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Lune Venus (El Hazard)
Friday, December 31, 2004

Made a bunch of corrections and additions today, getting the number of emails I still have to take care of down to just over 100. Modified my script that builds the profiles so that I could change the default country of origin for an anime. Never really had to worry about it before, but then Sky Blue came along, which is a Korean production. There are a few other anime series that are French/Japanese productions, so I should probably change the country of origin for those too.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all, when I got that Sky Blue screener, it actually arrived in a package with a bunch of other things, which I totally wasn't expecting. There was a DVD copy of Jeepers Creepers 2 (which was a cool movie, and I already have the first one on DVD), a nice, white polo shirt that said Sideways on it (which is supposedly a really good film, though it's not playing in our town), a black and white hand towel that says Friday Night Lights (and matches our black and white kitchen perfectly), a CD called SEAL "Highlights" (haven't listened to it yet, but it sure doesn't sound like Metal to me), and then some postcards and drink coasters from Euro Trip (now that was a funny movie). Cool, huh? Well anyways, happy new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Well, I finally got the forums up and running successfully last night after that hacker attack. Unfortunately we lost all data after November 25. But at least it should be safe now, as we fixed all the known exploits. We upgraded the webserver to the latest version of PHP, and also upgraded the phpBB code. And while I was at it, I also added a spell check feature to help give the illusion that we really do know how to spell.

Added a Sky Blue Image Gallery.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wrote a review about the anime movie Sky Blue. Also added a profile for it.

Today the Forums were been hit by the PHP-Google exploit. We got it up and running again after a few hours, but lost about 3 weeks worth of data. But several hours after that the same guy started hacking it again, so for now I put up a little page explaining this until we can get it fixed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Added a new forums for Manga Topics, Videogame Topics, and Hentai Topics. For the hentai forum, I added a similar type of pop-up warning/verfication that I use for the hentai profiles. I also added a gender field to the forums. Oh, and it looks like I'm going to be able to get a screener for the anime Sky Blue which opens in theaters on December 31. From what I've read, it sounds pretty good, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I'll get a review up as soon as I get it to let you know if it'll be worth a trip to the big screen.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Added character profiles of Chise (from SHE, The Ulitmate Weapon); Yomiko Readman (from R.O.D: Read or Die); Joshua L. Balboa (from Plastic Little- The Adventures of Captain Tita); Moro, Toki (from Princess Mononoke); Suguru Fujisaki, Tohma Seguchi, Ryuichi Sakuma, Noriko Ukai, Mika Seguchi (Gravitation); Andrey Kalinin, Kyoko Tokiwa, Mizuki Inaba, Richard Mardukas, Satoru Shirai, Shinji Kanzama (from Full Metal Panic).

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Added character profiles of Amane Kaunaq, Kiriko Masaki, NB (from Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter). Added a bunch of pictures to profiles that lacked them, mostly thanks to Elwin Blaine Coldiron.

So, did you hear the good news? Growlanser Generations received the IGN award for Best PS2 Strategy Game for 2004! Cool, huh? It's been pretty much getting good reviews overall, so we're all really glad to see that after putting so much effort into those games. Of course, the important thing is that the consumers like the games. I know what it's like to shell out $50 for a game that turns out to be crappy.

About two weeks ago we ordered a queen size memory foam mattress from Dream by Design. It arrived only a week later... well, part of it did at least. I had no idea the mattress came in pieces, but I guess this isn't your typical mattress. The first piece came on Monday, and that was the memory foam part. The other two pieces showed up on Wednesday, and those were the normal foam pieces. Unfortunately, after unpacking everything and letting it sit for 12 hours we discovered that the memory foam section was only 3 inches high, same as the other two foam pieces, when it was supposed to be 4 inches. I was going to call, but sent them am email instead since according to the instructions there's like 24 hours left for it to completely expand and everything. Still, I highly doubt it will grow a full inch in that time.

I put up some screen shots of what the main page of this site used to look like. Sorry the file sizes are so big. I had to make them GIF files because the JPEG files kept drastically changing the link color to something much more dull. I also used Internet Explorer to show the pages instead of Opera, which is what I currently use, because the earlier versions of the site were not designed with Opera in mind. Now, you might be wondering why I'm mentioning this AFTER the mattress-thing... well, that's just because the screen shots were overlapping the image off to the right. Okay, I'm off to eat lunch and play some more Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Added a character profile of Booker Kudo (from Case Closed).

Friday, December 10, 2004

Wrote a review about the movie The Matrix Reloaded.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Wrote a review about the movie A Tale of Two Sisters.

Monday, December 6, 2004

Added the anime profile of Paranoia Agent. Added the character profile of Sho Marufuji (from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX).

I finally beat La Pucelle: Tactics this weekend. I was disappointed that, after the ending, they do not let you save. I was hoping to go back through some of the chapters and try to get better endings for the ones I didn't do so well on, but apparently the only way to do that is to start over from the very beginning. All I can do now is just replay various maps, and come on guys but how fun is that when there's no point it? So that was just a real let down. First time through the game was enjoyable, but with little replay value this game just got shoved in the closet.

Afterwards, I started playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This was a Christmas gift from Treeses, but she gave it to me when it arrived earlier in the week because the anniversary gift she ordered still hadn't arrived yet. Then on Saturday morning the postman delivered a long, skinny package with Treese's name on it. When she got home from work later that evening she had me open it, as that was actually supposed to be my anniversary gift. Inside I found two wall scrolls, one of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and one of Kurumi from Steel Angel Kurumi. Both are absolutely lovely!

Then on Sunday evening, Treeses had me open another gift that had been sitting in the living room (where the Christmas tree would have been had we actually set up). Inside was this really cool humidifying-lamp-fountain. The frame looked quite awkward as I put it together, since it continuously looked all bend out of shape. It seemed to take its shape once I got all the screws tightened though. Then we put the bowl on, poured in some water, and plugged it in. It gave a pleasant light show, but there was no mist at all. So we kept pouring more water in to see if that would help, and as soon as the water level reached a certain point, the mist shot out. This thing looks really cool. We brought it into the bedroom and left it on all night while we slept, but the next morning when we awoke we were still as dry as ever. I guess there's nothing really to that whole humidifying part.

Okay, so to review, my wife gave ME the following gifts this weekend, while YOU got absolutely nothing! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Tuesday, December 2, 2004

Added the character profile of Ryoma Echizen (from Prince of Tennis).

Tuesday, December 1, 2004

Added the character profile of Hanon Hossho (from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch). Added another row of navigation links to the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. This additional row is just a copy of the navigation links at the top of the page. Removed the option to select rounded corners from the Configure Preferences page. According to the logs, it's not an option that's used all that often, and it takes a lot of additional CSS and JavaScript to support it, so I figured I'd phase it out. This should allow me to provide a wider selection of page backgrounds as well, since I won't have to restrict them to being mostly white for the sake of the rounded corner graphics. I'll probably phase out the "semi-transparent" table background option as well since almost everyone chooses to use a solid color for the table background, though that can wait until I actually add some new background images.

News & Updates in November 2004

Lune Venus (El Hazard)
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Added an anime profile for Slaves to Passion.

Okay, I know some of you are probably wondering why the heck am I'm wasting time writing videogame reviews instead of posting more anime profiles. Well, I recently got our new project at work up and running, so I've been spending a lot of time at the office working hard on that. Thus, I haven't really felt like getting on the computer when I finally make it home. Instead, I've been playing videogames to help me settle down. Then when I'm at work waiting between 30 minutes to several hours for a script to finish executing, I use that time to write my thoughts on the games I've been playing. So that's what's going on there.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Wrote a review for La Pucelle: Tactics.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Wrote reviews for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Wrote a review for The Nightmare of Druaga. Added a spoiler warning in rotation with the existing message located underneath the Absolute Anime™ logo in the navigation bar.

Sunday, November 7, 2004

No new profiles this weekend, but did a whole bunch of corrections. Also, I converted the Directory Listing from a whole bunch of HTML files into a couple of PHP files. There should be no noticeable difference to viewers, but it will shorten my build time and greatly shorten the upload time.

So you may have noticed some new ads up there in the navigation bar, but I was also thinking about possible doing a random anime thing. I'll have to put more thought into that, though, as I don't want to have to load giant JavaScript file filled with all the anime series, nor do I want to use an iframe.

Picked up Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal this weekend for Treeses, and she hasn't been able to put it down. I loved the first one, but haven't really played the second one too much. This third one looks like more of the same, which isn't bad because the system works. I'm looking forward to getting Sly 2. Oh, and she discovered that one of our controllers is going dead, so I suppose we'll have to pick up one of those.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Added the anime profile of Hooligan. Added the character profiles of Mikail Diagliev (from Plastic Little- The Adventures of Captain Tita); Alister (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Asuka Tenjoin, Professor Chronos, Judai Yuki (from Yu-Gi-Oh GX); Ayato Kamina, Quon Kisaragi, Reika Mishima (from RahXephon); Ciel (from Tsukihime); Hiro Granger (from Beyblade G Revolution).

News & Updates in October 2004

Lune Venus (El Hazard)
Saturday, October 30, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Legend of Basara, SHE, The Ultimate Weapon, Stratos 4, Transformers: Beast Wars II, The Cat Returns, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, To Heart, Charge!! Cromartie High, Naru Taru, Generator Gawl, Spiral, Pokemon Advance, Yumeria, Slayers: The Book of Spells, Detective School Q, Jubei-Chan: The Ninja Girl, Child's Toy, Sukeban Deka. Added the character profiles of Gauron, Kaname Chidori, Kurz Webber, Melissa Mao, Sousuke Sagara, Teletha Testarossa (from Full Metal Panic!).

Friday, October 29, 2004

Added the character profiles of Hiroshi Nakano (from Gravitation); Roxanne (from Ultimate Muscle); Artemis, Apollo (from Cyborg 009); Lieutenant O'Connell (from Zoids Guardian Force); Amy (from Zoids Fuzors); Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari (from Hyper Police); Yumi Ueda (from Chobits); Rabi En Rose (from Di Gi Charat); Benkei Musashimaru (from Super Sonic Spinners); Dr. Kazutaka Muraki (from Descendants of Darkness); Akira Touya (from Hikaru no Go); Yorn (from Eden's Bowy); Hiroto Amagiwa, Mika Seido (from Geneshaft); Botan, Momiji (from InuYasha); Negi Springfield (from Magic Teacher Negima!); First Hokage, Second Hokage (from Naruto); Dortin, Volcan (from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen).

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Added the anime profile of Yaiba: The Little Samurai. Added the character profiles of Kakyou, Sorata Arisugawa, Karen Kasumi (from X/1999); Mirei Hidaka (from Tokyo Babylon); Kojiro Hyuga, Ishiro Misaki, Mamoru Izawa (from Captain Tsubasa); Shadow, Momo (from Astro Boy 2003 Remake); Koji Ozaki, Mikako, Shunichi, Koichi Akiba (from Nightwalker); Hacuba (from Shinzo); Arcbeetle (from Medabots); Falcon (from City Hunter); Yuu Matsuura (from Marmalade Boy); Feber (from Rave Master); Haruka Urashima (from Love Hina); Shiki Tohno (from Tsukihime); Mahoro Ando (from Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden); Lord of Nightmares (from The Slayers); Kira Sakuya (from Angel Sanctuary); Yaiba (from Yaiba: The Little Samurai); Kouran Mori (from Flame of Recca).

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Added the character profiles of Atashi (from Chobits); Raikou, Entei, Norman, Yoshi, Iron Mask Marauder, Molly Hale, Drew, Charizard, Chikorita (from Pokemon); Metabee (from Metabots); MegaMan, ProtoMan, Chaud Blaze, Mayl Sakurai, GutsMan, Glide, Yai Ayano, Roll, Kid Grave (from MegaMan NT Warrior); Orca, Kaochin (from .hack//sign); Hotaru, Shugo, Mireille, Rena, Ouka (from .hack//Legend of the Twilight); Tomonari Kasumi, Mai Minase (from .hack//liminality); Earl Tyrant, Fungus, Herba (from Final Fantasy: Unlimited); Lenne (from Final Fantasy X-2); Iris Chateaubriand (from Sakura Wars).

