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Character Profile: Airi Magma Masaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Airi Magma MasakiAiri Magma Masaki (柾木 アイリ)Airi Magma Masaki (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Itsuki MasakiItsuki Masaki
Over 900 yearsOver 900 years
Chairwoman, Jurai office, Galaxy Police; Yosho's wifeChairwoman, Jurai office, Galaxy Police; Yosho's wife
"I am not a grandma!!"
Kari Wahlgren (credited as Renee Emerson)Sakiko Tamagawa
Episode 15: "Fiancee" (OVA)Episode 15: "Fiancee" (OVA)
· · ·
Episode 4: "True Love, Truly Painful" (GXP)Episode 4: "True Love, Truly Painful" (GXP)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
· · ·
Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police TransporterTenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter

Character Description: Airi Magma Masaki

Seven hundred years ago, Airi Maga, who was originally a priestess of the Arai faith, left in order to enroll in the Galaxy Police Academy. While there, she had met another student, the Jurai crown prince Yosho Masaki Jurai, and fell in love with him, even though he was already betrothed to wed his half-sister Ayeka. However, Yosho only loved Ayeka as a sister; the betrothal was for convenience. He had no wish to marry her, worrying as well of descent over his marriage (Yosho was half-Juraian, and there was some bigotry over such matters at the time). As a result she and Yosho secretly wed. Afterwards, their first child, Minaho, was born.

However, Ryoko Hakubi, under the thrall of Kagato at the time, soon attacked Jurai in an attempt to secure the Tsunami tree (they had no way of knowing that the tree was not in the Royal Arboridum, but on a ship of it's own). When that failed, Yosho chased Ryoko off Jurai, where he captured and imprisoned her on Earth. Airi and Minaho remained at Galaxy Police Headquarters, where they waited for him. But after waiting seven hundred years, they decided to seek him out. Unlike Ayeka, who had searched for over seven hundred years, they found him quickly. Yosho was living in post-World War II Japan as a Shinto priest, under the name Katsuhito Masaki.

Airi and Minaho then lived with Yosho on Earth. Airi had taken the name Itsuki Masaki, and soon, gave birth to her second daughter, Kiyone Masaki (not to be mistaken for Achika Masaki of "Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo! in Love"). Kiyone, later in life, married Nobuyuki Masaki and gave birth to her only son, Tenchi. Tragicly, though, Kiyone died soon afterward. Heartbroken from her sister's death, Minaho left Earth, where she became Seto Kamiki Jurai's assistant. Airi and Yosho remained together on Earth, but when the chair for the Jurai office of the Galaxy Police came open, Airi then left Earth. Yosho's existence there remained a secret until Ayeka's arrival on Earth. Airi would only return to Earth briefly years later, accompanied by Tenchi's older sister Tennyou and Seto's adopted daughter Noike.

Airi Magma Masaki (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki) As the chairwoman of Jurai's office in the Galaxy Police, Airi often works closely with Seto, who usually burdens Airi with the composition of her memoirs. She also works with Mihoshi's great aunt, G.P. Academy's headmistress Mikami. As to her own work, she can be sly, but competent. When she's not working at her desk, she can often be found working at one of the restaurants at the Academy. She enjoys cooking, and will find whatever time possible to do so. She can also be a bit of a practical joker at times.

The one thing that Airi DOESN'T like is when people refer to her as a grandmother. She gets absolutely livid, almost to the point of injuring them physically. Not even Tenchi can call her "Grandma", which is as bad as it can get. And once, as a prank, Amane Kaunaq made the suggestion to Seina Yamada to call her 'Granny' when she was working at a restaurant. Airi had her back turned at the time and Seina didn't know it was her. Needless to say, seeing the chairperson of the Galaxy Police angrily advancing towards him holding a chef's knife scared Seina to no end. Happily, though, they all had a good laugh afterwards.

Editor's Note: Someone told me that Airi was about 732 years old, but this person provided no source for the information and has not responded to my messages. If you have any information about Airi's age, please contact me. Now, that same person also told me the following tale about Airi. If you know this following information to be true (and to which Tenchi series it belongs) or false, please contact me.

Magma Airi and Masaki Yosho conceived Masaki Yosho out of wedlock (Editor's Note: I don't get it, do father and son both have the same name?), and then Yosho left for Jurai to fight Ryoko. Airi had the fertilized egg (Minaho) removed and cryogenically frozen while she went home to Airai to cancel her engagement to a son of the Amaki family. When she returned to the academy, she had it put back in her body and continued with her pregnancy. It's also known that the Airaians wanted their Airi (who is also the princess of Airai) to marry into the Jurai Royal family so that Airai could have some claim to Tsunami, as they were looking for a god to keep their religion (called Airai) alive. This was her reason for meeting Yosho in the first place... even though they fell in love.

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