a contest to all the men that owned a Super Duper Slicer Dicer Food Processor. Everyone of the men joined but Kirby and Tokkori got their processor late in the mail but got it. Dedede realized he couldn't finish and put his robot together if he didn't have that last piece around him. At the contest, the judges were the ladies Lady Like, Mabel, Hana, and Buttercup. But the one they knew as a great chef, Sir Ebrum, was also a judge.

Once Kirby arrived at the contest, Dedede assembled his robot and battled against Kirby. Kirby transformed into Spark Kirby and went inside the robot. He electrocuted the robot from the inside and caused it to explode. That was the end of Slicer Dicer.

A good joke in this episode was when, during the contest, Sword Knight and Blade Knight were getting a tablespoon of cooking oil from a bottle. They had to use the food processor to get the exact measurement of a tablespoon. Blade Knight showed the judges the amount of oil and Mabel replied, "I have a tool at home that does the same thing." then Hana said, "So do I. It's called the spoon."

Character Description: Slicer Dicer

SlicerDicer is simply made up of several food processors that can combine to make a robot that attacks by sucking up food, cooking it, and spewing it at his opponents before whacking them with his hands. Thankfully, however, he is vulnerable from the inside.

Dedede and Escargoon introduced the food processors to all the male people in Dreamland who wanted to learn how to cook because they were inspired by Sir Ebrum's wonderful cooking that made his family happy. However, they were unaware that the food processors they were buying were really the parts of the transforming robot SlicerDicer himself. Afterwards, an all-guy cooking contest was held, but Tiff stopped the contest by telling everyone that the only thing her father could cook was pot roast. But wait! There's more!

After Kirby came to the contest with the last food processor, King Dedede pushed a button on his remote control causing the food processors to merge together to become SlicerDicer, and his head became the control room for the King and Escargoon. After Kirby got whacked around and couldn't stop to stop eating for a while, Meta Knight attacked SlicerDicer, causing sparks to fly out which Kirby inhaled and became Spark Kirby.

Afterwards, Kirby went inside SlicerDicer and electrocuted him from the inside, causing him to explode. King Dedede and Escargoon got turned into salad in the process, and Sir Ebrum congratulated Kirby for a wonderful cook-off and declared him the winner of the cooking contest.

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