We watched that Farscape Mini-series last week, which was pretty cool. It was nice to see everything brought to a close. Neither my wife nor I were a fan of the series when it was originally on, but then one day TiVo picked up a couple episodes as suggestions and we tried checking it out... and were hooked ever since. We also had a similar experiences with Stargate SG-1, so we also tried checking out some of the other sci-fi shows like Lexx and Cleopatra 2525. Too bad those sucked hard... or maybe it wasn't too bad, I mean it's not like we really need more stuff to watch. When we finally got our WB through DirecTV, we checked out a bunch of shows and kinda got hooked on Smallville, and then there's the new Stargate Atlantis which is fun to watch. We haven't watched any Survivor this season, as we were both just sick of it, although Amazing Race was still pretty good.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Added the character profiles of Rui, Itsuki, Murota, Sayaka, Shinobu Sensui, Kamiya Minoru (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Gray the Nine Lives, Rai-Dei the Blade, Hoppered the Gaunlet, Midvalley the Hornfreak, Chapel the Evergreen (from Trigun); Demolishor, Blurr, Red Alert (from Transformers: Armada); Cruelock, Divebomb, Shockblast (from Transformers: Energon); Perfect Chaos, Lily, Maria Robotnik (from Sonic X); Eliza Faust, Faust VIII, Lee Pailong, En Tao, Lyserg Diethel, Tamra (from Shaman King); Hakuoh, Kyoshiro Kokujo, Mimi Tasogare, Shobu Kirifuda (from Duel Masters).

Monday, October 25, 2004

Added the character profile of Leorio (from Hunter X Hunter).

Sorry for not having any updates this weekend. I planned on doing so, but wasn't feeling so well on Thurday, then got real sick late that night and into the next day. Luckily it didn't last to long and started feeling a little better on Saturday.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Added character profiles of Wiz, Satoshi Hiwatari, Riku Harada, Risa Harada (from D.N.Angel).

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Added character profiles of Miu (from Gate Keepers 21); Chihaya (from Earthian).

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Added character profiles of Mayor Margaret Gathermoon, Chief Haro, Shute (from SD Gundam Force); Ranmaru (from La Blue Girl); Ai (from Martian Successor Nadesico).

Monday, October 18, 2004

Added anime profiles of Littl' Bits, Someday's Dreamers, Doomed Megalopolis, F-Zero: GP Legend. Added character profiles of Amy Yoshida, Dr. Agasa, Serena Sebastian (from Case Closed); Eclair, Lumiere (from Kiddy Grade); Strings, High-Priest Mahado, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Kisara, Panik, Princess Adina, Cecelia Pegasus, Arcana, Harpie Lady, Varon, Mrs. Moto (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Hinagiku Tamano/Angel Daisy (from Wedding Peach).

Treeses and I went to see Team America: World Police yesterday, and it was sooo hilarious. There were just so many parts where you couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Added character profiles of Tsume, Cheza, Blue (from Wolf's Rain).

Today is my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday!.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Added character profiles of Lemures (from Vampire Princess Miyu); Kizna (from Pilot Candidate); Ry (from Initial D); Hibiki Tokai, Meia Gisborn (from Vandread); Ms. Haruna, Andrew, Neo-Queen Serenity (from Sailor Moon); Benge, Mashira (from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust).

Friday, October 15, 2004

Added character profiles of Ginji Amano, Himiko Kudo, Jubei Kakei, Kazuki Fuchoin, Kyoji Kagami, Makubex, Sakura Kakei (from Get Backers); Ayumi Narusawa, Hounds, Yuka Kikushima, Yoichi Taba, Maki Umezaki, Eiko Rando, Yu Himehagi, Maya, Black Cat (from Geobreeders); Arukenimon, Azulongmon, Blackwargreymon, Gatomon, Lopmon, Mummymon, Ophanimon, Salamon, Seraphimon, Wizardmon (Digimon); Shenron, Android 15, Bojack, Catapy, Dabura, Dr. Raichi, Gogeta, Great Saiyawoman, Kanass, Torah (from Dragon Ball Z); Baby Vegeta (from Dragon Ball GT).

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Added character profiles of Lalah Sune, Fraw Bow, Kai Shiden, Hayato Kobayashi, Bright Noa, Ramba Ral (from Mobile Suit Gundam); Shiro Amada, Karen Joshua, Terry Sanders, Jr., Eledore Massis, Aina Sakhalin, Ghinius Sakhalin (from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team); Paptimus Scirocco (from Mobile Suit Z Gundam). Added mech profiles for RX-78-2 White Mobile Suit, RX-77 Guntank, RX-75 Guncannon, MS-06S Zaku II (from Mobile Suit Gundam); Liger Zero, Liger Zero Jager, Liger Zero Schneider, Liger Zero Panzer (from Zoids New Century Zero). Converted the character profiles of TranZor Z and Bobobot to mech profiles.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Added character profiles of Deathscythe, Grappler Gouf, Tallgeese, Zapper Zaku (from SD Gundam Force); Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha, Kira Yamato, Lacus Clyne, Rau Le Creuset (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED).

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Added character profiles of Dr. Mei Lin Jones (from Plastic Little); Chiyo Mihama, Sakaki, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga (from Azumanga Diaoh).

Kirbyfan106, it looks as if you fixed the domain portion of your email address, however my messages are still getting bounced back, now with the message "Mailbox unknown or not accepting mail. 550 No such recipient".

At the end of last month I ended up having to get some new tires for my car. Victor pointed out that the front passenger side tire was almost completely worn down, to the point that you could actually see the metal underneath the rubber. So I checked out the others, and found that the rear passenger side tire was actually larger than the other three (how the heck did that happen?), and that there was a chunk of tire missing out of the driver side tire. So I went to Walmart and got hooked up with three new tires. And boy what a difference that made! Not only was the ride much smoother, but all the little weird sounds I had been hearing completely disappeared.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Added character profiles of Aires Blue, Charlie, Cliff Kei, Juli Bahana, Lucson Houjou, Michelle Kei, Pat Campbell (from Infinite Ryvius); Sanji, Usopp Bu, Shanks, Ener, Kuro, Mr. 2/Bon Clay (from One Piece); Katsura Kogoro, Iizuka (from Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal); Shougo Muto, Shigure Takimi (from Rurouni Kenshin); Detective Shunsaku Ban, Duke Red (from Metropolis); Setsuko, Seita (from Grave of the Fireflies); Ayu Tateishi, Nina Sakura, Kaji Tatsushi, Tsujiai Hiroki, Maya Orihara (from Ultra Maniac); Amon, Baton Kirby, Bomb Kirby, Cleaning_kirby, Cook Kirby, Crash Kirby, Cutter Kirby, Doron, Fighter Kirby, Fire Dedede, Fire Kirby, Fofa, Galaxia Kirby, Garlude, Hammer Kirby, Ice Kirby, Iron Kirby, Jet Kirby, Kine, Lovely, Mabel, Mike Kirby, Mirror Kirby, Needle Kirby, Ninja Kirby, Octacon, Parasol Kirby, Princess Raia, Sir Gallant, Slice 'n Splice, Stone Kirby, Sword Kirby, Top Kirby, Tornado Kirby, Commander Vee, Water Kirby, Whale Child, Whale Parent, Wheel Kirby, Windwhipper (from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!).

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Added an anime profile of Comic Party. Added character profiles of Robot #1, Robot #2, Robot #3, Shigekuni Nandaba, Masashi Masamune, Takkun, Miyu-Miyu (from FLCL).

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Added anime profiles of Adventures of Kotetsu and Tonde Boorin.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Added character profiles of Catherine Bloom, Sally Po, Mariemaia Kushrenada (from Gundam Wing).

Monday, October 4, 2004

Added character profiles of Sandy, Stan, Maxwell, Panda (from Hamtaro); Helena, Incognito (from Hellsing); Judy, Punch, Electra Ovilo (from Cowboy Bebop); Daisuke Aurora, Claire Leonelli (from Heat Guy J); Norman Burg, Jason Beck (from The Big-O); Michael Parker, Gary (from Beyblade); Brad Crawford, Farfarello, Schuldig (from Knight Hunters); Aiden Avalon, Chelsea, Maggie, Sakura's Great Grandfather, Natasha Avalon, Nikki, Nothing Card, Rita, Ruby, Samantha Taylor, Sorceress, Mr. Terada, Li's Mother, Zachary (from Card Captors).

Kirbyfan106, please check your e-mail address. Every time I reply to one of your messages, it get bounced back to me.

News & Updates in September 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Posted the pictures from our Lake Tahoe trip.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Added the anime profile of Classroom of Atonement. Wrote about our recent trip to Lake Tahoe.

We went to the store to pick up the new Star Wars: Battlefront PlayStation 2 game last week, and while we were there we also picked up Lord of the Rings: Return of the King PS2 game since it was cheap. We also picked up Star Wars: Clone Wars for GameCube because it also had a two-player mode, but it was rather disappointing. It wasn't two players taking on missions, it was basically just two players one-on-one. We haven't even tried the one-player modes yet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Added character profiles for Panther, Baiko, Leopard, Luchs, Otaru Mamiya, Soemon, Tamasaburo, Tiger (from Saber Marionette). On the advice of Who Wants to Know?, I added an RSS Feed, which just lists a simplified version of this updates page. Only the first paragraph from each update is listed. I'm new to making the RSS things, and don't really use it myself, so let me know of any problems or suggestions.

Okay, so what's been going on. My wife, Treese, is still recovering. She seems to be improving every day. She found out today that her blood clots way too easy and she will have to be on some type of blood thinners for a long time.

Since she's been home a lot, I've gotten her addicted for Star Wars: Rebel Strike. At first I got her to play the two player mode with me, and after a while she started playing the one player mode. She would never even touch this game before, and she always felt it was just way out of her league. Now she can't get enough. Too bad there's no sequel.

Around the middle of last month, I bought a hard drive for my PlayStation 2. It was a great deal at Circuit City (well, great after rebates that is). The drive was a 120 GB Western Digital, but unfortunately Western Digital drives don't fit into the PlayStation 2 consoles. Luckily, Maxtor's do, and I just happened to have a 60 GB Maxtor as the main drive in my computer. So I swapped the drives and put the Maxtor in the PS2.

The reason for getting the hard drive was because I also purchased this little thing called HD Loader. It's for the PlayStation 2, and allows you to copy all of your existing games to a hard drive, so you no longer have to switch discs or wait for loooong load times. It's really nice, even if it is a little buggy, and doesn't come with any defragging abilities.

The bug that I encountered several times was that it told me I didn't have enough space to copy a game to the hard drive, when I so very obviously did. The work-around for this bug: keep trying until it finally does it. Unfortunately, they always want you to type in the name of the game before it will start attempting to copy it, so I learned quick to just name the game "A" and then rename it after it had copied successfully.

So far, every game has worked great with it except for Escape From Monkey Island. The voice clips sometimes don't play, and it will get caught on lines of text until you hit the L1 button to break out of it. And then once it even locked up. This is extremely disappointing, because the reason I stopped playing the game was the crappy load times.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Added character profiles for Ranka, Hisae Aoki, Yukari Kashima (from Vampire Princess Miyu); Dik Dik Van Dik, Kevin Mask, Ricardo (from Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy); Starscream (from Transformers Energon); Grindor, Highwire, Star Saber, Sureshock (from Transformers Armada); Akuma, Balrog, M. Bison, Blanka, Cammy White, Chun-Li, Monitor Cyborg, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Eliza Masters, Fei Long, Guile, E. Honda, Ken Masters, Ryu Hoshi, Sagat, Senoh, Thunder Hawk, Vega, Zangief (from Street Fighter II- The Animated Movie); Magalia, Yukimura Sanada, Benitora, Mahiro (from Samurai Deeper Kyo); Jordan, Lady Badiyanu (from Sailor Moon); Choji Akimichi, Genma Shiranui, Hinata Hyuga, Hoshigaki Kisame, Kankuro, Kiba Inuzuka, Konohamaru, Kyuubi, Rock Lee, Shino Aburame, Temari, Yakushi Kabuto, Yondaime (from Naruto); Rakka, Reki (from Haibane Renmei).

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Added character profiles for Zork Necrophedious, Crump, Gansely, Johnson, Leichter, Nezbitt (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Ruka, Roto, Kibano (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Hige, Toboe (from Wolf's Rain).

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Added anime profiles for The Super Milk-Chan Show and Kite. Added character profiles for Sandra Nogami (from City Hunter); Mallanox (from Eagle Riders); Aqua, Betterman/Lamia, Forte, Nebula, Oltos (from Betterman).

