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Character Profile: Dr. Riddles

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Riddles Riddle Professor Nazo Nazo Hakase Dr. Riddles (Zatch Bell)
Human Human
Male Male
Gray Gray
Purple Purple
"I know everything"  
· · ·
"Just kidding"  
Quinton Flynn  
Episode 48 Episode 48
Zatch Bell Konjiki No Gash Bell!!

Character Description: Dr. Riddles

Dr. Riddles first shows up to battle Kiyo, but he tells them that their opponents are the majestic twelve. The majestic 12 consist of Lady Susan, Blizzard Thing, Dinosaur Arm, Fire Arm, Flying Beat, Future Wonder, Lightning Eye, Psychic Jungle, Rocket Foot, Second Sight, and their leader, Telepathy Radar.

Dr. Riddles goes back to Kiyo the next day after Kiyo figured out the riddle (and after Dr. Riddles kids Kido, Dr. Riddles's mamodo, about the majestic twelve going on a mission to Mars when they really went back to the USA). While they're battling, Dr. Riddles asks Kiyo a few riddles about the spell books.

After the battle, he tells Kiyo about the spells, and he tells Kiyo that the evil ones are gathering. Dr. Riddles does find Kido on a pole on a bridge, and he says, "You know Kido if you stay up there, you'll start to fly". Kido responds "Really?", and jumps off, flapping his arms, then Dr. Riddles comes back with "Nope! Just kidding!"

Dr. Riddles and Kido battle other mamodos they can start an army to send the mamodos from one thousand years ago back to the mamodo world. One of the people they battled was Tia and Megumi. He later gives them a call telling them that Zatch and Kiyo need help. Dr. Riddles was also kidding to Kido when he said that Lady Susan was a fortune teller.

Dr. Riddles finds out where Milordo Z is hiding, and he arranges flight plans for Kiyo and Megumi to South America. He also writes a letter to Kiyo about where Milordo Z is. He also goes to Anartica to find Kanchome and Parco Folgore. He tells them where to go.

In another episode, he sees Sherry and Brago defeat a mamodo from a thousand years ago. At first it appears that he doesn't even ask them to join in the quest to send the mamodos from a thousand years ago back to the mamodo world, but we learn later in Episode 68: Running Wildly?! Tio's Big Confession Plan! during a flashback that Brago refused to help because he didn't want to help those who can't fight alone, and Sherry refused because she wanted to defeat Zophise/Milordo-Z on her own. As an information trade, Sherry tells Dr. Riddles Milordo-Z's real name. She also warns him to not touch Milordo-Z because she will be the one to defeat her.

Also, as Dr. Riddles is talking to Kido, they both see Apollo driving a car.

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