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Hellsing UltimateHellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate
4 OVA episodes10 OVA episodes
December 5th (on DVD)January 22nd, 2006 (on TV)
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February 10, 2006 (on DVD)
Geneon (OVA's 1-4), FUNimation (OVA 5 on, as well as re-releasing OVA's 1-4)Geneon, GONZO, Satellite, Wild Geese, Hellsing OVA Production Committee, Madhouse Studios
Kohta Hirano
Tomokasu Tokoro
Adventure, Drama, Horror, ParanormalAdventure, Drama, Horror, Paranormal
Hellsing: The DawnHellsing: The Dawn
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Description: Hellsing Ultimate

In 2005, it was announced that Geneon, along with the co-operation and blessing of Hellsing creator Kohta Hirano, would produce an OVA series based on the Hellsing manga. The first episode is slated for release in Japan around December 9. This series will completely ignore the previous Hellsing TV series.

Operating in modern-day London, the Hellsing Organization is dedicated of ridding England of the scourge of vampires. However, the principle weapon of this organization just happens to be a vampire himself - Alucard, who serves the organization's young leader, the iron-willed woman Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, as well as Alucard's new apprentice, a young vampire woman named Seras Victoria

Lately, a rash of artificially-created vampires has taken the organization by surprise. As it turns out, a neo-Nazi society known as the Millennium Order is responsible for creating these vampires. Their sole purpose... to achieve what Nazi Germany couldn't do over 60 years ago with human soldiers... the total conquest of the world!

Note: Apparently in the manga it was recently revealed that Alucard is, in fact, Dracula.

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