Monday, September 6, 2004

Added character profiles for Carrot Glace, Tira Miss, Chocolate Miss, Gateau Mocha, Dotta, Big Momma, Milphey-Yu, Zaha Torte (from Sorcerer Hunters). Split the 2003 and 2002 updates pages into separate pages based on month, and added List of Updates page.

Saturday, September 4, 2004

Added anime profiles for Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics, Night Warriors and Princess Tutu.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Added anime profiles for Burn Up Scramble, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Art of Fighting, Wild Arms Twilight Venom, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, and Stainless Night. Added character profiles for Noike Kamaki Jurai (from Tenchi Muyo); Lan Hikari (from Megaman NT Warrior); Ikki (from Saint Seiya); Katsumi Liqueur (from Silent Mobius); Kurumi (from Steel Angel Kurumi).

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Added an anime profile for Dr. Slump. Added character profiles for Sara Goodman (from Flint the Time Detective); Lain (from Serial Experiments Lain); Karin (from Medabots); Moo (from Monster Rancher); Himeno Awayuki (from Pretear); Q-chan (from Pet Shop of Horrors); Akari Fujisaki (from Hikaru no Go).

So we weren't sure if Treeses was going to be released today or what, but when they told us that the blood clot in her arm came back, we pretty much assumed that she wouldn't. While we were waiting for the various doctors to get in touch with each other, Treese's brother Joe walked through the door, surprising us both. He drove all the way up from Sacramento to see how she was doing. Soon after he arrived the doctors decided to release her. She needs to take blood thinners and blood pressure medication while at home, and they said eventually they will need to perform a surgery to keep her vein from getting pinched, which is supposedly what's causing the clot. Anyway, we all headed back to the house, ordered a pizza, and talked. He left around 8-ish as he had to be up early tomorrow morning.

News & Updates in August 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Added an Alexia site info bar to the Site Info page. Added character profiles for Minami (from Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki); Tatsuha Uesugi, Mr. K, Sakano (from Gravitation); Roobear (from Adventures of the Little Koala); Pazu (from Laputa: Castle in the Sky).

Monday, August 30, 2004

Added anime profiles for Princess Nine, Black Magic M-66, and Endless Serenade. Added character profiles for Gaghiel, Israfel, Sandalphon, Matariel, Sahaquiel, Iruel, Leliel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Arael, Armisael (from Neon Genesis Evangelion); Icchan, Misaki, Hatoko Kobayashi (from Angelic Layer); Amiboshi, Tokaki (from Fushigi Yugi); Hunter (from Arc the Lad).

Treeses is on her way to recovering again. They finished removing the rest of the blood today and transferred her to the PCU. They expect she'll be able to go home tomorrow.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Added the anime profile of Gunparade March, Gungrave, and Dragon Drive. Fixed a bug in the forums for re-sending a user's activation key.

Well....Treeses is back in the hospital again. And this time she's been upgraded from the PCU to the ICU. Her arm was swollen and hurting on Saturday morning, so we headed back to the ER. They did an ultrasound and found a blood clot in her arm, so they admitted her. Later that evening the doc did a procedure which removed most of it. Turns out she's still anemic though, so he couldn't finish everything he needed to do. Hopefully she's be out in a day or two.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Love Hina Again, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi. Added the character profile of Michael Lee (from Witch Hunter Robin).

Treeses finally got to escape the sanitarium on Thursday afternoon. She still feels generally ill, but she can breath well, has no fever, and no nausea, so it looks as if things are getting better!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I haven't done much to the website this week, as I've been at the hospital almost the whole time. It's been a week since Treese's pneumonia struck back with a vengeance, and now it finally seems to be getting under control. Her fever kept fluctuating, peaking out at 103°, and today was the first day it seemed to be consistently low to non-existent.

She is breathing much easier now, and there is no longer a little man stabbing her in the back with every breath. She is still coughing up blood though, and she hasn't been able to keep anything in her stomach for the past couple days. The docs think one of the antibiotics is causing the nausea, so they're switching things around trying to figure out exactly which one. Hopefully she'll be able to come home by the end of the week.

Last week I noticed that a couple leaks had started where I installed the back-flow valve. There were about three different leaks all shooting out a constant mist from one of the spots that I had cemented together. I believe the leaks started because the pipe cement I used was old, so on Sunday I picked up a new can of that along with the other pieces I needed to redo it. I fixed it the next morning before heading to the hospital, and it seems to be working so far. I really hope it will stay that way.

For the website, I made a few minor changes to the forums. I made it so unregistered users couldn't post links, because I saw that some people were posting just to promote their website. I also added the ability to sort the topics by either the topic's creation date or the topic's most recent activity date. And I added a avatar gallery of Anime Guys.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Treese's pneumonia seemed to be getting better, but then yesterday morning at 5:00 AM she woke up gasping for air with sharp pains in her back occurring with every breath. So we went to the emergency room. We arrived around 5:30. They made us both wait in the waiting room for about an hour, then they gave her a bed. It wasn't until about 7:30-8:00 that we actually got a doctor to look at her. They took X-rays and the pneumonia actually showed up on them. The doctor gave her a shot, a breathing treatment, and put her on Levaquin pills.

This morning she seemed to be doing even worse, as in having a temperature and coughing up blood, so we went back to the ER. It was a lot more crowed that the last time, but since she had a high fever things moved very quickly. They got an IV in her, started her on antibiotics, took more X-rays, did another breathing treatment, and all that good stuff. It was about 7:00 in the evening by the time they were able to get a room ready for her. She was really looking forward to that, as the beds are a lot more comfortable than a gurney. Even though she spending the night there, they haven't officially admitted her. It's called something like a 23 hour watch. I stayed there with her until 10:00, and I'll be going back tomorrow morning. Hopefully she'll be well enough to come home.

Oh yeah, and on Monday, when I got to work, I found that my computer wouldn't turn on. It seems my motherboard died. Isn't that always just sooooo much fun!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Added anime profiles for Puni Puni Poemy and Stellvia of the Universe.

So yesterday morning I had to go back to Home Depot. Remember last week when I installed that anti-siphon valve? And remember that water rushed out of the top when I turned it on? And remember I fixed that by turning the knob until the water stopped? Well, that turned off the water so the grass hadn't been getting it's shower. Apparently the valve I bought had some pieces stolen out of it, which is why it wasn't working correctly. So I went back to Home Depot and explained everything, and they opened up one of the valves and gave me the pieces that were inside. And that was it. I took them home, put them in, and it worked great. What a wonderful company!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Added an anime profile for Punishment. Added character profiles for Tokajin, Tsukumo of the Toads, Souten, Shoga the Flea, Satoru, Ryukotsusei, Princess Tsuyu, Nazuna, Hiyoshimaru, Kagome's Mom (from InuYasha).

I made a new page for the Anime Stores and Companies. I got to thinking that there was no reason to have them listed in the side bar of a frame, especially since clicking the links would open them in a new window anyway. So now they're all listed in a standard page. And since they're all external links, I decided to rename the file to links.html. Perhaps in the future I'll add links to other anime websites there as well.

Monday, August 9, 2004

Added the character profiles of Haruto, Yurika Doujima (from Witch Hunter Robin).

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Added the anime profile for Angel/Dust Neo. Finished creating all the template pages for the Forum so it would look like the rest of the site. Added a Site Map.

Wow, what a busy week! Treeses' mom came up for a visit on Tuesday of last week. We picked her up at the Greyhound terminal that morning, and she spent the day with Treeses while I was at work. We all headed out to Lai Lai's for some take-out, then found our way back to the couch where we ate and took in a DVD. She spent the next day with Treeses as well, and then left for home on Thursday morning.

On Thursday evening, we had a "Weird Al" Yankovic concert to attend. This time we were in up in the balcony, since it was easy to access with Treeses walker and we wouldn't have to worry about anyone accidentally hitting her leg. The place isn't all that big, but after the concert, we both agreed that closer would have been better. The concert was a blast. No opening act this time. It was very similar to the last one we attended.

The next day, Friday, my parents came up to attend a wedding. It was for one of my cousins who lives in Redding. Treeses and I met her once, and she seemed nice. We didn't keep in touch though. Unfortunately, we're not all that skilled at being sociable. Anyway, the wedding was on Saturday, so we went shopping while my parents were attending that. Treeses wanted to get this one cushy-swivel-rocking chair that was on sale. It wasn't all that big, but we still had to take it out of the box to fit it in the car, and even then it barely fit.

There was a long break between the wedding ceremony and reception, so my parents came back to the house. And my uncle James and his wife came along, too. They hadn't been able to make it to our wedding, so this was the first time they've been to our house. Apparently Jimmy, their son, played one of the games I worked on, because they said he got all excited when he saw my name in the credits. They didn't know which game it was, though. Everyone chatted for awhile before they left for the reception. Treeses was glad to have the company.

They left the next morning, and later that evening Treeses was feeling very sick. On Tuesday morning we went to a walk-in clinic, where she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. While we were there, they gave her some kind of treatment where she had to breath in this medication-mist concoction through a tube-thingy. It did help her to be able to take some deeper breaths, and we also got her on antibiotics. Now she is feeling better...not good yet, but still better.

Then later Tuesday night, when I was taking out the trash cans, my pants leg caught on the back-flow thingy and caused it to spring a leak. So the next morning I had to head on over to Home Depot to get a new one. So I got it and came back, turned off the water to the house, and prepared to install it when I found that my old one had one inch connections, where the new one had 3/4 inch connections. So I had to go back and get additional pieces. It was 12:30 in the afternoon by the time I finally got the thing all glued together. Then I asked Treeses to look up online for how long it takes that pipe cement to dry...oh, only 12 HOURS!

It wasn't too much of a deal for me, since I would be at work most of the day, but Treeses would be suffering. When 12:30 AM rolled around, I went out and turned the water back on, and immediately hear a rush of water pouring out onto dirt and cement. I look up, and sure enough, I see water shooting out. I just thought how in the world could I screw up something this simple? But then I saw that I just needed to turn that knob on the top to keep the water inside. Phew! I dried off the pipes and didn't see any leaks. Then this morning I went out to check it again, and there was a little water leaking out from the same place as when I first turned it on. I tightened the knob some more and that stopped it. Hopefully it will stay that way.

News & Updates in July 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Monday, July 26, 2004

Added the anime profiles for Beyblade G Revolution, Giant Robo: The Animation, Happy Lesson, Kanon, Knights of Ramune, Midori No Hibi, Slave Doll, and Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Added a link in the navigation bar of the Anime Profile Index and Character Profile Index pages which allows you to precisely specify which profiles should be displayed in the list. Set-up a new Absolute Anime Forum. The set-up was fast and easy, but I haven't formatted it to look like the rest of the site yet, as that seems like it's going to require a lot of time to do.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Added the anime profile Geneshaft. Added character profiles for Hyatt Mikako, Kobayashi Excel, Ropponmatsu 1, Ropponmatsu 2, Pedro Domingo, Misaki Matsuya (from Excel Saga).

The DirecTV lady came out this morning and got our local channels working again. She had to go back on the roof and replace a transponder (or something like that). She was here bright and early at 8 AM. Thankfully she called yesterday to let us know so we could be prepared. Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday morning we received a call from someone in California who wanted to ask me some questions about Pacesetter. Apparently he was writing an article about another couple who had been having major problems with Pacesetter.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Added the anime profile Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Added character profiles for The King (from Dragon Half); Lettuce, Kish, Masaya Aoyama (from Tokyo Mew Mew).

Switched the character encoding of the pages from SHIFT-JIS to UTF-8. Added the id "AbsoluteAnime" to the HTML body tag so that people could make their own custom style sheets specifically for this site. Added the ability to display a specific random image on the main page by appending to the url a question mark followed by the number of the image to display (for example, http://www.AbsoluteAnime.com/index.html?12 would display image 12).

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Added character profiles for Daisuke Niwa (from D.N.Angel); Jimmy Kudo/Conana Edogawa, Rachel Moore, Richard Moore, Yukiko Kudo (from Case Closed); Yuko (from Astro Boy 2003 Remake).

I added a new icon for displaying the Kana/Kanji equivalent of Japanese romanization. And then I had an idea on how to make all those tool-tip-like displays work in Netscape. So I implemented it, and not only did it work, but it ended up taking less javascript code than my previous implementation.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Added a profile for anime collection Vanilla Series. Added character profiles for Miho Nozaka (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Hagiri Kaname (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Silva, Rio (from Shaman King). Split this updates page into separate pages according to month. This page was just getting too big.

