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BasonBason (馬 孫)Bason (Shaman King)
Ma-sum (in Chinese) (source: manga volume 2, page 66)Ma-sum (in Chinese) (source: manga volume 2, page 66)
Ghost of a Chinese warlordGhost of a Chinese warlord
"Master Ren""Bocchama" ("Young Master")
Episode 3: Another ShamanEpisode 3: Another Shaman
Shaman KingShaman King

Character Description: Bason

Bason is the ghost that belongs to Ren Tao. The weapon that Bason uses is called a kwan dao, an ancient Chinese halberd. A halberd is a long-hafted cutting weapon. When he battled against Yoh for the first time he lost, and he later gets called a worthless oaf. Lain, mandarin Chinese for Ren, also said that Bason failed him.

During the preliminaries for the Shaman King tournament, Bason gets to battle again, and in volume six, we learn some information about Bason's past. First he tells Ren that he had served the Tao's in life and in death. When Ren tells him that he's their dog, and asked Bason what right he has to lecture Ren about familiar duty after he lost to the samurai, Bason replies,

Forgive me master. Eighteen Hundred years ago, I was an infamous warrior who struck fear into the hearts of all men. On my steed Black Peach, I would sweep across the battlefield like a scythe. I was invincible.

He thanks Ren for giving the horse White Phoenix to the shamanic focus for Black Peach's Soul. He understands that the horse was given to him to benefit Ren, it's his desire to see Ren become Shaman King. On the day of the match, he calls Yoh a low-born worm, and says that he will address Lord Ren as sir. He charges at Yoh, but Amidamaru blocks it and says, "There you are, my most hated Ghost Foe." He also says that he has served the Tao family for 18 centuries, and that he would defeat him and his master. During the battle, Ren integrates Bason's horse with a specialty trained shamanic horse.

When the preliminaries were over, Bason was crying at the Flame Inn that Ren was dragged to for lunch. The reason he was crying because Ren never had anyone he could talk to. Bason returns to the Flame Inn, the house that Anna and Yoh are living at, and asked them to save Ren. The reason he went to the Flame Inn is because it was his only hope. He does get carried away when he tells Yoh what happened. He does thank Yoh, Manta, Horo-horo, and Wooden Sword Rio for helping him rescue Ren and Jun. When the group enters the Domain of Tao, his fears of the ultimate Jiang-Si is realized. Assembled from the strongest corpses and wondrously modified.

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