I'm switching the character set for the web pages from ISO-8859-1 to SHIFT-JIS, which will allow the pages to display Japanese characters (written in Shift-JIS format). I didn't do this earlier because, when I attempted it, I noticed that some characters (such as é) wouldn't display correctly. I had just assumed that using the HTML character code (such as é) to display them would produce the same result. Recently, I discovered that it was not the case. Using the HTML character code forces the proper character to display.

Treeses appointment with the surgeon last Tuesday went smoothly. Of course, Dr. Cross, her surgeon, never showed his face, but one of the other surgeons talked with us and checked her out. He suggested that the Topamax might be causing her anemia, so she stopped taking that. And it was still too early to take the staples out, so that should be happening now in the next few days. We had a RABA van take us to the appointment, and afterwards she and them take us over to Denny's for some lunch (shhhhh) before heading back to the hospital.

Later on that same day my mom, aunt, and grandma all arrived at the house. My mom and I went out to get a frame for the bed to get it raised higher so Treeses could use it. We also got risers, but the bed really didn't seem sturdy with those, so we tried them on the couch, which worked well. Afterwards, we all went to Denny's and got take-out, then brought it over to the hospital to have a nice dinner with Treeses. She really, really enjoyed that...having a real dinner and real conversation with family who actually feel more like family than her own family. She was so happy!

The next morning she learned how to get in and out of the car. My car was still too low for her to actually try it, but the lady showed her how to do it, and now she can do it just fine. So while I was with Treeses, and then later at work, my family went and visited Turtle Bay. Later that evening we all went over to visit her again. Since I was at work and they were at the house we were just going to meet each other there. And the timing was perfect, as I ended up right behind their car on the way there. Treeses had plenty of leftovers from the day before, so we didn't get any dinner beforehand.

On Thursday we did the take-out dinner thing again, this time from KFC. I ordered Treeses exactly what she wanted, two legs and a wing, mashed potatoes, and a corn. Of course, I wasn't paying attention when they packed the order, so instead of two legs and a wing they gave her something like two thighs and a rib. And they weren't even busy! But Treeses enjoyed it anyway.

On Friday morning they all left for home. Treeses was being released at noon, so I went to pick her up. I had to take the Bronco, as she still couldn't get into a car as low as mine. I stayed home from work with her all day. Both the bed and the couch were at the perfect height for her, and she has no problem getting around with her walker or reaching things with her pincher. She seems to be getting stronger every day, which is wonderful.

On Saturday we had a lady from DirecTV come out and install a new dish so that we could receive the local channels. She was able to install it on the roof by attaching it to an exposed wooden beam. Then when she came in to mess with our receiver, I had to bring out the TV from the bedroom and hook it up directly to the satellite receiver box, as she kept getting confused by our TiVo. I kept telling her that it was just a stand-alone unit, but it's like she couldn't understand that the signal was just passing through it. And she also kept saying that we must have a very old model (because it only had one tuner and a display she didn't recognize, which is different from the DirecTivo's that she's used to seeing).

Anyway, she got it set up, and had me sign a couple things. One of the papers was a service checksheet, which was all filled out in advanced, including the circling of "yes" for the overall "were you satisfied" question. She tried to hide this paper under another paper, revealing just the place that I needed to sign. Sneaky little... Well, she didn't do hardly any of the things that were checked off, but that was okay because the channels were working and I didn't care about any of the other things. I really just wanted her to leave. So, everything was working fine until today, when all of a sudden our local channels stopped coming in. All we're getting now is a "Searching for satellite signal..." on them, so it looks like I'll have to call DirecTV tomorrow.

Yesterday we went out and picked up our tickets for the Weird Al concert that's later this month. Got front seat balcony!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Added the character profile of Miya-jun (from FLCL).

Monday, July 12, 2004

Did some corrections this weekend, but didn't have the time to do any profiles.

Treeses has been doing well at the hospital, so on Friday they transferred her to the Northern California Rehabilitation Hospital. I was there during the transfer and stuck around for a couple hours afterwards while they were getting her set up and telling us about the place. Even though they have the same visiting hours as Redding Medical Center, this place actually locks the doors, so now I have no choice but to get there before 8 PM. I left work a little early so I could pick up Treeses some fruit and a pizza for dinner.

On Saturday morning, I was going to get an oil change and then visit Treeses, but when I took my car in they let me know it was time to do a bunch of other maintenance, so I had them drop me off at the Rehab hospital while they were doing that. Her leg muscles seem to be getting stronger every day. I think it's at least partially due to her really wanting to get out of there.

I spent all day Sunday over there, and we went outside for the first time. That was my first time pushing a wheelchair. The iron level in her blood is really low, so she can't walk too much yet. They're giving her iron pills for it, but it will take something like a month to get her levels up to where they should be. Oh, we found out that the doctor put in the ceramic hip, and supposedly made her legs the same length. Before there was a 3/4 inch difference.

Tomorrow she has an appointment with her surgeon, so we'll finally get to talk with him. We're hoping he's going to take the staples out, too, but were not sure as the appointment was made before the surgery had been delayed a week. Also, my mom, aunt, and grandma are coming up tomorrow to visit Treeses and see how she's doing.

It seems DirecTV has finally gotten local channels in the Redding area. Yipee! Of course, you need a multi-satellite dish to receive them, which I don't have. I called to find out how much it would cost to upgrade, and apparently it's absolutely free, installation and everything (as long as you agree to keep using DirecTV for at least a year). So I scheduled an appointment this weekend to have that installed. Yaaah, no more static!

Hopefully they'll be able to install it on the roof. We have those concrete shingles, and the previous installer said he couldn't put a dish on those, so he put it on the platform that covers the firewood. Well, that thing has gotten pretty wobbly since then, and also, with it over there, the wires have to run across the walkway, making it very easy to trip. I saw someone down the street who had a DirecTV dish on their roof, which is the same type as ours, so hopefully they'll be able to do that.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Added the character profile of D (from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust).

Today is my wife's birthday. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Added the character profiles of Sweet (from Zoids Fuzors); Dark Magician (from Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth, Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and Miami Guns. Moved the feedback form to its own page.

Treeses had her hip surgery today. It was scheduled for about 11:00 AM, but the doctor was late so it didn't actually start until one-ish. After they prepped her, they let me sit with her until the doc finally arrived. Once they rolled her to the operating room, I went back to the waiting room. I played Game Boy Advance for a while, then when the battery light went red, I turned it off and practiced reading some Japanese. Then around 5-ish Victor dropped by to see how she was doing (since she was supposed to have been out of surgery by then). Even though Treeses wasn't done yet, it was still nice to have someone to talk with for a bit.

They finally rolled her out around 5:45, and the nurse came and got me so I could be with her as they took her to her room. I was kind of expecting the doctor to came out and explain what had went down when it was over (just like what happened with everyone else in the waiting room), but that didn't happen. She was in a lot of pain, and the morphine didn't do anything for her. A few hours later they were finally able to swap it out with some other pain medication that worked really well for her. So once that was set up, she was finally able to get some rest, and so I took off around 9:30.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

Added an anime profile for I Love You. This was another review DVD I just received. I also got Comic Party Vol 4 a little while, which was quite good. But since it was volume 4, I really didn't know the characters or what was going on. Still, it kept me interested and made me laugh, so I figure that I'll probably end up buying the first 3 volumes pretty soon. I also made that search box Google logo disappear whenever the box has a cursor or text in it. And of course, made more corrections and additions to existing profiles.

Treeses and I went to see Shrek 2 today. It was just as good as the first, which was cool. I think they could have done a little better in their music selections, but that's just nitpicking. Tomorrow we hope to go see Fahrenheit 9/11.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

For most profiles, the main picture off to the right often needs to be scaled down from it's original version in order to fit nicely next to the data. When the web browser does the scaling, a lot of times the image can look distorted, so when that happens I make a copy of the image, use an image program (IrfanView) to scale it down, and then display that image instead. Clicking on that image will take you to the full size image. Anyway, I hadn't updated that image program in a while, so I went and installed the latest version...and discovered that this new version had command line support for re-sizing images! This meant that I could now have the script that builds the webpages automatically create the smaller images, which is exactly what I did.

Uploaded Recycle.zip, which contains a script and program that will move files to the Windows' Recycle Bin. Normally, in batch files and scripts, there is no command to delete files to the recycle bin, which sucks, because then the files either get overwritten or deleted forever (well, there is an undelete command, but it's not nearly as safe as the Recycle Bin). I had been looking for a script or program that would do this for a long time, but never found one. I came across a reference to one, called recycle.exe, but was never able to actually find it. So I finally broke down and wrote one, and then modified it in such a way that I could use it as a script and compile it into a program. The zip file contains both the script and the program. To use the script, you'll have to have Windows Scripting Host installed, and to use the program you'll have to have Microsoft's .NET installed.

Treeses hip replacement surgery was supposed to have taken place yesterday, but it didn't. Why? It's all because of one lady. One lady who has had a pissy attitude with Treeses ever since my wife first met her, and we have no idea why. This lady was supposed to schedule a metal test for Treeses to find out which metals she is allergic to. Later, when Treeses hadn't heard anything about it, she called to find out when it was supposed to be. The lady, again with a pissy attitude, told my wife that they would call her. As the surgery date grew closer, Treeses went in to the office and asked her when her metal test was going to take place. The lady, the same lady, had no idea what Treeses was talking about. Before Treeses lost control and strangled her, a guy behind the lady who overheard the conversation took out Treeses file and looked it over, then showed the lady right there on the paper where it said she needed to be scheduled for a metal allergy test. The guy made her get on the phone and do it write then and there.

They got it scheduled for the day before the surgery, but when Treeses when to do it, she was told that not only would it take a couple days to do the test, but that he didn't even have the metal to do the tests with. So the surgery was postponed. And that same morning, the drivers at RABA had voted to make their medical insurance worse so that they could save a few bucks every month. Oh yeah, and my mom was driving up to Redding so she could be there while Treeses was in surgery. Next week she won't be able to be here, as she'll be out of state. But we're not the only ones who are pissed at that lady. The doctor who will be doing the surgery was scheduled for a vacation next week. He was nice enough to offer to come back so Treeses could get her surgery as soon as possible, which I'm sure pissed him off. Hopefully she'll get fired.

I left messages for my mom telling her that the surgery was postponed, but she didn't check any of them before leaving. She arrived around 5:30, and took a nap shortly afterwards because we were all going to see the midnight showing of Spider-Man 2 with Victor. We arrived at the theater around 11:30, and it was already packed. There weren't four seats together, so Victor sat with my mom and I sat with Treeses. We were all on the far left hand side, but were pretty close to the back so being off to the side wasn't very noticeable. The movie was excellent. You all must go see it.

Since Treeses is going to be in the hospital on her birthday, I decided to let her have her birthday gift a little early, and so I gave it to her last night. It was three box sets of Yu Yu Hakusho. She was overjoyed, and couldn't stop smiling. Just like a little kid, she wanted to watch them all right then. We watched a couple scattered episodes, and then skipped to where they left off on TV with Yusuke and Togoro's final fight.

News & Updates in June 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Monday, June 28, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Strange Love. Also forgot to mention on the previous updated that I fixed a little glitch that appeared in Internet Explorer. When moving the cursor from a linked table cell to the link text inside the table cell, the color of the table cell would very briefly flicker back to it's original color. I think it had to do with Internet Explorer triggering an onMouseOut event for the table cell as the mouse cursor moved over the text, then immediately triggering an onMouseOver event when it realized it was still in the cell. So I fixed this by just observing the mouse and table cell coordinates, and not executing the onMouseOut event if the cursor didn't actually leave the table cell.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Peacemaker Kurogane, s-CRY-ed, and Cybersix. Forgot to mention on yesterday's updated that I fixed up the algorithm that calculates by how much an image was clipped. I originally did it quick and dirty (which had some round-off errors), but when I noticed that it was saying some images were clipped by 2% when I knew they weren't clipped at all, I figured it was time to go in and do it the right way.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I did away with most of the HTML formatting, which seemed to take about 30% off of the file sizes. Added a style so that external links would have a dotted underline when the mouse pointer is held over them. I made the script that builds the pages automatically add the new class name to all external links, that way I won't have to remember to do it.

I changed the little pop-up info window for the random image on the main page. I made it so that the contents would resize to take up the entire window when it was resized. I also did this for the image pop-up window (it already did this for Internet Explorer, but not the other browsers).

Well, it's getting really close to the end of the month, and that means Treeses hip surgery is quickly approaching. We got tickets to the midnight showing of Spider-Man 2 so Treeses could see that before she's out of commission. My mom is coming up for the surgery. When my mom told her that, Treeses actually cried, because her own mom isn't even coming. Unfortunately, my mom has to fly to Colorado the next day.

Oh, Treeses got me a belated birthday present last night. It was a Cap Barbell Pro Style Chromed 40lb. Dumbbell Set, plus a curl bar (which came with another set of dumbbells, but no weights). I had been using 30 lbs. of weight that I had got from my dad back in high school and stuck on a broken broom stick. Once I got up to doing multiple sets of 100 curls with those, Treeses figured it was time to upgrade. Using the dumbbells, I can already tell that I had been putting more of the weight on my right arm than my left.

Wow, look how big this page has gotten. It's like each month now needs its own page.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Did away with the font tags for the standard font, which will help reduce the size of all the files. If you're not using a browser that supports CSS...well...then you've got issues. What's wrong with you?! Upgrade already! I also had to shorten the text for the adult images warning, because apparently Internet Explorer isn't smart enough to resize the prompt window when there is more than two lines of text.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Finally got around to taking a look at that script which makes the web browser scroll smoothly to the destination when clicking on a link that takes you to somewhere else within the same page. It worked fine with links, but it didn't work with the table cells that I had bound links to. It didn't take too much re-coding to get it working.

I changed the confirmation script for viewing pages that contained images of an adult nature. Before I just had a little warning pop up, and if the user selected cancel the browser would go back to the previous page. This made it easy for someone to accidently gain access to the page without needing read or understand the warning. So now I have a prompt that requires the user to type specific text. Also, instead of going to the previous page when choosing not to view the images, the page still loads and the images are just made invisible. Oh yeah, and I added a Google logo as a background for the search box.

I changed the little ad at the top of the page from Discount Anime DVD to The Right Stuf. I made the change because I wasn't happy with Discount Anime DVD's customer service. Several times I tried contacting the administrator for the Discount Anime DVD affiliates to ask a question, and every time I got the message bounced back to me saying:

procmail: Quota exceeded while writing "/var/spool/mail/info-discounta"
550 <info@discountanimedvd.com>... Can't create output

And so I tried contacting then through their normal customer support e-mail, asking my question and informing them of the e-mail error. They ignored my question and said they'd check to see if their servers were down, but that they haven't gotten many e-mails in regards to people e-mailing them. Okay...a problem is a problem no matter how many people do or do not e-mail you about it. And I know it's a problem on their end because I tried both of my e-mail accounts, at home and at work. I checked a couple days after that e-mail, and my e-mail still got bounced with the same message. Fix it or not, I don't care, but I still wanted my question answered, so a few e-mails later I finally got them to answer:

I was notified by my manager that Hot Deals page cannot be linked.

Thus causing an error.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate, please let us know.

What the heck does "Thus causing an error." mean? Anyway, so I checked other sites and found some really good deals at The Right Stuf. I know linking to pages with great deals won't bring in any money for me, but until I find something that will, I hope these kind of ads will help some of the my visitors pick up anime that they might not have gotten otherwise.

This morning I had a little exam for my life insurance I'm applying for. It was similar to the one I had just a month ago, but a lot shorter. Once again, I couldn't eat 12 hours prior, so I was pretty hungry. I went straight to work afterwards, but brought three lunches with me so I wouldn't be starving by the time I finally left for the night.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Treese had to work today, until about 3:30, but after that we went to see The Day After Tomorrow. I wasn't expecting much after seeing a preview scene where people were being chased by the cold, but it was actually pretty good. I'm sure that my low expectations probably helped me to enjoy it more than I would have otherwise, though.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I improved the image pop-up window. Now it has formatting similar the rest of the site, it has links to close the window, and has an option to not open the image in a pop-up window. Also made it so that when JavaScript is not available, the image will still open in the current page. I also improved some of the other JavaScript code, and fixed all the bugs that showed up in Netscape.

I split up the content of the Our Jamaican Vacation page into separate sections. I didn't realize that I had it all in one big section. I did the same thing for a couple other pages like this that I noticed. And, of course, I did more corrections.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Switched the Anime on TV HTML pages to PHP pages. When the mouse pointer is held over a linked table cell, I set the browser to display the link in the status bar. Previously, it would only display when the cursor was held over the link itself. I simplified my upload process a little while ago, but when I did the main page stopped displaying the date on which the site was last updated, so I fixed that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Added anime profiles for Fancy Lala, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - Something More Beautiful, Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden - Summer Special, Miracle Girls, Violinist of Hameln, Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran, Crying Freeman, Full Metal Panic, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Found and fixed a bug in the script that creates the profiles which caused the Japanese character names not to show up in the character table section when there was additional information next to the name.

Modified the hot-linking prevention code to allow a few sites (such as Google and Yahoo) the ability to link to images, which is helpful when a user is doing an image search. Also created a custom 403 error page which will show up when trying to access an image from another site.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Made a bunch more corrections to various profiles. By the number of corrections people send me, you'd think there wasn't a single correct fact on this site! I also read more about the .htaccess file, and am trying out the code that prevents hot-linking to images, since when I viewed the access logs I saw that people were doing this. Oh, forgot to mention yesterday I put a favicon.ico in the root directory so that it wouldn't create an error every time it was requested. I didn't have time to make my own, so I just download a zip full of anime icons and picked one of those.

Treeses is over at someone's house getting her hair braided. She's been gone since I woke up, and it's now like 8:30 PM. I knew it was going to take a long time, but I didn't know it'd be this loooonng. Last night one of her friends spent the night and helped Treeses take out all her existing braids. I think they're both getting their hair done, so that's probably why it's taking so long. But still, that's a looooonng time.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fixed a little bug with the random image on the main page. I moved all the image files into a subdirectory, and forgot to change one of the paths in the script, so clicking Next or Prev wouldn't display a new image. Also, I was finally able to find someone to explain all about Bulla and Pan's ages, so I can finally put that controversy to rest.

Recently I discovered that Internet Explorer doesn't properly support the alpha component of PNG files. Oh, lovely Microsoft! So I had to come up with a work-around. But when I did, I discovered that there is no onLoad event for images according to the W3C. And thus I had to move the JavaScript code so that it would execute immediately after the IMG declaration.

While I was reading about scripts on the W3C website, I noticed that it said authors must explicitly tell user agents the language of each script, "either through a default declaration or a local declaration". That seemed weird, because on the same page it says that the "type" attribute was required. So I wrote them an e-mail, and got two responses, both useless.

One pointed me to an updated version of the page which he said had corrected the errors I pointed out. Hm, I am missing something, because the page still seems to be saying that you can declare the script type either through a META tag or in each script declaration. Then the other guy told quoted the segment of text saying that the "type" attribute was required. Okay...um...I already know that...um...that was kinda the reason I wrote you in the first place. Then the other part of his message suggested that I just referenced the wrong document type declaration. Hmm, not sure, but I think <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> is correct...yeah.

Oh, I found an ad to put in the top bar. It's for DiscountAnimeDVD.com, which has some really good deals on anime DVDs. I mean, DVDs starting at $6.00?! That's better than the bargain bin at my local stores. And the shipping's not bad either.

I also decided to try the Google Ad's at the top of the page. Some of the ads I see look pretty good, so maybe it's just that nobody's seeing them at the bottom of the page. I'll try it out for a month, and if there's not much of a change then I'll move them back to the bottom. Just wanna see if I can earn a little money on this site so I can pass some along to Gary, who's hosting me. He called yesterday, and we talked, and he said my site was taking up a lot of bandwidth, enough such that a normal host would definitely be charging more.

Treeses finally scheduled a date for her hip surgery...and it's near the end of this month! Neither of us really expected it to be so soon, but she's been in a lot of pain lately so she's excited as well as nervous.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Deleted all of the old Anime and Character index lists off the server, and modified the .htaccess file to do a 301 redirect to the new PHP index lists whenever the old ones are accessed. Also deleted a bunch of old files and directories that were no longer used but were still on the server. Added a routine to the PHP index list script to allow more robust filtering of the lists. For example, setting page=a-c will display a list of all names starting with A, B, or C. And the same goes for subsets, like setting page=fe-fu will only display names that fall within the Fe-Fu range. There is no backwards filtering though, so doing something like page=b-a will only display names that start with B.

Saturday, June 5, 2004

Added the anime profile for Scrapped Princess. Fixed the 404 error page so that the image, links, stylesheet, and everything else would work. I forgot that the page isn't handled like standard pages, as it can show up anywhere in the directory structure. Added anime that has been shown on movie channels to the Anime on US TV list.

For that blank space in the center of the bar at the top of the screen, I decided to put a little spoiler warning until I can think up something. Anime images are one idea, but it's not so easy finding a bunch of them that are the right size and that would look good displayed in the center of a title bar. I also considered putting some kind of ad, but I haven't found anything that I really want to advertise.

Oh, I know what I haven't done for a while! I can list all the movies we've seen via NetFlix. I haven't done it in a while, so there's gonna be a lot, thus I'll use a 5 point rating system (with 5 being awesome, 1 being awful, and a dash meaning I didn't watch it) instead of making comments next to each one. So here they are, broken down by the month we watched them (approximately):

June 2004: Wonderland (3/5), Extreme Ops (2/5), Crazy as Hell (2/5)

May 2004: Whale Rider (4/5), Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (2/5), Matchstick Men (4/5), Cheaper by the Dozen (3/5), Brother Bear (2/5), Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (3/5), The Last Samurai (4/5), The Lifestyle: Swinging in America (2/5), Blue Collar Comedy Tour (4/5), The Haunted Mansion (3/5), Master and Commander (3/5)

April 2004: Armitage: Dual-Matrix (3/5), Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Tophet Campaign (3/5), Dahmer (-/5), Timeline (2/5), Hart's War (3/5), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (4/5), Lost in Translation (4/5), Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? (2/5), The Medallion (2/5), Gothika (3/5), Honey (3/5), Out of Time (3/4), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (3/5)

March 2004: The Rundown (3/5), WTC: The First 24 Hours (-/5), 15 Minute Workouts for Dummies (-/5), Underworld (4/5), In Hell (3/5), 40 Days and 40 Nights (3/5), Stark Raving Mad (3/5), Dark Angel: Season 2 (4/5), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2/5), Capturing the Friedmans (4/5), Cabin Fever (2/5)

Feb 2004: American Wedding (3/5), Sound and Fury (3/5), Johnny English (3/5), Freaky Friday (3/5), Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (4/5), The Santa Clause 2 (3/5), The Princess Blade (4/5)

Jan 2004: Freddy vs. Jason (4/5), Dreamcatcher (2/5), Identity (3/5), S.W.A.T. (3/5), The Hours (-/5)

Dec 2003: The Bone Snatcher (3/5), Jeepers Creepers II (3/5), Shredder (1/5), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2/5), Bad Boys II (3/5), Dark Angel: Season 1 (4/5), Alien (4/5), The Battle of Shaker Heights (3/5), Kite (3/5), Spy Hard (3/5), The Mission (1986) (2/5), Deathstalker 2 (2/5), Austin Powers in Goldmember (3/5)

Nov 2003: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (3/5), Shanghai Knights (4/5), Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (4/5), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (3/5), Holes (4/5), Wes Craven Presents: They (2/5), Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Brain That Wouldn't Die (3/5), The Animatrix (3/5), Malibu's Most Wanted (3/5), Willard (2/5), The Hulk (2/5), Drunken Master (4/5), Wrong Turn (3/5)

Oct 2003: Hollywood Homicide (3/5), The Italian Job (3/5), Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2/5), Biker Boyz (2/5), Good Will Hunting (3/5), Bulletproof Monk (2/5), 2 Fast 2 Furious (3/5), Farscape (5/5), Blade (4/5)

Sep 2003: Anger Management (2/5), Crazy/Beautiful (3/5), Dagon (2/5), Monk: The Premiere Episode (3/5), Unfaithful (3/5), Head of State (2/5), Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (5/5), Dark Blue (3/5), Bringing Down the House (2/5)

Aug 2003: Cradle 2 The Grave (3/5), Bowling for Columbine (5/5), Fright Night Part II (3/5), The Hunted (3/5), House of 1,000 Corpses (2/5), Lost in La Mancha (4/5), Agent Cody Banks (2/5), Daredevil (3/5), Hearts in Atlantis (-/5), 25th Hour (3/5), About Schmidt (3/5), Phone Booth (3/5)

July 2003: Beverly Hills Ninja (4/5), Final Destination 2 (3/5), Mystery Men (3/5), Spliced (2/5), Two Weeks Notice (3/5), Basic (2/5), Punch-Drunk Love (3/5), Sweet Home Alabama (3/5), Roger Dodger (3/5), Secretary (4/5), The Guru (2/5), K-19: The Widowmaker (3/5), National Security(2/5), Gangs of New York (2/5), Spirited Away (5/5), Treasure Planet (3/5), Paid in Full (3/5)

June 2003: Reservoir Dogs (4/5), The Outer Limits: The New Series: Sex and Science Fiction (2/5), Catch Me If You Can (4/5), Castle in the Sky (4/5), Tears of the Sun (3/5), Old School (3/5), Die Another Day (3/5), Get on the Bus (-/5), Drum Line (3/5), Jamie Foxx: I Might Need Security (3/5), Star Trek: Nemesis (2/5)

May 2003: Equilibrium (4/5), Adaptation (3/5), Serving Sara (2/5), X-Men (3/5), Darkness Falls (2003) (3/5), The Hot Chick (3/5), Jackass: The Movie (3/5), Antibody (2/5), Wild Cardz (2/5), Daredevil vs. Spiderman (3/5), The People vs. Larry Flynt (3/5), Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture (3/5), Sasquatch (2/5), Crocodile 2: Death Swamp (2/5)

April 2003: The Transporter (5/5), Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2/5), Empire (3/5), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (3/5), Blood Work (3/5), Abandon (1/5), Friday After Next (2/5), Lilo and Stitch (3/5), Ghost Ship (2/5), Red Dragon (3/5), Bad Company (2002) (3/5), Nazca: Eternal Power (3/5).

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Added anime profiles for Alien Nine, Mao-chan, and Marmalade Boy. Added a picture of Ryoga to the 404 error page. Who Wants to Know? made an anti-aliased PNG version of the Absolute Anime which looks really nice. What a difference alpha channels make!

TiVo stopped changing channels again last night, so I gave in and switched over to the IR cable. I taped the IR blasters to the satellite box, then taped several sheets of paper and tin foil over the front of it to make sure no infrared signals other than those from the IR blasters could get to the satellite box. Our MX-500 universal remote sends out a powerful signal, so it takes a lot to block it.

News & Updates in May 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Monday, May 31, 2004

Fixed a minor script problem that probably never even surfaced anywhere. It had to do with table cells that I have linked (like the navigation links at the top and bottom of the pages) so that when you click the table cell, it will open the page just as if you had clicked the link inside the cell. For links that had a target set to _blank (which opens pages in a new browser window), if you clicked on the link then the page would open twice in two new browser windows, once for clicking the link and once for clicking the table cell. To fix the problem I just had to change the return value of the link event to false.

On Friday morning I had a TiVo support representative call me in response to my e-mail telling them that my TiVo had started doing that channel changing problem again. The guy I got was yet another pretty much useless schmo. I mean, they guy could barely even read. He asked me what kind of satellite box I had, and I told him that I specified the model in the e-mail I sent. He kept saying that he didn't see it there, and I kept telling him to look again because it's there. Finally, in a cold, monotonous tone I told him to check the first line, middle of the sentence. After a second, he came back with, oh, there it is.

When I told him that my TiVo series 1 had no problems changing channels with the serial cable, he responded by saying that other people have also complained that they had problems changing channels via the serial cable only after switching from a series 1 TiVo to a series 2 TiVo. He then admitted that the series 2 TiVo did have more problems changing channel with the serial cable, and that they always just tell people to switch to the IR cable. Hello?! I spent my money on a TiVo that supposed to work correctly! I shouldn't have to switch data transmission methods because you're selling defective product!

And then you know what he said later on? Do ya? If you guessed that he told me there was no way the TiVo could possibly be causing the problem, then you guessed correctly. Oh, and he said that even though it's not the TiVo's fault, he might be able to get it approved for me to send my TiVo in for exchange, but he would have to talk to some people and do some stuff, and that it would cost over $100, not including shipping.

Once I saw that the facts didn't really matter and there was absolutely nothing they were going to do to help, I just thought the hell with it and got off the phone. Once DVRs become a standard part of satellite and cable boxes, I'm positive TiVo will be out of business. I miss my TiVo series 1. It worked really good. Of course, then I wouldn't have broadband... because you know those calls it had to make at 3:00 AM to download the guide data were always so inconvenient. But seriously, the one thing I would miss with a series 1 is use of folders. Folders are sooo convenient, but TiVo choose to stop upgrading the software for series 1 machines so if you've got one then you're out of luck.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Added an anime profiles for Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Added anime profiles for Arc the Lad, Argentosoma, Betterman, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Dirty Pair: Damsels of Destruction, Dirty Pair: Girls with Guns, Duel Masters, Heat Guy J, Kaleido Star, Kiddy Grade, Kino's Journey, Castle of Cagliostro, MegaMan NT Warrior, Metal Skin Panic, My Neighbor Totoro, Mystery of the Necronomicon, Pita-Ten, Prince of Tennis, Rahxephon, Saint Tail, Shamanic Princess, Slayers: The Motion Picture, Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, Ultra Maniac, Voices of a Distant Star, Heavenly Wind Thief Jeanne.

Changed the index lists into PHP files, which saves a ton of time for me when I build the indexes and upload everything. Hopefully it works out. Also posted the Photos From My E3 2004 Trip.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Added an anime profile for Private Sessions. Added character profiles for Lila (from Najica: Blitz Tactics); Oscar (from Final Fantasy: Unlimited).

Back near the beginning of April, I sent out letters to a bunch of anime companies politely asking if I could be added to each of their screener lists (as Victor pointed out that my website was actually more popular than most of the anime companies' sites). I never heard back from most of the companies, but a few did respond...and Monday I received my first screener, which was Private Sessions. So if you checked out the profile for it and were wondering why I did a profile for an anime that hasn't been released when I have a bunch of user-submitted profiles that still need to be done, that's the reason why.

Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier that I had noticed a few e-mails sent to me from my website that ended up in my Bulk Email folder. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to save these messages, because as soon as they were downloaded to my e-mail client, Hotmail decided it was time to empty that folder. Usually messages will end up here if the sender puts an invalid e-mail address or puts my e-mail address instead of their own, but sometimes valid messages do get put in there, and since I didn't get a chance to look over them, I have no idea what was lost. So if you haven't heard from me since you sent your message....just don't worry about it yet as I still have a few hundred messages waiting patiently in my Inbox.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

What a week! That trip to Alcatraz and E3 2004 really wore me out. I actually went to bet at like 1:00 almost every night this week. I had medical exam on Wednesday morning, so on Monday morning I had to in so they could steal my blood for their tests...that meant I couldn't eat anything the previous night. And of course that was the night that we had pizza, along with a cookie-dough Blizzard sitting the fridge that just wouldn't stop calling my name!

Anyway, the exam went fine and I am in perfect health. The Doc couldn't find a single thing even remotely wrong with me, which was good to hear. For good measures, he went ahead and gave me a couple inoculations, flu in one shoulder and tetanus in the other. It had been a long time since I had gotten a flu shot, but he said according to the pattern of flu throughout history, a major epidemic was expected to hit anytime. They didn't hurt, just a little prick...that is until the following day when it felt like someone hit me in each shoulder with a hammer. Wasn't expecting that one!

Yesterday Treeses finally used her flying lesson. She really loved it. She taxied the plane down the runway, which is steered with foot pedals, so she was swerving back and forth like she had a few too many drinks. Then as she sped it up, she pulled back on the controls and up we went. She flew for a little bit, then had the instructor take over so she could check out the view. It was a lot easier than she expected, but she still really, really enjoyed it. Afterwards we stopped off at the bloodmobile and gave blood...and got free movie tickets. This was Treeses first time giving blood, as she is an ex-Jehovah Witness, and they have a "thing" about their blood.

So anyway, I haven't been working on the website at all this week. Basically I've just been writing about my trip to Alcatraz and E3 2004. I know I probably shouldn't have written about it so soon afterwards, as it still conjures up feelings of exhaustion, but I just wanted to get it done. Hopefully it's not too boring to read. Let me know if there's a specific section that puts you to sleep and I'll try to fix it up a bit.

Saturday, May 1, 2004

Split the various universes of Gundam into separate directories. Upgraded the Add Anime and Add Character submission forms.

News & Updates in April 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Saturday, April 24, 2004

Added the anime profile for Wolf's Rain. Added character profiles for Aika Sumeragi (from Agent Aika); Sara (from Sonic the Hedgehog); Bocoe, Charmy the Bee, Daniel, Decoe, E-77 Lucky, E-99 Eggsterminator, Ella, Francine, Helen, Super Shadow, Mr. Tanaka, Topaz, Vector the Crocodile, E-101 Beta, Sam Speed (from Sonic X); Manten, Hiten, Urasue, Tsubaki, Nobunaga Takeda, Kuranosuke Takeda, Onigumo, Kaijinbo, Hojo, Gatenmaru, Mayu, Grandpa, Yura of the Hair, Bankotsu (from Inu-Yasha). The only one I couldn't find a picture for was Super Shadow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Added character profiles for 3 Color Fighters, Acore, Alien, Belly Buster, Benikage, Blocky, Book, Boxer Tyson, Broom King, Bugzzy, Buttercup, Captain Kick, Chief Bookem, Chilly, Cobgoblin, Cold Virus, Con, Coo, Crab, Curio, Dedede Doll, Dedede Stone, Delivery Man, Denjaa, Destrayer, Dirk, Domestic Servant Robot, Dr. Yabui, Dynablade's Chick, Erasem, Fire Lion, Flame Feeder, Floaty the Drifter, Fridgy, Gabon, Galbo, Dengu, Gerasu, Ghost, Goan, Gus, Hana, Hardy, Honey, Ice Dragon, Ice Dragon Robot, Imomushi, Iro, Joe, Karate Kid, Kirk, Kung Fu Lee, Large Pole Old Man, Lord James Coleet, Masher 2.0, Max Flexer, Mayor Len Blustergas, Melman, Mini-Monsters, Mini Galbo, Mole, MT2, Nelly, Nightmare Battalion, Noddy, Noseman, Nruff, Pengy, Pon, Popon, Princess Rona's Dad, Pukey Flower, Rick, Robot Pet, Rowlin, Samo, Sasuke, Scarfy , Sharbon, Shitake, Sirica, Smirk, Spikehead, Star Warrior Army, Teacher Creature, Tornadon, Tourist, Tuggle, Umiushi, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Walky, Yankee Sekitori (from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!).

Yeah, that's a whole lot of Kirby! I really wasn't looking forward to doing that directory, but it actually wasn't too bad. Most of the descriptions were pretty short, and I didn't spend much effort looking for pics as a lot of them are impossible to find anyway. I did change the profiles so that the ones without pictures would display a message asking the viewer to let me know if they had a image for it.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Added character profiles for Kenji Himura, Yutaro Tsukayama, Tae Sekihara, Enishi Yukishiro, Akira Kiyosato (from Rurouni Kenshin); Miyuki (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Kaori Makimura (from City Hunter); Mushra, Yakumo (from Shinzo); Cyclonus, Hot Shot, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Sideways, Smokescreen, Starscream, Thrust, Unicron (from Transformers: Armada); Alpha Q, Cyclonus, Hot Shot, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Rodimus, Unicron, Scorponok (from Transformers: Energon). Split the three Transformers series into separate directories.

Wow, so I've been updating a lot this week! What is going on?! Well Treese has started working out in the mornings so she's awake for about 15 minutes when she gets home from work before she falls asleep, so I've been using that time to try getting caught up on all the back profiles. I've now finished everything prior to April 1, 2004. Still, it seems like I've already received more profiles this month than any other month. I don't know, I guess it could just be my imagination. Anyway, I'm not going to be keeping up this rate for very much longer, so I don't know if I'll ever get totally caught up. Still, it really doesn't matter that much, and I'm learning a lot about anime that I haven't seen yet.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Added anime profiles for City Hunter and Tokio Private Police. Added character profiles for Noriko Ibuki (from Tokio Private Police); Joe Saeba (from City Hunter); Yanagi Sakoshita (from Flame of Recca); Atlas (from Astro Boy 2003 Remake); General Rildo, Dr. Myuu (from Dragon Ball GT); Cooler, Paragus, Vegetto, King Vegeta, Bio-Brolly (from Dragon Ball Z); Takami Sakuragi, Phantom Cats, Socks (from Geobreeders); Umbra, Gozaburo Kaiba, Dark Magician Girl, Arthur Hawkins, Obelisk the Tormenter, Seeker, Johnny Steps, Croquet (from Yu-Gi-Oh!); Lune (from Jungle Emperor Leo); Kanako Urashima, Sarah McDougal (from Love Hina); Lord Hazanko, Hanmyo (from Outlaw Star); Ashuramaru, Bakunetsumaru (from SD Gundam Force); Hao Asakura (from Shaman King); Kana, Bijou, Penelope, Pashmina (from Hamtaro); White Blaze (from Ronin Warriors); Akabane Kurodo, Ban Mido, Natsuhiko Miroku (from Get Backers); Eiri Yuki, Shuichi Shindou (from Gravitation); Hikaru Shindou, Fujiwara no Sai, Yuuki Mitani (from Hikaru No Go); Keele Zeibel, Reid Hershel (from Tales of Eternia); Gimel, Chief Inspector Furano, Angel, Yoko Asahina, Yukie Tsukimura, Witch/Blind Woman, Kasumi Matsunaga, Mariel (from NightWalker). Added additional descriptions to various character profiles.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Added anime profiles for Geobreeders and Neo Ranga. Added character profiles for Ichigo Momomiya, Mint, Pudding, Ryou Shirogane, Zakuro Fujiwaru (from Tokyo Mew Mew); Dende, Brolly, Android 13 (from Dragon Ball Z); Neo Ranga, Ushio Shimabara, Minami Shimabara, Yuuhi Shimabara (from Neo Ranga). Found original versions of a few of the pics I have randomly display on the main page, so I was able to replace what was there with slightly better copies. I also noticed that on the little window that pops up when you click the image on the main page, clicking one of the links would open the page in a different window, so I got that fixed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Added the character profiles for Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, Walter C. Dollneaz, Commander Peter Fargason, Alucard, Paladin Alexander Anderson (from Hellsing); Fuku (from Tenchi Muyo! GXP: Galaxy Police Transporter); Nataku (from Soul Hunters); Azaka, Kamidake, Tesse, Tetta (from Tenchi Universe); Yuto Kigai, Arashi Kishu (from X); Borgoff Markus, Leila, Countess Carmilla, Kyle Marcus (from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust). Split Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust into separate directories.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Added the character profiles for Queen (from Beyblade V-Force); Ambient (from Zoids Chaotic Century); Hatsuho Kazami, Miss Mizuho Kazami (from Please Teacher); Atsuko Natsume/Nuku Nuku, Ryunosuke Natsume, Kyusaku Natsume, Akiko Natsume, Eimi Yoshikawa (from All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku); Canti, Atomsk, Medical Mechanica (from FLCL); Mitarai Kiyoshi, Rando, Yanagisawa Mitsunari, Hina, Asato Kido (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Keroberos, Eli Moon, Layla Mackenzie (from Card Captors); Taro Misaki (from Captain Tsubasa); Etemon, Agumon, Piedmon, Patamon, Veemon, Hawkmon, Machinedramon, Devimon (from Digimon: Digital Monsters); Lucemon, Dynasmon, Cherubimon, Crusadermon (from Digimon: Digital Frontier).

Monday, April 12, 2004

Added the anime profile for Grave of the Fireflies. Added the character profiles for Dr. Tenma (from Astro Boy 2003); Aoi (from Infinite Ryvius); Najica Hiragi (from Najica: Blitz Tactics).

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Added the anime profile for Super Sonic Spinners. Added the character profiles for Dr. O'Shay, Astro Boy (from Astro Boy 2003 remake); Chuta Kogure, Seito Hojoin, Shunichi Domoto (Super Sonic Spinners); Mrs. Osono (from Kiki's Delivery Service); Junta Momonari (from DNA²); Ceres, Toya Mizuki, Suzumi Aogiri, Yuhi Aogiri, Chidori Kuruma, Kagami Mikage, Alexander O. Howell, Shuro, Mrs. Q (from Ceres, Celestial Legend); Chi-Momma (from Burn Up Excess); Minoru Kokubunji, Ichiro Mihara, Yoshiyuki Kojima, Shinbo Hiromu, Mr. Hiroyasu Ueda (from Chobits); Hibari Hanakoganei, Kamome Sangakuzi, Suzume Sakurajuui, Tsugumi Higashijujou (from Cyber Team in Akihabara); Damaramu, Dick Saucer, Rosario (Dragon Half); Messiah (from Earthian); Kirika Yumura (from Noir); Haku (from Naruto); Suzaku (from Fushigi Yugi); Dan (from Zoids Fuzors); Count D (from Pet Shop of Horrors); Mondo Ooya (from Mon Colle Knights); Arisa Uotani (from Fruits Basket); Arisa Uotani, Hiro Sohma, Kagura Sohma (from Fruits Basket); Leo (from Jungle Emperor Leo).

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Added the anime profile for Azumanga Daioh. Added the character profiles for E-18 Guerra-Hard (from Sonic X); Waldess (from Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1); Puchiko (from Di Gi Charat); Vincent Volaju (from Cowboy Bebop); Sanae Nakazawa (from Captain Tsubasa); Dr. Kozaburo Nambu (from Battle of the Planets); Toka Miyshiata, Boogiepop (Boogiepop Phantom); Nora, Zoran (from Astro Boy 2003 remake); Super Sonic (from Sonic X); Yoko Oldman (from Armitage: Dual-Matrix); Doc Nakano, Kid Muscle, Mac Metaphor, Meat, Monsieur Cheeks, Terry Kenyon Jr., Wally Tusket, Kid Muscle (from Ultimate Muscle); Touga Kiryuu, Miki Kaoru (from Revolutionary Girl Utena); Kyoko Otonashi (from Maison Ikkoku); Delia Ketchum, Togepi, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Melody, Lawrence III, Tangela, Dani, Raichu, Butch, Cassidy (from Pokémon); Ken-ichi, Tima (from Metropolis); Gon (from Hunter X Hunter); Krad (from D.N.Angel); Marron Glace (from Sorcerer Hunters). Phew, that takes care of everthing prior to January 1, 2004. I also split Sonic X and Sonic the Hedgehog into separate directories.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Added the anime profile of .hack//dusk. Added the character profiles for Buggy the Clown (from One Piece); E.G. Mine, Caine the Longshot, Dominique the Cyclops, Monev the Gale (from Trigun); Chaos, Princess Tikal, E-102 Gamma, Big the Cat, Espio the Chameleon (from Sonic X); Kitsurubami, Kamon Nandaba (from FLCL). Added a description for Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman, as well as additional descriptions to various anime characters. And that takes care of all the backed-up profiles from before December, 2003.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

Added the character profiles for Goki, Wyatt, Dr. Zagart, King, Gideon, Brian, Kevin (from Beyblade V-Force).

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Added the character profiles for Lt. Thomas Richard Shubaltz (from Zoids); Himiko Se (from Vampire Princess Miyu); Francine, General Catton, Spritz T. Cat, Meowzma O'Toole, Bat Cat, Guru Lou (from Samurai Pizza Cats); Miss Bunny (from Miyuki-chan In Wonderland); Ken Hidaka, Nagi Naoe (from Knight Hunters); Monk Jigo (from Princess Mononoke); Mia Koji, The Ancient, Cale, Sekhmet, Talpa, Dais (from Ronin Warriors); Shun (from Saint Seiya); Jinto Lin, Lafiel (from Crest of the Stars); Sakura Shinguji (from Sakura Wars); Ikuko Tsukino, Greg, Himeko Nayotake, Kakeru Ozora, Kenji Tsukino, Melvin, Sammy Tsukino (from Sailor Moon).

Sunday, April 4, 2004

Added the anime profile for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Added the character profiles for Ursula, Tombo (Kiki's Delivery Service)

Saturday, April 3, 2004

Added the character profiles for Tsubasa Ozora (from Captain Tsubasa); Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service); Kiba (from Wolf's Rain); Arcueid Brunestud (from Shingetsutan Tsukihime); Schwarzwald (from The Big-O); Dark Mousy (from D.N.Angel); Roy Coleman (from Gunsmith Cats); Calbee (from Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2).

Friday, April 2, 2004

Added the character profiles for Zeniba (from Spirited Away); Speed Racer (from Speed Racer); Kei Kusanagi (from Please Teacher); Kiki's Delivery Service (from Kiki's Delivery Service); Tsutomu Senkawa (from Birdy the Mighty); Christine Hanakomachi (from UFO Baby); Mai Shiranui, Loacorn Gaudemus (from Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture).

We had a little storm last night which knocked out our power around 1:45-2:00 AM. I was working on profiles at the time, but luckily I have my computer on an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). Still, they're not made to last forever, so I had to shut down and head to bed. I finished up things up this morning, so that's why yesterday's updates were uploaded this morning.

Treese and I caught the last showing of Hellboy with Victor this evening. It was pretty good, some nice action, cool attitude, awesome characters, and some really good one-liners. It was a little slow in parts, there wasn't as much variety with monsters as I was expecting, and I wasn't sure why the Nazi's wanted to completely destroy the world, but overall it was fun and entertaining.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

Added the anime profiles for Captain Tsubasa, Steel Angel Kurumi, CLAMP Campus Detectives, and Kiki's Delivery Service. Added the character profiles of Ino Yamanaka, Gaara of the Desert, Momochi Zabuza, Neji Hyuga, Nara Shikamaru, Itachi Uchiha (from Naruto); Cattleya Glory, Hamrio Musica, Haru Glory, Elie, Sieg Hart (from Groove Adventure Rave); Nina Hagen (from Agent Aika).

News & Updates in March 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Added the character profiles of Azaile, Childman, Cleao, Hartia, Leki, Majic Lin, Orphen (from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen).

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Added the character profiles of Bakken, Imajin, Kaitou, Yuu Kotei, Makintaro, Onji, Raizen, Sakyo, Shorin, Shura, Ura Urashima, Yasha (from Yu Yu Hakusho).

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Added the anime profile of Blue Seed Beyond, and the character profiles of Miho Karasuma (from Witch Hunter Robin); Yuji Naruo (from Burn Up W!).

On Sunday Treeses and I went to an awards dinner for her work. I was from 2 to 7, and we arrived around 3-ish. There was chicken, potato salad, and bread, but we didn't really eat anything until after the awards were handed out. Until then, we just socialized (also known as Treeses talking with friends while I play GameBoy). Treeses won a 4-year safety award, which she wasn't expecting. After all the awards were handed out, we had some dinner and socialized for a little more. Then we left to go see Dawn of the Dead. I enjoyed it, but Treese thought it was about the same as 28 Days Later, which was quite boring. I thought it had more action, excitement, and comedy than 28 Days Later, and I never had the urge to look at my watch even once.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Added the anime profile of Infinite Ryvius. Added the character profiles of Dejiko (from Di Gi Charat); Masaru Komyoji (from Android Kikaider: The Animaton); Bobobot (from TranZor Z); Bloodberry, Hanagata Mitsurugi (from Saber Marionette); Morganna Mode Gone (from .hack//sign); Metal Sonic (from Sonic the Hedgehog). That takes care of all the profile I've received up to, but not including, November 1st, 2003.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Dragon Half, D.N.Angel, and Last Exile. Added the character profiles of Kaede Kokubunji, Dita, Zima, Kotoko (from Chobits); Princess Vina (from Dragon Half). Also got a new picture for Mink (from Dragon Half) and added three new random images for the home page.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Added the anime profiles of King of Bandit Jing, Di Gi Charat, Transformers: Headmasters, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Sakura Diaries, Sin: The Movie, De:vadasy, Pretear, Virus Buster Serge, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and Sorcerer Hunters. Added the character profiles of Chihiro Ogino, Haku, Kamaji, Lin, Yubaba (from Spirited Away); Lady Flair (from Dirty Pair Flash); Mayor Weatherbee, Charon Ishihara (from New Dominion Tank Police); Robin Sena, Amon (from Witch Hunter Robin); Kyo (from Samurai Deeper Kyo). Modified one of my scripts to automatically update the About This Site page with the proper page count. Also, a little while ago I changed the image interface on the home page so that you could more easily scroll through the various images. Then this last weekend I added a feature that would pop up a little window with a brief explaination about it, with links back to the characters or anime series.

Monay, March 15, 2004

Added thecharacter profile of Kubira (from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer); Adam, Lilith, Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel (from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Added the anime profile of Najica. Added character profiles of The Great Will of the Macrocosm, Koshi Rikdo, Menchi (from Excel Saga).

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Added character profiles of Hotohori, Nuriko, Chichiri, Mitsukake (from Fushigi Yugi); Gazelle (from Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3).

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Added character profiles of Arisa, Kyouko (from All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku); Monica De Noir (from Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3); Harry Masato, Ruby (from Burn Up Excess).

Monday, March 8, 2004

Added mech profiles of Unit 00, Unit 01, Unit 02, Unit 03, Unit 04 (from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Saturday, March 6, 2004

Added anime profiles of Witch Hunter Robin and Read or Dream. Added character profiles of Reese, Zeke (from Zoids Chaotic Century); Blake, RD (from Zoids Fuzors); Kemo, The Winged Dragon of Ra (from Yu-Gi-Oh). Also added some additional descriptions to various profiles, and as always made a bunch of corrections that people were kind enough to point out.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Added character profiles of Amidamaru, Anna Kyoyama, Horo-Horo, Jun Tao, Len Tao, Morty Oyamada (from Shaman King). I forgot to mention during the last update that I changed around the Feedback Page a little bit. I got rid of the introduction text and made a quick-links list of the Frequently Asked Questions. I'm hoping this will help to get people to stop asking me these questions.

I also forgot to mention that there was a storm last weekend, and that a tornado actually touched down in downtown. Nobody was killed, and something like one building was damaged, so it wasn't too bad. Treeses also said that it tore the windshield off of some guy's car while he was in it, which gave him a heart attack. Freaky.

We were at Gamestop the other day, and picked up a few cheap $9.99 DVDs: Jason X, Airplane, and Time Machine (yes, the 2002 version). Although I didn't really like it all that much, Treeses did, and I think she probably feels the same way about Airplane. At least we both like Jason X.

I completely finished Ratchet and Clank the other day. I finally got every skill point, which was quite the challenge actually figuring out what they were. Now I think I'll probably move on to Beyond Good and Evil before starting Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando.

News & Updates in February 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Saturday, February 28, 2004

Added character profiles of Yumi Oumura, Yuzuki, Freya, Hideki Motosuwa, Ms. Takako Shimizu (from Chobits); Miyabi Kagurazaki, Tina Foster, Taeko Minazuki, Mayu Miyuki, Chika Minazuki (from Ai Yori Aoshi); Maki Kawasaki (from Burn Up W!); Ryuzaburo Higashiyama, Sayo Muto, Shikijo Shikijou, Souzou Sagara, Suzume Genzai, Beshimi, Dr. Genzai, Houji Satojima, Hyottoko, Kanryu Takeda, Ayame Genzai (from Rurouni Kenshin); Andrew Graham (from Mobile Fighter G Gundam); Dorothy Catalonia (from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing); Nina Purpleton (from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories); Sayla Mass (from Mobile Suit Gundam); Fenn, the Feather Dragon, Zero, the Winged Knight, Captain Gundam (from SD Gundam Force); Urumi Kanzaki, Yoshito Kikuchi, Kunio Murai, Ryuji Danma, Ryoko Sakurai, Hiroshi Uchiyamada, Noboru Yoshikawa (from GTO); Princess Emeraude (from Magic Knight Rayearth).

A big thanks to Who Wants to Know? for helping me out with all these profiles. Without the assistance, there's no way I would ever have a chance of getting caught up.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Added character profiles of Chase, Kayla, Pie Tin, Oslo, Chef Jack/John, Coco, King Gorge, Grill, Rose Marinade, and Cinnamonkey (from Fighting Foodons: Prepare for Battle!); Dynablade, Kirisakin, Kit Cosmos, Kracko, Masher, Susshi, Togeira, Yamikage, Escargoons Mom, and Knuckle Joe's Dad (from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!). Only 277 profiles left to do... urgh, I'm never gonna catch up!

Valentine's Day was nice. I got Treeses a gold heart-shaped necklace with alternating diamonds and saphires arranged in the heat shape. Treeses got me that new electic razor that automatically cleans itself. I'm sure you've seen the commercial. I wasn't expecting her to get me anything, so that was a total surprise. I finished Ratchet and Clank recently (the first one), and have been working on getting all the extras. I'm almost there, just got some skill points left to finish.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Added character profiles of Aki Mikage and Aya Mikage (from Ceres, Celestial Legend); Merle (from Escaflowne); Migel and Rasha (from Ruin Explorers).

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Added character profiles of Emily, Johnny McGregor, Lee, Mariah, Robert Jurgen, and Tala Valkov (from Beyblade); Dunga, Jim, Joseph, Kane, Mariam, Ozuma, Salima, and Zeo (from Beyblade V-Force); Daichi (from Beyblade G Revolution). That brings me down to 271 profiles in the To Do folder.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Added the anime profile of Super Diminsional Fortress Macross II: The Movie. Added the character profiles of Lance (from Pokemon), Slifer the Sky Dragon, Bonz, Lumis, Jean-Claude Magnum, and Priest Seto (from Yu-Gi-Oh).

Monday, February 2, 2004

Added the character profiles of Peppercat (from Medabots); Bean Boy and Dr. Kabapu (from Excel Saga); Max, Tracey Sketchit, and Duplica (from Pokemon).

Sunday, February 1, 2004

Added the character profiles of Puar and Chiaotzu (from Dragon Ball). Added additional descriptions to some other characters.

News & Updates in January 2004

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
Saturday, January 31, 2004

Added character profiles of Motoko Aoyama (from Love Hina); Lilica Ebett, Maya Jingu, Nanvel Candlestick, and Rio Kinezono (from Burn Up W!); Chu (from Yu Yu Hakusho); Daisuke (from Ranma 1/2); Soul Piper and Kilala (from Inu-Yasha). That brought me down to 304 profiles in the To Do folder. I'm ditching the producer field in anime profiles, and replacing it with a genre field, which I assume most people will find a lot more useful.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Added character profiles of Metalseadramon, Puppetmon, and Henry Wong (from Digimon: Digital Monsters); Asuka Akiyama (from The Black Mail); Ayame Sohma, Tohru Honda, Hatori Sohma, Shigure Sohma, Momiji Sohma, Ritsu Sohma, Saki Hanajima "Hana-chan", and Kisa Sohma (from Fruits Basket). Now I'm at 317 profiles in my To Do folder.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Added a new birthday cake icon to use for specifying birth dates:. I tried to make the candle flames flicker, but with only a few frames of animation it looked more like blinking Christmas lights. Perhaps I'll try again later using more frames, or if anyone feels like giving it a shot then feel free to go right ahead. I've also been noticing that the middle area of the page title bar looks kind of empty, so if anyone has a suggestion on something to put there I'd be happy to hear about it.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Added character profiles of Naota Nandaba, Mamimi Samejima, Haruko Haruhara, Eri Ninamori, and Commander Amarao (from FLCL); Kagewaki Hitomi (from Inu-Yasha).

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School, Hellsing, Tales of Eternia, Burn Up Excess, Hikaru No Go, Groove Adventure Rave, The Black Mail, The Black Mail II, Initial D, Transformers: Energon, New Angel, UFO Princess Walkure, Haibane Renmei, Gokudo, Get Backers, Descendants of Darkness, Tokyo Mew Mew, Those Who Hunt Elves, Spirited Away, and Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. Added the character profile of Yumiko Miyazaki (from The Black Mail). And that takes care of all the anime series profiles that I had in my To Do folder. All of the remaining 340 profiles should be just characters.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Fixed some local links and removed a lot of external dead ones. Got rid of the profile lists that contained both the anime and characters listed at the same time. As the site grows, the building of all the profile lists takes longer and longer, so I just decided to ditch those which probably weren't used very much anyway.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Added profiles from Kei and Yuri (from Dirty Pair Flash).

Made a few changes over the past week. First, I changed the Advanced button to the left of the search box to a >> button to the right of the search button. I did this because, after I had slightly changed the layout of the header bar just a little while ago, I felt that the Advnaced button then stuck out to far and made the header bar contents look uneven. Next I changed the Absolute Anime logo in the title bar into a GIF image. This reduced the size of the file and should also help with loading by keeping the image cached.

Then, I noticed that sometimes sections of the webpage would look screwed up in Opera until it was reloaded in the browser. The problem came from the JavaScript .js files I was using to put the drop shadow on the tables. There was nothing wrong with the script, just that sometimes Opera wouldn't execute them properly. I still don't understand why, as they always worked fine on the header bar and should have been cached. Anyway, replacing the .js files with actually JavaScript code fixed the problem.

After that, I moved the copyright info and image buttons (at the bottom of the page) into JavaScript .js files. This will help reduce the size of the HTML files, and since they should get cached it will probably help improve the loading speed as well. Next, I started working on something that I had been putting off. I wanted it so that when you open one of the directory file lists which are supposed to be framed, the browser would automatically open the frame with the proper file list. I thought it would take some work to figure out, but it was actually pretty easy to do. When that was finished, I fixed a little problem in Internet Explorer where the border for the file list section headings (Webpage Files, Image Files, Sound Files) weren't all showing up properly.

While I was looking up something on the web, I found a script to have the page scroll to an anchor with a page. Not only does it look pretty cool, but the scrolling really helps eliminate the feeling of disorientation when the document automatically jumps to somewhere else in the page after clicking on a link. I added it to the Our Nightmare page of PacesetterSucks.com, and to the My Profile and My Life in Redding pages.

Oh yeah, I'm also trying out these new Google Ads, which I placed at the bottom of every page. So far I like them. They present various advertisements related to the content of the website, which is really neat. As I was just making corrections to my site, I saw several ads that I wanted to click on. Plus, they are customizable so they will match the color scheme of the website, no matter which color scheme the user selected.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Every once in a while I receive an email asking me about how I solved the problem of registering my Sony SPP-A2780 handset. So I'm gonna let everyone know how to do it right now. On each handset and on the SPP-A2780 base unit (which has a corded phone attached), press (INTERCOM), (EZ ACCESS) and (1) at the same time. The actual reset button on the base unit has nothing to do with the handset registration process.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Well, it's a new year! My web host has informed me that Absolute Anime is using about 10k per second or a little under 1gb per day, which is up from this same time last year. So my site is really growing in visitors! Prime Exalia Technologies has been a great host for both Absolute Anime and PacesetterSucks.com. They are cheap, versatile, and consistently reliable. So to show my appreciation I have altered the page header bar slightly to include a link to their website.

We didn't do much for New Year's or New Year's Eve. Earlier in the day on New Year's Eve, I took Treeses in to get a shot to help her with the pain in her leg. And this wasn't just a normal, regular shot. They actually used a probe to see where they were going. She said if felt like they were scrapping her bone with the needle... and the doctor told her that's basically what they were doing. It takes five days for the shot to kick in, and that turned out to be true. Until that time, she was hurting pretty badly, and didn't do much but stay home and rest.

We received our memory foam mat that lies on top of the mattress. The guy we originally ordered the memory foam mattress from turned out to be crappy. After receiving no tracking number after the first week, I emailed him and he said he'd have one for us by the end of the week. When we still received nothing, I emailed him again and he said the same thing. After the third week, our emails started getting bounced back. Shortly after that I find out that his account had been suspended from eBay. So we talked to our credit card company and filled out all the paperwork to get a credit. After that we decided just to try a memory foam mat, so we ordered one (with two pillows) from someone else on eBay, and it arrived shortly there after.

Sunday, January 4, 2004

Added the anime profiles of Cyber Team in Akihabara, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Fencer of Minerva, UFO Princess Walkure, and Golden Boy. Added the character profiles of Myoga (from Inu-Yasha) and NightMare (from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!). Added an additional description to the anime profile of Detective Conan and Metropolis.

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